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 Chapter 602: Xiao Qi's Breakthrough!

The things that were happening in the skies above Baishan City stunned everyone there, including Wu Dijian and the other Soul Kings.

He was the first one to speak after a moment of being spellbound by the sight. "Are you kidding me?! This....this is a breakthrough?! It's becoming a class seven!?"

Everyone gasped at his words in shock. Xiao Qi at this moment was making the breakthrough to become a class seven!

A being on the level of a Soul King!


A cry of erupted from Zheng Kai, snapping everyone's eyes to him. They saw him holding his left shoulder in pain and a very sheepish looking Wu Dijian, "Why'd you go and pinch me for, old man?!"

Everyone noticed Wu Dijian's fingers had been pinching onto Zheng Kai's shoulder.

"Only seeing if we were dreaming...hehe." Wu Dijian laughed it off before saying, "But it is what it is, this is reality...."

Zheng Kai said nothing.

In a soliloquy to himself almost, Wu Dijian thought to himself, "But....this is unbelievable really!! How is it making a breakthrough now?! It's a joke-the bird was nearly on the verge of death an hour ago, so how is it making a breakthrough despite the injuries it got?!

"I remember that bird was also a.....prismatic oriole, wasn't it?!" Wu Dijian's hand scratched at his white disheveled hair, "Were they always able to become a class seven? That's a little outlandish, even for a variant....what in the world did that Bai Yunfei feed it? It's advancing far too fast.....far too fast...."

Everyone else was thinking of similar things to what Wu Dijian was saying. The fact that Xiao Qi was making a breakthrough was extremely unusual.

Xiao Qi's body was like a bottomless black hole up in the skies. Countless streams of elemental fire, lightning, wind, and wood flowed into its body to be gathered and absorbed.

With each passing moment another stream of energy was absorbed into it, Xiao Qi's aura spiked like a rocket. Surpassing the limits of a peak late-stage class six, it continued to climb higher and higher....

At last when the bird's aura reached a limit of what it could increase to, the light around Xiao Qi's body 'froze' for a moment. It remained there in the sky where it was. Even the tumultuous light up in the whirlpool with its swirling multi-colored winds and clouds had stopped!

Everyone's eyes bugged out at the sight, their hearts feeling as though it had stopped mid-beat as well.

A moment after everything had stopped, the light from Xiao Qi's body exploded to ten times its previous intensity!

Everyone gasped. Wu Dijian was the first to voice out his thoughts, "It succeeded! It actually became a class seven!!"

But the light around Xiao Qi didn't fade away. Its aura was clearly at the level of an early-stage class seven, but the elemental energy around it continued to flow into Xiao Qi's body to be absorbed, further increasing its strength!!

"It's....it's...." Wu Dijian's eyes were nearly as wide as dinner plates when he realized what was going on. "It's still trying to power up?! Is it trying to become a mid-stage class seven?!"

For both soul cultivators and soulbeasts, Soul Kings and class sevens would immediately stop and try to consolidate their strength before they continued training. It was imperative to get used to their new energy since trying to do what Xiao Qi was doing now would almost always negatively affect their future training.

But Xiao Qi didn't have these same misgivings as the others. Still absorbing the energy around it, Xiao Qi allowed for the elemental energy to be absorbed into itself and have its aura slowly increase in strength!!

Becoming a mid-stage class seven soulbeast in one straight go was very unlikely. The normal early-stage class seven would definitely need more time, but Xiao Qi was different, it could improve at speeds far faster than the others....

Xiao QI had been egregiously injured a moment ago, but now it was a class seven soulbeast with an abundant amount of energy. The people gathered here were by no means untalented in their training, but even they couldn't help but sigh in admiration of Xiao Qi.

But something else took place to startle them....


A miserable cry came forth from Bai Yunfei, who was still in the bubble of elemental water. There was a loud bang as elemental fire came out from his body, forcing itself against the elemental water and wrapping himself inside a layer of it. Furthermore, there was also a strange pulse from his soul coming out!

At the same time, the elemental fire was starting to churn and boil with a tremendous amount of heat and energy!

Under the still-amazed eyes of everyone there, the weak vitality of Bai Yunfei was suddenly starting to make a quick comeback!

When they looked closely, they realized that the pulses coming from his soul was....very similar to what Xiao Qi was radiating!

Everyone was once again startled by this revelation. None of them looked very sure of what was going on with him.

But then the white-haired elder behind Wu Ren inhaled with a sharp breath when the answer hit him, "Could....could this be....a soul contract....this is Symbiosis!!"

"A soul contract?! Symbiosis?!"

Everyone there turned to look at the old man, some of them unable to stop themselves from repeating the words he said.

"Then....this is the soulbeast Bai Yunfei bonded with?!"

Wu Dijian asked in alarm, his eyes flickering back and forth between Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi. Like the others, he was unable to believe his eyes.

Even Zheng Kai was astonished. Bai Yunfei first came to the Capital with three soulbeasts, and that in itself had been a very unique matter. Anyone would be equally surprised if they saw that. Zheng Kai had only figured two of the three soulbeasts were 'raised' like pets, thus their willingness to follow Bai Yunfei and felt slightly jealous. Of those three, Zheng Kai thought it had been the permafrost mastiff who Bai Yunfei had contracted with due to its strength, and Xiao Qi and the blue-eyes wyrm were those two aforementioned pets.

No matter if it was Zheng Kai or anyone else, it was 'normal' to think that Bai Yunfei's contracted soulbeast was the permafrost mastiff, so Zheng Kai never asked, and Bai Yunfei never told him. So now that it was revealed that it was Xiao Qi that was the actual soulbeast contracted with Bai Yunfei, Zheng Kai found himself speechless.

But then that brought up another question. They all stared to the permafrost mastiff who was currently wrapped up in a ball of white light.

Was this class seven soulbeast following Bai Yunfei of its own will then?!

That.....that a class seven soulbeast without without a soul contract would be willing to follow around a human like that....it was hard to believe.

But that moment of disbelief lasted only for a moment. There was something else that was even more incredulou than that.....

The matter that was....Symbiosis!!