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 Chapter 616: Conflict in the Teahouse (Third)

When Bai Yunfei's soulsense enveloped the snake's body, Bai Yunfei suddenly realized that the snake was moving in accordance to how he shifted his soulsense inside it!

The snake wasn't moving by itself, but rather by...

"I can control it this way?!"

Both of Bai Yunfei's eyebrows flew up.

He could...control the little snake still!

Just by relying on his soulsense rather than the Beast Taming Ring, Bai Yunfei could control the snake!

"Weird...this is really weird-how does this work?" Bai Yunfei brought the snake to his palm for a closer look. He looked around the inside of the snake again with his soulsense, but he found nothing out of the ordinary.

The snake was still a shell without a soul. But...did the addition of his soulsense turn into a replacement for the soul?

Did that work?

Having never heard of a case like this, Bai Yunfei was deeply curious. Was this yet another special 'exception'?

What happened to this snake was a rather rare event. Its soul was gone, but the body still lived on. In most regular situations, like when a Soul King used a soul attack onto a weaker opponent, the soul attack would extinguish the soul, and the body would die straight afterwards. But in this case, the snake's body was still alive.

As hard as he might, Bai Yunfei couldn't figure out the reason behind this case and gave up for the timebeing. Though he could control the snake, it was still far too weak and had thus no meaning to even bother. No longer caring, Bai Yunfei stored the snake away and laidback on his bed to rest.

Studying the slave seal, as Bai Yunfei thought, wouldn't be an easy matter. It'd be best if he took this one step at a time...


Early morning the next day, Bai Yunfei stepped into the Soothing Heart for his morning tea.

"What do you mean 'sold out'?! I wanted some tea and you say there's none left?! Have you not realized a regular patron like myself comes every second day of the week to drink some tea? How have you not prepared for such a case?!"

A loud and grumpy voice assaulted the ears of Bai Yunfei in the first moments of him stepping in the Soothing Heart, causing him to pause.

"My humblest of apologies, lord Xu, but we are truly sold out on Soul Consolidating Tea. The Soothing Heart has announced since three days ago that we will be be out of it starting today. Please forgive us for this inconvenience. If you would like, this humble servant can offer some high-grade Soothing Tea, it is not a bad choice."

An apologetic but calm voice spoke out in response to this rowdy patron. It was the shop assistant of the Soothing Heart, Tian Yishu.

Now that Bai Yunfei was in the hall, he could see just who was making all that commotion. Standing at the front counter were three men; two of them were guards, and the young man in the middle wore a richly robe, marking him to be someone of importance. Right now, his face was twisted in anger at the suggestion he was given. "'Not a bad choice'?! Is that not more water than it is tea? Your patron wants some Soul Consolidating Tea, so hurry up and find a way to serve me some!"

All of the other patrons in the teahouse looked up at the belligerent man in surprise. But when they saw who it was, they quickly turned back around as if afraid of starting anything with this man.

Even Tian Yishu had a crinkled look on his face, but even he made sure to still speak politely to the man. "Lord Xu, please forgive this small teahouse. We've already stopped selling Soul Consolidating Tea for the meanwhile. If you still wish to drink some, please come back in a month."

"What?!" The man's eyes flew wide open on his face. "You want me to wait a month?! Preposterous! Your patron here is feeling unwell, and so I demand to drink some Soul Consolidating Tea! I don't care what reason you have, hurry up and serve me some or else I'll have your teahouse shut down!"

This time, Tian Yishu's eyes had a cold gleam in them. The smile faded away as his face hardened like steel. There had never been anyone that threatened the Soothing Heart before. It was a place for the unwell soul cultivators to come and recuperate in peace. So never had a person so unreasonable and brutish like this lord come threaten that peace.

"Our apologies, but we've no Soul Consolidating Tea to sell to you. Please come back another day."


"Brother Tian, what's going on?" A voice suddenly interrupted the conversation as Bai Yunfei came striding in to stand next to Tian Yishu.

Tian Yishu smiled at Bai Yunfei's arrival. "Haha, Yunfei, welcome."

He explained the situation to him as an aside, "This is lord Xu. He came here to drink some Soul Consolidating Tea but became unhappy when he found out we had none left to sell..."

"What?!" Bai Yunfei spoke, "No more Soul Consolidating Tea? Then what will I..."

"Haha, relax. There's of course some for you. Please head up to the second floor and I'll have some boiled for you."

"Ah, that's good. Thank you brother Tian." Bai Yunfei sighed in relief. He was a little panicked when he heard there was none left. But for someone like him, it seemed there was still a little bit left. With a nod, Bai Yunfei headed up to the second floor.

The young man stood there as Bai Yunfei and Tian Yishu spoke with one another, a look of bewilderment on his face. The fact that he was being so blatantly ignored was humiliating, and if he was hearing things right, then...

"Hold on!!!"

The man exploded in anger to stop Bai Yunfei. "Kid, did you or did you not just say you wanted some Soul Consolidating Tea as well?!"

Bai Yunfei lazily glanced over to him with a single eye, "And why do you care?"

Furious, the man gave a brilliant glare at Tian Yishu next to Bai Yunfei. "You said there was none left, and yet you're serving this kid here some Soul Consolidating Tea as soon as he asked, are you f*cking with me?!"

Unable to bear with the man any longer, Tian Yishu snapped back, "He ordered his tea in advance. Aside from him, the Soothing Heart has no more Soul Consolidating Tea left to sell on orders of the proprietor. I am not lying to you, so please stop making trouble out of nothing."

"In advance?!" The young man looked even more incensed, "I tried to order in advance last time and you said your teahouse didn't accept that-and now you're telling me this kid here ordered in advance? How is that anything but a lie?! How dare you, do you really want your teahouse shut down? Do you not know who I am?!"

Tian Yishu was starting to grow angry as well. "There isn't anyone that doesn't know your name, lord Xu. But please do not take this teahouse to be any ordinary one. We-"

"Pah!! A teahouse is a teahouse, yours is merely just one that happens to get my patronage. What else is there to it?! Let me tell you, my patience has its limits. You serve me some Soul Consolidating Tea or I'll flatten your little teahouse!"

Tian Yishu looked a little taken aback, but his lips curled into a sneer. There had never been someone that dared speak like that to them ever since they opened up the teahouse...

"Sir. This is a teahouse, please follow the rules of this establishment. If you wish to drink some Soul Consolidating Tea, then..."

Bai Yunfei stepped in next to help mediate for Tian Yishu, but before he could even finish the rest of his sentence, the man snapped at him, "What kind of f*cking mother did you have? Stay out of this! I..."


The teahouse descended into silence at the young man's words. Even the young man himself stopped himself halfway through to stare oddly at Bai Yunfei.

The calm and polite expression was gone from Bai Yunfei's face. In their place, a bone-chilling aura exuded from him.

"Apologize....or I'll break your jaw instead."