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 Book 1 Chapter 60: Bloodhowl Wolf King's adopted son Hong Yin

After the old man backed off nearly ten meters, he stopped moving, having neutralized the impact force of the Ninefold Fist Force, and shook his hands. Unexpectedly, he seemed not injured at all!

However, instead of attacking again, he suddenly waved his hands, saying: "Wait, wait! Let's stop fighting! Let's stop fighting! I..."

But before he could finish what he was saying, two streaks of cold light were shot at him and they arrived in the blink of an eye!

The old man's eyes widened. He conveniently waved his hand in front of him and caught hold of the two daggers. Looking at Bai Yunfei in front of him, who was holding two other daggers staring hard at him, the old man said with some amazement: "Such a ruthless brat. I already told you to stop fighting, why did you still attack?!"

Despite these words, Bai Yunfei did not relax at all. He was still staring expressionlessly at the opponent, ready to shoot the daggers in his hand out anytime. At the same time, he slowly retreated. Only when there was a distance of about twenty meters between them did he slowly asked: "Who are you actually? Why did you attack me without reason?"

Hearing his words, the old man seemed to be embarrassed for a moment then waved his hands, saying: "Er, never mind, little brother. I just wanted to confirm one thing. I had no ill intentions."

Bai Yunfei frowned slightly, asking: "What did you want to confirm?"

"Well, I just wanted to confirm a bit the two soul techniques you used just now." The old man said smilingly: "Now I've already confirmed that they are indeed the Wave Treading Steps and the Overlapping Waves Art..."

"You know about these two soul techniques?" Upon hearing the old man's words, Bai Yunfei was stupefied then said in amazement: "You know senior Ge Yiyun?"

"Oh? My senior brother even told you his name?" This time that old man was a bit astounded.

"You're his junior brother?"

"Yeah, correct."

Bai Yunfei fell silent. He did not know if what the old man said was true, but at least he had no malice. Simply judging from the fact that he had been able to take his own Ninefold Fist Force with ease, he could tell that he himself was no match for him. It was probably because the old man had intended to test him that he had been able to detect him.

After keeping silent for a while, Bai Yunfei put away the daggers, but he was yet to relax his guard completely. He asked: "Why did you find me, senior?"

"Why?" The old man was slightly dumbfounded, but after thinking for a bit, he said in a somewhat embarrassed manner: "Er, actually there was no reason. It was just that in the evening in the city I saw that you seemed to use the Wave Treading Steps when fighting those men of the Long family so I came to confirm it a bit, and to conveniently ask about my senior brother's whereabouts."

"As his junior brother, why don't you know his whereabouts?" Bai Yunfei asked doubtfully.

"My senior brother doesn't like to stay in touch with other people. Plus, I'm not powerful enough to work out where he's gone to..." The old man said in frustration.

Bai Yunfei frowned slightly, saying: "I don't know where senior Ge Yiyun has gone to at all. But he should still be in this Qingyun Province. Several days ago I ran into him on a mountain to the south of Cuiliu City."

Seeing a thoughtful expression show up on his face, Bai Yunfei did not want to stay longer. He folded his hands in salute, saying: "Senior, if you don't have anything else to say, I'll take my leave now."


As the old man watched Bai Yunfei gradually go away, there was a trace of astonishment on his face. He then shook his head lightly, saying to himself: "It seems this brat still doesn't trust me. Does he have to be so vigilant? How can an elder of the Fate School like me possibly fool you? Really... But this also means that there's something special about him. At least being careful in everything can't go wrong.

"Senior brother has been traveling the world for over two years. How many people who can neutralize our school's tribulation has he found, I wonder...? Several months ago, a secular disciple reported that he had gone into Qingyun Province but there's been no news about him ever since. From what this brat said, he should still be in this place. But why? What is he looking for that he's been staying here for several months? Is there something that requires him to put in so much time?"

The more the old man guessed, the more doubtful his face looked. In the end, he let out a soft sigh, turned around and disappeared into the night.


Under the night sky, a tall and straight silhouette was standing on a relatively high roof, looking thoughtfully into the distance at an alleyway more than a thousand meters away. What he was fixing his eyes on was none other than the alleyway where Bai Yunfei and the old man had just met.

