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 Chapter 617: Son of A Minister (Fourth)

Bai Yunfei hadn't wanted to pay any attention to this second generational whatever and instead wanted to drink his tea in peace. But then the words he said angered Bai Yunfei.

Say what you want about him, but Bai Yunfei wouldn't accept any disrespect to his mother!!

"Apologize...or I'll break your jaw instead."

Bai Yunfei spoke, a chill in his voice.

The young man was immediately spooked. His heart felt like it was being grasped by a cold hand, though he managed to look furiously back at Bai Yunfei-would he really let himself be 'intimidated' by this nameless wonder?!

From the looks of things, this person was a weak Soul Ancestor with holes everywhere in his defenses. It'd just take a single punch for the man to be knocked down. He was a mid-stage Soul Exalt, there was no need for him to take this humiliation from someone weaker than him.

"Kid, what did you say?!" The man roared at Bai Yunfei in anger. "Kid, are you tired of living?"

"I don't want to repeat myself. I'll give you ten seconds to apologize or you'll bear the consequences of your words."

The sudden switch in Bai Yunfei's attitude startled even Tian Yishu, he had never seen Bai Yunfei in such anger before. Hurrying to him, he whispered, "Yunfei, this is the fourth son of the Minister of the Left. His name is Xu Sihan and is famous for his hedonistic ways here in the Capital. I don't think it's a good idea to anger him..."

Bai Yunfei held a hand up to stop him, "Thank you for the warning, but I've confidence in my ability."

The son of one of the empire's ministers? No wonder he was acting so arrogantly.

But Bai Yunfei didn't care. Anyone that disrespects his mother would find themselves eating their words.

Without a care for the status of the man, Bai Yunfei spoke, "You've five seconds to apologize still."


Xu Sihan stared incredulously at Bai Yunfei. He was still acting that arrogantly?!

Under the wiltering glare of Bai Yunfei, Xu Sihan exploded with anger. Blue light came out from his body as he flew forward to punch Bai Yunfei with a mighty right punch!

"I'll apologize to your mom, die!!"

Xu Sihan was a hedonist that was used to getting his way in the Capital. Very few people dared offend him in his day-to-day affair. He had heard about this teahouse from a friend and was astonished to feel the effects of Soul Consolidating Tea the first time he had it. He also heard many upper-class soul cultivators enjoyed coming here for drink, and so as a way to flaunt his status, he began to come here at 'fixed' intervals to drink the high quality tea the Soothing Heart offered.

So the fact that there was no Soul Consolidating Tea for him today made him feel extremely moody. And now that there was an impudent kid who had 'booked' some Soul Consolidating Tea made him feel like he had been played for a fool. The kid fueled his anger even more by daring to challenge his station, and that was why he decided to attack the kid out of his anger.

He had never seen this kid before, and there didn't seem to be anybody guarding him. His dress marked him as a commoner as well, so he shouldn't have any status to speak of.

This meant Xu Sihan could 'teach' this person a lesson by beating him half to death and face no repercussions for it. An easy matter to start and resolve.

Tian Yishan's eyes narrowed at the actions of Xu Sihan. His previous strength of a Soul Ancestor began to rise rapidly as he prepared to protect Bai Yunfei, but then Bai Yunfei took action first.

Xu Sihan's first plan of action was to simply land a punch onto Bai Yunfei's arm and break it. But with how Bai Yunfei's physical strength was still sorely lacking so he didn't want to take on the blow head-on. Or rather, Bai Yunfei didn't even have to take on the blow himself.

The Violet Soul Ring pulsated with light once as the Cataclysmic Seal popped out from it. Without any flash of light, the brick flew out at Xu Sihan.


The brick and Xu Sihan's fist made contact with each other with a loud bang, but the results shocked everyone there.

As if struck by a thousand pound weight, Xu Sihan was sent flying back!

The +13 additional effect of the brick, hurl!

Hurled over several tables and sent crashing into another two, Xu Sihan fell to the ground and remained there motionless as if stunned.

"Young master!!"

The two guards leapt to his side in an instant. One made sure Xu Sihan was okay while the other flew at Bai Yunfei with his right hand to grab at Bai Yunfei's throat.

This man was a mid-stage Soul Exalt.

But strength like that wasn't much in Bai Yunfei's eyes. The Cataclysmic Seal let loose a burst of elemental fire before slamming itself into the mid-stage Soul Exalt's chest.


Like Xu Sihan, the Soul Exalt was flung backwards. But unlike Xu Sihan, this time was simply due to the overwhelming strength of the brick.

The other guard had already lifted Xu Sihan to his feet when his fellow guard flew at him. Startled, the guard raised his elemental water infused hands to catch the other man.

Bai Yunfei ignored him to look at the now standing Xu Sihan.

"Bastard!!" Xu Sihan's face grew red as he pointed a finger at him, "Punish him! Teach him a lesson!"

Given their orders, the two guards reorientated themselves to then leap at Bai Yunfei again.


Bai Yunfei yelled at the two, his Charm Bracelet glowing with light to target the two soldiers with a strange light. And then...the two guards came to an immediate stop!

At the same time, a red streak of light flitted past the two guards to get behind them!

Even Xu Sihan had been briefly stopped by Bai Yunfei's word. By the time he regained his bearings, the red streak of light was already in front of him!


There was a cracking sound as the red brick slammed straight across his face.

Once again, his body was sent flying out the teahouse and right in front of the legs of a person about to walk into it.