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 Chapter 607: Mixed Feelings

Late-stage Soul Exalt!

Bai Yunfei's soulforce had reached the level of a late-stage Soul Exalt!

"I powered up?!"

Bai Yunfei's eyes shined with incredulous surprise. Had he really become a late-stage Soul Exalt?

Prior to this entire affair with Fang Tianmeng, Bai Yunfei had estimated that it'd take him another hundred days or so before he could become a late-stage Soul Exalt. How had he managed to do it in such a short amount of time?

He was similar to Xiao Qi in a way with how they both got stronger after fighting.....but his situation wasn't as absurd as Xiao Qi's. But still. It was a good thing....

However. This 'pleasant surprise' wasn't large enough to counteract against Bai Yunfei's concerns. Though he was a late-stage Soul Exalt in soulforce, his present predicament made him far weaker than before!

He couldn't even walk steadily by himself right now, let alone fight. If he was stuck like this for a long time, then advancing a stage would be completely useless....

Bai Yunfei casted his worries away. It was time for him to focus on the issue with his two fireseeds.

"I can't split them, but they don't seem to be trying to devour or fuse with one another anymore. What's going on?" With his soulsense, Bai Yunfei was able to look deeply at the two essence fireseeds and how his soulforce would circulate around the two. There didn't seem to be any problems with how calm the two fireseeds took the soulforce, but Bai Yunfei did have the feeling like he was in a state not unlike when he normally practiced the Dual Flame Arts.

That line of thought brought an idea to Bai Yunfei. In accordance to what was taught to him, Bai Yunfei immediately activated the Dual Flame Arts. The two fireseeds shivered slightly before ushering Bai Yunfei into a meditational trance for training.

This time, the feeling he had was....much better than before!

Bai Yunfei stopped after a while. He was satisfied with what he was feeling. With another thought, he had the two fireseeds tremble again before the elemental fire from the two of them started to explode, bringing him to the level of a peak late-stage Soul Exalt.

Dual Flame Arts: 'coil' form!

Rather than needing to use hand seals like before, all it took Bai Yunfei to activate the 'coil' form was a single thought!

But the second after his strength skyrocketed, Bai Yunfei's eyes flew open and his face started to twitch. Straight away, his energy died down and the 'coil' form was deactivated.


Bai Yunfei gasped for breath, his back bent over to have his head facing his sheets. Beads of sweat dripped from his pained face, his mouth looking like it was ready to grunt in pain.

"Yunfei, what's wrong?!"

Xiao Qi had been comfortably resting on top of the laid down permafrost mastiff when he felt Bai Yunfei's energy spike up. He flew over straight away when Bai Yunfei doubled up in pain.

"It's nothing, just an experiment. Don't worry...." Bai Yunfei waved his hand. Straightening his back to rest against the wall, Bai Yunfei sucked in a deep breath to try and regain his bearings.

He wiped the sweat off his face while the other hand touched at his chest in trepidation, "Damnit, has my body really gotten that weak?"

In the moment when he activated the 'coil' form, Bai Yunfei felt an extreme pain coming from his body like if a sword was slicing apart at it and then countless ants were biting at every cell in him with such pain that he felt like fainting almost.

Now that a good amount of time had transpired, the pain running through Bai Yunfei's body had abated somewhat. Resting weakly against the wall, Bai Yunfei's eyes shined pensively.

"My body might not be able to take it, but I can still use the 'coil' form without any hand seals. That's a lot better than before." Bai Yunfei thought to himself after the pain was fully gone.

"I'm a late-stage Soul Exalt now, and the 'coil' form brings me to the peak late-stage. Then....if I go into Berserk Mode, how strong do I get then? If I surpass the peak late-stage Soul Exalt level, that only leaves one option.....I gain the strength capable to fighting a Soul King?

"Whether it's in strength in the body or soulforce, going into Berserk Mode allows me to surpass the limits of a peak late-stage Soul Exalt. Combined with the Charm Bracelet's pseudo spirit attack, doesn't....doesn't that mean I'm basically able to fight on the same level as a Soul King?" Bai Yunfei had used Berserk Mode to its limits back in Baishan City to fight the mid-stage Soul King to a standstill. He didn't have any clear memories of it, but he did remember using the imitation of a spirit attack with his mental link to attack. And when he thought about that, his guesses felt a lot less like guesses and more like facts.

Indeed. If Bai Yunfei were to go into Berserk Mode, he could fight an early-stage Soul King on equal grounds. This was what he could call....the False Soul King realm!

Bai Yunfei had been fighting under irregular conditions during the battle in Baishan City. Without his rationality there to keep him in check, Bai Yunfei did several things he normally would never do, and although they were extremely dangerous, some of those things did have a decent amount of use.

"I wonder how long the two fireseeds will stay like this. If they can't split apart then the Cataclysmic Seal will be much weaker....I won't be able to control the flames in the Lightningfire Cauldron when crafting either...." Bai Yunfei muttered. "Though this is much better for me in terms of training. There's some benefit, but there's also some detriments...."

With the current weakness of his body, the aberration of his two fireseeds wasn't something he could study completely right now. There were some good benefits to it, but Bai Yunfei had mixed feelings about it still....

"My body will heal sooner or later. I should take advantage of this time to try my best to train. Maybe I'll become a peak late-stage Soul Exalt, or maybe I'll have the chance to go even higher from there...." Bai Yunfei thought. "If I can become a Soul King, then I'll really have made it. Becoming one of the elites of this world would mean no more dangers every day. I don't have to fight for my life all the time.

"In the end, strength is all that matters!!"

Bai Yunfei lifted his head to stare at the ceiling, his eyes shining with reluctance. His pursuit for power was a never ending one. Each time Bai Yunfei grew stronger, he'd come into contact with people even stronger and brought even more pressure onto Bai Yunfei to train. Many a times Bai Yunfei grew stronger, and many a times someone stronger came forward to kick him down. Though Bai Yunfei was able to pull out a hidden ace from his sleeves to escape from the troubles, the fact that he had to go through these iterations so many time left an unpleasant taste in his mouth.

Bai Yunfei fought every fight with his life on the line. All it'd take was for him to lose just once for him to fall off that line and into the depths of no return.

The only way to change this fate was to get stronger. Stronger and stronger until he was stronger than everyone else!

"I don't know why the Cao would've gone through such lengths to kill me, but there'll be a day when I find out. Whomever it was that put them up to it, I'll make sure they pay for it dearly!!"

He had not expected for them to use one of his students a bait for him to come into their trap. A furious glint of ice entered his eyes, an urge to kill leaking from them as well....

Bai Yunfei's hand flew up to rub at his temples the moment he felt his murderous intent appear. "Tch!! Still can't control my emotions....dammit, I nearly forgot about this. Not only am I weaker, my soul fell into a relapse!"

Now that he had a good idea of what kind of state his body was in, Bai Yunfei felt it to be very annoying. His soul had been more than halfway healed prior to him going to Baishan City, but now that this battle happened, all that time spent healing his soul was a waste now. It'd take him even longer than before to heal now....

"My body's weak and my self-control's even worse. How can I even start to feel optimistic about this...." Bai Yunfei shook his head. "The first thing I have to do first is heal my body to at least being able to do basic motions. I can find uncle Dan Teng and have him prescribe me some more Soul Consolidating Tea to heal my soul.

"Step by step. I don't need to rush. Once I heal up, I'll be even stronger than before!"