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 Chapter 620: Chen Qiantan's Drunken Fist (Seventh)

"Wind Lightning School?!"

Huang Bin and the others spoke aloud.

They were from the Wind Lightning School?

Bai Yunfei was surprised as well. Didn't Zheng Kai say they were the children of an influential family? How did it become the students of one of the Ten Great Schools?

Cheng Xin spoke up to continue his introduction, "Brother Du is an outstanding student of the Wind Lightning School. He's also the heir to the house of Du in Copsol City."

The Wind Lightning School was based in the Black River Province, that much Bai Yunfei knew. He didn't know who the house of Du was in Copsol City, but surely they had to be a relatively major house, and that much could be inferred with Du Shaokong being a late-stage Soul Exalt.

"A student of the Wind Lightning School...." Huang Bin tasted the words before returning the bow. "A pleasure."

There were another four males and three females after Du Shaokong. Of the seven, two of them were late-stage Soul Exalts and the rest were either early-stage or mid-stage Soul Exalts. From each of their introductions, they were all young prodigies from Copsol City.

They all looked like they were in their twenties, some of them maybe being a bit older but still every bit a strong fighter compared to the younger ones and potentially even the prodigies in the Capital.

Every single one of them looked proud of their own strength and not at all afraid of the status of Huang Bin and the others. In fact, some of them looked like they were raring to go.

They were eager to win just as anyone else would be. These people looked both rich and powerful.

Of the entire group, Zhao Jianzhang looked like he had a bone to pick with Chen Qiantian the very moment they saw one another. When he saw one of his female companions stare a little in admiration at Chen Qiantan, the look of hostility in him grew even more.

It looked more like a social gathering with how everyone was talking and chatting with one another, though Cheng Xin had a very dark look in his eyes every once in a while. Zhao Jianzhang didn't quite seem to like this development either, much to his secret enjoyment, and it didn't take long before he leapt into the middle of the crowd to address Chen Qiantan. "We're not finished yet from yesterday night, Chen Qiantan! I challenge you, let's see who's stronger than one another!"

In Chen Qiantan's hand was a jug of wine in which he took a swig from. Wiping the excess wine from the corners of his lips, he spoke, "I was actually feeling the same way. Meeting someone who's strong in close combat like you is rare. I'd have ask for a match even if you didn't challenge me."

Though the two were ready to fight, they both had a contrasting look on their faces. Zhao Jianzhang looked like he wanted to vent off his anger while Chen Qiantan simply wanted to enjoy a good fight and compare notes.

The rest of the crowd backed off. Now that both persons were ready to fight, the audience gave them both a hundred meters of empty space for them to fight in. Standing ten meters away from Chen Qiantan, Zhao Jianzhang held both of his hands forward and had his soulforce circulate slowly in his body. Chen Qiantan simply took another swig of his wine, his eyes starting to give away a hint of intoxication.

Bai Yunfei was a little surprised. Was this really a fight? Why did it turn into a duel?

But that was neither here nor there. He was actually extremely interested in Chen Qiantan's 'Drunken Fist', the martial art that gave him the nickname of being undefeatable in close combat. To have the opportunity to observe that was a very good thing.


Zhao Jianzhang cried out after ten seconds of silence. The orange light around his body swirled to his hands as if forming a protective layering over them like gloves. At the same time, elemental earth covered his body like armor.

Zhao Jianzhang was a earth-type late-stage Soul Exalt.

In the blink of an eye, Zhao Jianzhang disappeared as he pushed off in a flurry of dust to leap towards Chen Qiantan.

His arms were crossed over one another like an 'X' with his fingers bent inwards to attack Chen Qiantan's heart.

His actions were neither sloppy in its initialization or superfluous in motion. On the inverse, he was very fast and precise. With all the wind blowing rapidly at his actions, anyone could tell this one move of his was very strong.

Chen Qiantan had only been taking one final swig of his wine when Zhao Jianzhang approached. The wine gourd disappeared as his legs 'gave out' beneath him. Giving a half collapsing stagger to the side, Chen Qiantan managed to just barely dodge Zhao Jianzhang's attack.

Then he bent over with his arms spread out as if hugging a huge jar of wine. Swinging to the side, his arms moved to slam into whatever it was in his path.

And it just so happened that Zhao Jianzhang's waist was in his path!


It wa a mighty blow and had Zhao Jianzhang stumbling three steps away with a grunt. Chen Qiantan himself was sent stumbling back two steps in a very clearly drunk matter before he reorientated himself. His thumb and forefinger linked with one another before he came after Zhao Jianzhang again in a flash of green light.

His fingers traveled for Zhao Jianzhang's throat. Crossing his arms over that area, Zhao Jianzhang tried to protect himself from Chen Qiantan's attack.

But then Chen Qiantan 'stumbled', falling face first forwards for the attack to instead aim down at the abdomen of Zhao Jianzhang instead of his throat!


A grunt of pain escaped Zhao Jianzhang's mouth as he took yet another step back. Despite the armor of elemental earth he wore, there was still a dent from where Chen Qiantan's hand had attacked. And judging by how large the dent was, Chen Qiantan's attack had been considerably strong.

Chen Qiantan flopped onto the ground after he stumbled. But like a carp, he flipped back up onto his feet. Smiling at the pained look on Zhao Jianzhang's face, he shot forward like an arrow for a follow-up!

"Bang! Bang! Bang...."

Blow by blow, orange light mixed with green light as the two combatants exchanged both hand and leg against one another. Neither of the two were ever more than two steps away from one another, and neither of the two ever took out a weapon to fight. Each blow had light sloughing off their appropriate body parts and kicked up dust and stone. Sometimes, one of their blows would create a crater.

The tempo of Zhao Jianzhang's increased with each blow, but he could never land a solid hit on the 'erratic' moving Chen Qiantan. Like a drunkard, Chen Qiantan was moving in ways completely unexpecting to his opponent. And sometimes, he'd 'waken' from his drunken stupor to attack Zhao Jianzhang viciously.

For ten whole minutes, the battle progressed in this manner....

And Chen Qiantan was winning!!

Despite being of the same level of strength, anyone could see that it was Chen Qiantan who had the upper hand!!

Bai Yunfei had to admit he was shocked by this level of display. Even a close combat match like this could be had! In his eyes, the footwork of Chen Qiantan was better than his own when he used the Wave Treading Steps. It was....even more refined than it even!

Every time he struck back, his hands moved in miraculous and strange ways that Bai Yunfei could only sigh in admiration for.

"So this is the Drunken Fist of the house of Chen? It's amazing...."

Bai Yunfei sighed to himself. There was an explosion of orange light as Zhao Jianzhang finally decided to break the mold and unleash his strongest move!