Judging from his appearance, he should be no more than thirty years old. His body was tall and straight, his robe silver and his hair long. Although he could not be considered handsome, there was an air of heroism about him. On his shoulder, there was unexpectedly a palm-sized white little animal that looked like a rat.

This man stared into the distance for a long time. In the end he withdrew his eyes. Just when he was about to turn around and leave, the expression on his face suddenly changed. He turned around abruptly.

A person was already standing on the roof behind him and this person was none other than the old man who had just talked with Bai Yunfei!

"Brat, you've been watching for so long. What's this all about? Me, or that little fella?" Seeming to have already anticipated the opponent's actions, the old man said solemnly while staring expressionlessly at him.

That man was startled at first, but he immediately reacted. Taking two steps backwards, he saluted the old man respectfully and said: "I am Hong Yin. It is an honor to meet you, senior Qin Zheng."

"Oh, you recognize me?" The old man was slightly surprised.

"Twenty years ago, my foster father took me with him and paid a visit to the Fate School, and I had the good fortune to see you once." That young man named Hong Yin still said respectfully, then gave a little compliment, "Who would have thought you would still be as gracious as before after twenty years?"

The expression on Qin Zheng's face became much more relaxed. He asked: "Twenty years ago? Your foster father is..."


The moment Qin Zheng heard this name, he was obviously startled a bit. He then frowned slightly and asked doubtfully: "You're the adopted son of the Bloodhowl Wolf King? Are you that rumored person? Have you got anything to prove this?"

Right after these words were said, seeming to notice Qin Zheng's doubtful tone, the little animal on Hong Yin's shoulder arched its back slightly and squeaked at him a couple of times. Apparently it was somewhat angry.

"Oh? This is... a River Churning Rat! Plus... one in the middle phase of level five!" Earlier, Qin Zheng had not cared about this little animal at all, but now he immediately said in a somewhat amazed manner after observing it attentively for a while.

Hong Yin gave a smile then stroked the little animal on his shoulder to calm it down and replied: "You're so observant, senior. He is my friend, Xiao Tang."

Afterwards, with a shake of his hand, a white dagger appeared in his hand. Actually, it was somewhat inappropriate to call it a dagger because if one looked at it carefully, they would find that it looked more like a tooth of a certain animal.

"I think this object should be enough to prove my identity, right?"

At first Qin Zheng was somewhat astounded because Hong Yin had called the soul beast his friend. Now, seeing this dagger, he raised his eyebrows again, saying in slight amazement: "Bloodhowl Fang! Yeah, it really can prove that what you said was true."

He then pondered for a while before continuing to ask: "Then why are you here? Could it be because of that little fella? It's very likely that he'll be extremely important to my Fate School in the future. You can't touch him!"

Hong Yin was stupefied then hurriedly explained: "You're mistaken, senior. I don't know that little brother at all. I watched from this place only because I saw you."

"Oh? Why me? What do you find me for?" Qin Zheng asked doubtfully.

"In fact, I want to ask you a little about senior Ge Yiyun's whereabouts." Hong Yin thought for a bit, "A few days ago I accidentally found out that senior Ge Yiyun was in Qingyun Province so I came here right away. I want to invite him..."

"Because of that matter again, right?" Before Hong Yin could finish what he was saying, Qin Zheng already knew what he wanted to say. He gave a soft sigh, saying: "Alas, your foster father should have already told you it's almost impossible to get this matter done, right?"

Hong Yin's expression darkened and looked disappointed for a moment, but he immediately recovered and said with a face full of resolution: "I'll give it a try no matter what! Perhaps... if senior Ge Yiyun agrees to give it another try, we may find a method..."

"Well... As you've already made your decision, I won't mention it again. Just do as you please. Hopefully with your special status you can change this 'fate' which the entire soul beast clan has been unable to change for more than a thousand years..." Qin Zheng had no choice but to shake his head.

"I've got something to do too so I won't stay here. My senior brother... I don't know where he is either. If you want to see him, just look for him yourself!" Qin Zheng turned around and left. A message then came into Hong Yin's ears from afar.

"Your 'fate' shows a 'fate division' tendency in this Cuiliu City. I can't look too much into your future, and I can't tell you too much either, but you should grasp this opportunity..."