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 Chapter 604: Awakening

Five days had already passed since Bai Yunfei's fight in Baishan City. In those five days, both the Zheng and the Royal Family had their people investigate the matter with the Cao. After their group returned to the Capital, Bai Yunfei had been brought back to the Zheng so that they could treat and take care of his wounds.

His wounds had stabilized for the most part in thanks to the Symbiosis, but he wasn't back to full health. There was still wounds to heal, and the most egregious ones was the damage done to his internal organs from the spike of elemental energy during his Berserk Mode. The suicidal nature in which he fought the Soul King had exacerbated his wounds even more.

At that time, he had been fighting as if those wounds didn't even exist, but a reality like that couldn't be so easily ignored. By the time the battle ended, the wounds he sustained had accumulated to a terrifying degree. If not for Xiao Qi there to offer up its soulforce, Bai Yunfei would have needed more than three to five days to stabilize himself.

Activity within Zheng manor increased by a certain amount in the following days as people came and went in large numbers. Bai Yunfei's students took up most of those days with Fang Tianmeng refusing to leave Bai Yunfei's side due to her guilt. Spending practically two days and nights to take care of Bai Yunfei, the only reason she went back to her place to rest was because of the forceful recommendations of the other students.

Even the chairman of Tianhun Academy came to visit Bai Yunfei. The first and second prince did come by twice to check up on Bai Yunfei or give Zheng manor several precious medicines to help Bai Yunfei recuperate.

News of Bai Yunfei's events and injuries made its way to the more influential families in the Capital, such as the other three major houses. Each one of them sent a representative with 'presents', that was astonishingly quantitative for being called such. If Bai Yunfei was injured for a hundred days, then the presents given to him would've been enough to last him throughout that entire time span.

What Bai Yunfei did in Baishan City was later made known to the rest of the Capital. From the information propagated, people heard that the more important and stronger members of the house had been wiped out without a trace, but not many people knew if it was because they were killed by Bai Yunfei's hand or if they fled before the battle even begun. But whichever the case or whatever the reason, one thing was for certain.

The house of Cao was no longer.

Not only were the key figures of the house gone, their place of residence was utterly destroyed. Not even a single tile was left untouched....

Rumors had it that it took over a dozen earth-type Soul Exalts from the Tianhun School several days before the crater was filled up and the place sufficiently patched together.....

It was known to the more well-informed powers that Bai Yunfei was heavily involved in what happened to the Cao. From them, they spread the news that 'the Cao had angered Bai Yunfei and was subsequently destroyed by him'. In time, Bai Yunfei became even more high profile than before. Before, he was known as the instructor who started the crafting class and the one who crafted that heaven-tier soul armament. But now, he was known as a major figure in the Capital's world of cultivators as a 'hegemonic' soul cultivator, earning him plenty of respect.

There were a few that took the rumors with a grain of salt. The Cao was after all, just a minor family and not a power that others would pay attention to. They also felt that Bai Yunfei's actions were a little excessive and that he was a person who didn't know his own boundaries.

While people knew that about Bai Yunfei, what they didn't know about him was the fact that he was currently bed-ridden and in an extremely weak and delirious state.

The room Bai Yunfei was in had an internal temperature far higher than what it was outside, making it unbearable for most people to stay in his room. It was as if Bai Yunfei's entire body was steaming where he laid on his bed. If not for the occasional rise and fall of his chest from breathing and the very faint amount of soulforce, it would've been thought that Bai Yunfei had been burnt to death.

Bai Yunfei regained consciousness on the noon of the sixth day.

He was startled the moment he opened his eyes-one of his students had at that moment conveniently been staring at him. A large group of his students were gathered there, each of them crying out with relieved joy when he woke.

The room devolved into a chaotic squabble for a moment with Bai Yunfei still at a loss for what was happening. When the room finally settled down and he was cognizant enough to speak, Bai Yunfei spoke with them for a while before the group left. They all knew that while Bai Yunfei had finally woken up, he'd still need some time to rest. Just the fact that he woke up had been a great deal of relief for them.

With everyone gone, that left Bai Yunfei to be the only person left in his room. First inspecting the state of his body, Bai Yunfei could see that his soulforce was nice and full, though his physical body felt numbish and slightly weak. Trying several times, Bai Yunfei managed to upright himself up against the walls of his bed to look around.

The permafrost mastiff was laying down in a corner of the room in a sleeplike fashion as if to either train or heal. The blue-eyes wyrm was staring at Bai Yunfei from the corner of his bed as if to ask if Bai Yunfei was alright.

He replied with a nod to the wyrm before he noticed a small spark of prismatic light come flying towards him.

"Yunfei, you okay?"

The prismatic light came to a stop in front of him, revealing it to be Xiao Qi inside. It was slowly hovering in the air with its wings flapping gently to stare at Bai Yunfei in concern.

"Haha, I'm fine, just a little weak." Bai Yunfei laughed. "There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with me, I'm sure it wo-"

He trailed off here to stare at Xiao Qi with wide-opened eyes. His mouth hung wide open like if he had just seen a ghost. Bai Yunfei tried to leap up from his bed, but the weakness of his body only resulted in him giving a small kick from the bed onto the wall behind him. The back of his head slammed into the wall before bouncing back in a hiss of pain.

"Eh? Yunfei, what's wrong?"

A curious voice asked him as he rubbed his head. Again, Bai Yunfei looked back up at the voice, uncaring for the bump now on his head. In front of him was Xiao Qi, but Bai Yunfei couldn't help but stutter, "Xi-Xiao Qi. You.....you can talk now?!"

Correct! Xiao Qi was 'speaking' with him now!!

They weren't communicating with their souls or thoughts like before, they were having a conversation with words!

He rarely used words to speak with Xiao Qi since he had the bond between him and the bird. Added with the mental link the Charm Bracelet offered him to talk via their minds, Bai Yunfei would even use it to communicate with the blue-eyes wyrm.

But right now, this 'mental link' wasn't established. Xiao Qi was speaking to him with the words of the human tongue!