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 Chapter 613: Studying the Slave Seal

It wasn't until Long Zhen and the blue-eyes wyrm was gone from sight that Bai Yunfei opened up his palm to look at the white object inside.

"Hehe, so he gave us a welcoming gift...."

The object in his hand was amazing to Bai Yunfei, his eyes widening as soon as he realized object it was.

"This is...."

In his hand was a fist-sized chunk of white stone. This wasn't the first time he had seen a stone like this before, for it was a....an upgrade stone!

He would've been surprised enough that it was an upgrade stone, but this particular one had something different to its stats....

Equipment Grade: Low Heaven

Elemental Affinity: None

Equipment Effect 1: Allow the successful upgrade of any equipment +11 and under once.

Equipment Effect 2: Increase the tier of an equipment when crafting by one (Low Heaven tier being the highest).

Cannot be upgraded.

This was a Guaranteed Upgrade Stone, a +11 Guaranteed Upgrade Stone!

Bai Yunfei didn't speak for ten seconds. His eyes glistened at the stone in his hand as he realized something. Something important....

"Guaranteed Upgrade Stones exist still!"

He screamed to himself. All of the Guaranteed Upgrade Stones he had before was from the broken fragments of the Nephrite Throne. The one he held in his hands right now was exceedingly smooth, as if it had been sanded and smoothed down into a circular fashion after years and years of wear. There was no way Long Zhen would've picked up one of the fragments of the Nephrite Throne all the way in the Training Forest. This meant....that aside from the Nephrite Throne fragments, the continent still had other 'natural' Guaranteed Upgrade Stones!

This was an exceptionally great boon for Bai Yunfei.

The Guaranteed Upgrade Stone Bai Yunfei had in his hand was worth just as much as a heaven-tier soul armament. For a crafter like him, this meant he could craft another heaven-tier soul armament. Who knew that Long Zhen would 'give' him such a great gift as a 'welcoming present'.

Perhaps he was grateful to Bai Yunfei for bringing the wyrm here. Or perhaps it was a sort of amend for the misunderstanding earlier.


Sleep didn't come easy to Bai Yunfei when he came home. He sat up on his bed to look at the slumbering permafrost mastiff.

Things with the permafrost mastiff was getting a little troublesome now. Bai Yunfei worried before that the Beast Taming School would find out about it, but the actual trouble was with the stronger soulbeasts. He'd incur misunderstandings like with Long Zhen if this kept going, and that was far too much of a hassle for Bai Yunfei to explain each time. What would he do if he came across a soulbeast that didn't particularly wanted to listen to Bai Yunfei's explanations before attempting to kill him?

So....Bai Yunfei decided to have the permafrost mastiff stored away.

The only reason the permafrost mastiff was with him out in the open was in fear of a class seven or Soul King threat. Now that Xiao Qi was a class seven, Bai Yunfei didn't need the permafrost mastiff to be on the outside. If he could have the permafrost mastiff stored inside a space ring, he could use it as a surprise attack in battle to help him.

It was a bit grievous to the mastiff to do such a thing to it, but it was a temporary measure. Perhaps when Bai Yunfei had enough strength to no longer worry about any external threats the permafrost mastiff could walk outside like before.

Following Bai Yunfei's command, the Beast Taming Ring detached itself from the permafrost mastiff's neck and returned to Bai Yunfei's hand. In direct response, the mastiff froze still like a statue.

The Violet Soul Ring flashed once with light before a black space ring appeared on Bai Yunfei's palm. This was a customized space ring that could contain soulbeast puppets inside. With a wave of his hand, the permafrost mastiff was stored inside the space ring. Bai Yunfei paused for a moment to think if he should store the ring away before ultimately deciding to wear the ring on his right index finger.

The reason why Bai Yunfei took off the Beast Taming Ring was because of something else he thought about and was ready to put into practice.

Retrieving a black sack from his robes, Bai Yunfei opened the drawstrings and took out several space rings strung together with a piece of rope.

These particular space rings were the ones worn by the beast tamers he had killed and collected over the years. Inside, many different types of soulbeast puppets were contained.

Several of the rings contained ten soulbeast puppets, each of them in a type of 'suspended animation'. Every so often, Bai Yunfei would feed them some food so that they wouldn't die. They could live inside the space ring for extended periods of time, but they still needed to eat.

Bai Yunfei's eyes hovered over several space rings for a moment before he took out one of them. With a wave of his hand, a brown python appeared right in front of him.

A late-stage class three crag python.

This python was coiled up on itself and was decently long at about twenty to thirty meters long. It took up almost half of the room Bai Yunfei was in and looked quite dreadful. But its eyes were dull and its body stiff like a statue.

The Beast Taming Ring in Bai Yunfei's hand flew out and attached itself over the 'neck' of the python.

In the next moment, Bai Yunfei issued a command to the python. A flicker of light appeared in the python's eyes as its body shook. In a flash of light, the python began to shrink in size before ultimately ending up the size of a small garden snake of about a third of a meter. Now smaller than before, the python slinked over to on top of Bai Yunfei's bed.

Allowing the small snake to coil around his right arm, Bai Yunfei watched as it paused on his palm. Exhaling, Bai Yunfei stared at it, the Beast Taming Ring shining as Bai Yunfei's soulsense probed at the python's mindspace.

'Meandering' around in the hazy mindspace that belonged to the python, Bai Yunfei slowly made his way deeper in until he came across a small soulgem. And around the soulgem was....the slave seal!!

Bai Yunfei was going to start studying the Beast Taming School's slave seal!

Because of his rash decision to study the lightningfire wolf's slave seal, the wolf had nearly been killed and so did Bai Yunfei almost. If not for the intervention of Xiao Qi and some help from fate itself, Bai Yunfei wouldn't have been able to escape from that situation as well as he did. It had been luck that he managed to form a companion lightningseed, destroyed the slave seal, and return the wolf back to normal.

But all of those were just that. Luck. Bai Yunfei didn't think he'd be so lucky as to have that event repeat multiple times, so he decided not to study the slave seal so rashly.

But today, Bai Yunfei felt himself feeling strong enough to re-engage in the topic. Xiao Qi was a class seven soulbeast, and meeting Long Zhen gave Bai Yunfei more than enough to think about. It was time to restart his study!

Thanks to the magical Beast Taming Ring, Bai Yunfei could do more than just control a soulbeast. And with the Charm Bracelet to connect their minds, Bai Yunfei could use the two soul armaments in conjunction for specific tasks.

For example....removing the slave seal!