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 Chapter 621: Making Friends Through Battle (Eighth)

The elemental earth around Zhao Jianzhang's body exploded in intensity by several degrees of magnitude. With a heavy slam of his foot, Zhao Jianzhang sent a tremor through the ground hard enough to allow even the audience to experience it!

Chen Qiantan was the closest one to the epicenter of the tremors and so he found himself unsteady for a small moment of time.

Zhao Jianzhang leapt up into the air like a graceful athlete. His arms were spread out and his legs snapped together as he started to rotate in the air. Picking up speed, he quickly turned into a high-speed drill to come flying down onto Chen Qiantan!

A glimmer of light entered Chen Qiantan's eyes, for once he didn't look as drunk as he did before and looked instead rather happy. Grunting, his entire body was washed with green light as elemental wind coiled around his arms much like how Bai Yunfei would when he was about to unleash the Dual Dragon Burst. But rather than have the elemental wind unleash from his hands, Chen Qiantan had them stick around them as he made a quick back flip.

Zhao Jianzhang was quick on the uptake and closed the distance quickly. Chen Qiantan held his fists up in a boxing stance before immediately launching in a hurricane-like blow of punches one after another!

His fists looked like they were rather spring-like due to how his hands were moving so strangely fast. But each blow was trying to attack at the strong point of Zhao Jianzhang's attack!

But Zhao Jianzhang didn't seem to slow down. All Chen Qiantan managed to do in his back flip and hurricane like blows was offload Zhao Jianzhang's drill move a bit to the side!

The 'drill' glowed intensely orange with light before sending Chen Qiantan back twenty meters. Grunting a bit, Chen Qiantan's body flashed with green light before he spun his arms around!

His arms glowed green with light as they spun around him. But rather than spin in the same direction as Zhao Jianzhang, they spun in the complete opposite direction to counteract it!


There was a banging sound as the space in front of Chen Qiantan exploded with light. Orange and green light swallowed the entire area, preventing anyone from seeing what was going on.


Another bang was heard from within the light along with a yelp of pain. From there, a person could be seen flying out from the light before crashing to the ground. It took the man another ten meters and a huge ditch from when he landed on the ground before he could orientate himself.

This person was Zhao Jianzhang!

His face was red and his right hand was holding onto his abdomen. His face was twisted in the utmost pain. The elemental earth around his body was more than half than its original strength, and it didn't look like he was able to stand!

He was staring at Chen Qiantan in the light with an awestruck expression.

The sound of footsteps could be heard from within as Chen Qiantan slowly made his way out from the light. In his hand was a wine gourd somehow. Taking another swig, he smiled at Zhao Jianzhang. "I haven't fought like that in a while. Haha, thank you for a good match."

There was a stringent look on Zhao Jianzhang's face. Managing to make his way up onto his feet, he gave a reluctant but admirable smile to Chen Qiantan. A loss was a loss.

"I've nothing to say for my defeat."

He walked back to the others after he lost. Though he still held a grudge for Chen Qiantan, he wasn't a man that wouldn't stubbornly deny his defeat.

Likewise, Chen Qiantan walked back to Zheng Kai's group. "You've gotten a lot stronger it seems!" Zheng Kai laughed.

Chen Qiantan gave a wry smile as he stretched his numb arm, "It wasn't an easy win."

The fight was over, but both sides seemed quite restrained with their words and actions. Neither sides were trying to stir up any more trouble, much to Bai Yunfei's relief, and it seemed that things were going back to normal. As things would appear, this was just a calm fight where 'friends' could compare notes.

But then the normally stone-faced Huang Bin finally spoke with a smile. "Haha, this won't die. I'm itching for a fight. I've been wanting to go the wrestling rings to fight, but now that there's this chance today, I want to fight!"

His voice was loud enough for the other side to hear it. When they turned their heads, Huang Bin spoke out again. "Du Shaokong, I've long since heard of the illustrious name of your Wind Lightning School's Wind Lightning Battle Artes and wished to experience it for myself. Since you are here, will you do me the honor of comparing notes with me?"

Du Shaokong looked slightly surprised, but he covered it out with a small smile. "If lord Huang is so gracious to invite me, who am I to refuse? Likewise, I've heard of the house of Huang's ability to use elemental earth both offensively and defensively. Let us compare notes then!"

The two laughed and leapt out from their groups. In two separate streaks of light, they landed in the empty space in the middle before quickly fighting against one another.

Huang Bin's entire body was enveloped in an orange light before it turned into armor, making him seem like he was a decent bit taller than before. His arms and legs had a rumbling sound similar to that of stone as they crashed against his opponent. Du Shaokong's body was glowing in both green and purple light as he moved, elemental wind and lightning striking back against Huang Bin's body intensely.

The Wind Lightning School was separated into the 'Wind Hall' and 'Lighting Hall'. Students and instructors were generally separated between the two depending on their affinity. The more special students that were blessed with both wind and lightning affinities were honored in the school and could learn the art of that allowed them usage of both elements at once. In the school, they were known as the elite.

Du Shaokong was one of those said elites.

His position in the Wind Lightning School wasn't low either as the disciple of one of the elders.

He flew all around Huang Bin in a series of mirror images as he unleashed blow after blow onto him. In the air now, Huang Bin was as steady as a rock, but he'd turn around to block each blow that came at him. Though he looked weary with all the attempts to defend himself, he was actually trying to find the right time to strike back.

It was as though fireworks were being set off one after another each time Du Shaokong landed a blow onto Huang Bin's armor. From time to time, Huang Bin could be heard laughing. From their battles, it felt like both fighters were having the time of their lives.

Everyone watching seemed to be caught up in their fight as well. Even Zheng Kai couldn't help but get in the mood for a fight. Before a winner could even be decided from Huang Bin and Du Shaokong, he and a wood-type late-stage Soul Exalt took battle straight away.

Not yet fully satisfied, Chen Qiantan invited Zhao Jianzhang, who seemed to have completely forgotten about his grudge for the drunkard, to another battle. Knowing that he wasn't a match for Chen Qiantan though, he invited a mid-stage Soul Exalt to take part in the battle against him.

In the end, even the late-stage Soul Ancestor Jin Manlou recklessly challenged an early-stage Soul Exalt.

In no time at all, people were flying about in the skies and ground to fight noisily.

The only ones that didn't take part in the battle were the three females and Bai Yunfei.

Ah, there was also one more person, Cheng Xin. He was still standing far away from where the others were. He looked a little angry at the fact that these people should've been fighting angrily against each other were now being friendly with one another. The dark look on his face intensified when he looked at the merry-looking Zheng Kai and his group, the hatred and jealousy in his eyes now very much noticeable....