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 Book 1 Chapter 59: An inexplicable attack

Bai Yunfei did not apply the Overlapping Waves Art to this punch, but even so, it was already too much for a late Soul Personage like Long Tao [the big brother] to withstand. Only after staggering backwards five or six steps in a row was he able to control his body, preventing it from falling down.

"Soul Warrior!" Hugging his stomach, Long Tao looked at Bai Yunfei with a face full of amazement.

"Are you afraid of me now? Too late already!" Bai Yunfei gave a soft snort then dashed forwards again.

Even though Long Tao was shocked in his heart, the opponent was already coming at him, so he had no choice but to fight. The muscles in his entire body bulging out, making a burly man like him look even considerably larger, he threw a fierce punch at Bai Yunfei.

When he was about to rush up to Long Tao's face, Bai Yunfei suddenly toppled to one side. Long Tao's full-power punch could only hit an afterimage. Then, with another shake of the body, Bai Yunfei appeared on his left hand side. After giving him a significant look, he raised his right hand and hit him in the face with a resounding slap.

Afterwards, under the dumbfounded looks in the onlookers' eyes, as if teasing a gorilla, Bai Yunfei used the Wave Treading Steps, creating a string of afterimages that surrounded Long Tao from all sides, making it impossible for Long Tao to hit him regardless of Long Tao's furious roars and fierce attacks. By contrast, Bai Yunfei hit the opponent with one spank after another continuously. At the same time, he 'scolded' the opponent in a seemingly excited manner.

"This is for acting like you're a big shot!

"This is for your unshaven beard!

"This is for using your family's power to bully people!

"This is for being long tao! [playing a walk-on part]


Before long, Long Tao's face swelled up, looking like the face of a pig, and even a bearded pig at that...

Seeming to have played enough, Bai Yunfei sent the opponent flying directly again with a fierce spank while shouting loudly:

"My last words for you: Your part is already over. Get your takeaway and leave!!"

Long Tao flew away more than two meters while spinning before finally falling to the ground. He then spouted a mouthful of blood, which seemed to also contain two teeth. As he looked at Bai Yunfei, his eyes were full of horror and extreme humiliation as well - despite being a late Soul Personage, he had been played with just like that. This is such an insult!

After sending the big brother flying, Bai Yunfei clapped his hands and slowly turned to look at the dumbstruck younger brother Long Tao on one side. Somehow, as soon as he thought about how this man had wanted to target Liu Meng yesterday, he felt exceptionally annoyed inside. Giving a cold snort, he slowly walked towards the opponent.

Bai Yunfei's cold snort woke Long Tao up with a start. When he saw that Bai Yunfei was walking towards himself, his face was immediately filled with extreme terror. He subconsciously wanted to retreat but because he was too nervous, he lost his balance and fell on his buttocks to the ground. Using all his limbs together to move backwards continuously, he said in a trembling voice at the same time: "You, what do you want to do?! Don't, don't come here! My, my brother is..." Only at this point did he suddenly remember that the opponent had beaten the living daylights out of his brother and hurriedly change his words: "My father is Long Gang! My Long family has lots of experts! You can't hurt me!"

Bai Yunfei's eyes flashed with disdain, but he still halted his steps 'as he had been told'. Just when the opponent let out a sigh of relief, he shot three streaks of cold light out all of a sudden with a flick of his right hand!

Long Tao could only hear three soft sounds. When he lowered his head doubtfully to take a look, his face suddenly went deathly pale and he broke into a cold sweat - he saw that two daggers with cold sparkles had stuck into the ground near the two places where the index fingers and thumbs of his hands met, almost nailing his hands to the ground! But what terrified him the most was that another dagger had stuck into the area between his thighs! Having cut a hole in the crotch of his pants, the dagger was stuck firmly in the ground. He could even feel strands of cold air coming to his crotch from the dagger!

Seeing that Long Tao was so frightened that he was about to piss his pants, Bai Yunfei suddenly got bored and lost interest. He waved his hand as if chasing a fly away, saying: "All of you get lost!"


After watching this group of men roll and crawl away then disappear in the distance, Bai Yunfei shook his head in frustration, sighing softly: "Alas, this is really cliched."

"Are you okay, Yunfei?" Liu Meng asked after walking up to Bai Yunfei, who was taking back the daggers.

"Oh, of course I'm okay. How cold they have hurt me?" He smiled at her and said complacently.

"Yunfei, actually you shouldn't have played with them like that... The Long family is quite powerful in this city. I'm afraid..." Looking in the direction where those men had disappeared, Liu Meng said while frowning slightly.

"Er... You're right, Meng'er. I got a little carried away. As soon as I thought of the fact that they were both long tao, I couldn't help trampling on them ruthlessly..." Bai Yunfei scratched his head, also realizing that he had seemed to have gone a bit too far just then, "But there shouldn't be any problem. This can only be considered a dispute between juniors at most. Plus now he also knows my power level already so he shouldn't come to bother me again..."

"Alas, I hope so." Liu Meng sighed softly, "Forget it. Don't talk about them. Let's find a restaurant and have dinner, Yunfei..."


The moon was bright and the stars were few. It was already night. Bai Yunfei was walking quietly in an alleyway, heading for the tavern where he was living.

"Alas... Why did I agree again? I obviously planned to leave tomorrow..." Bai Yunfei sighed while walking with his head lowered, "Tomorrow I'm going to Cuihua Temple in the east part of the city to burn incense sticks. Why at that time did I agree even without thinking...?"

Although he secretly regretted agreeing to stay in Cuiliu City, from the bottom of his heart, he also looked forward to the stroll tomorrow. His mind was in a somewhat chaotic state, not knowing what was going on with himself...

"Let's stay for one day, just one day. There shouldn't be any problem." Consoling himself in his mind like this, when he was ready to quicken his pace, his expression suddenly changed. He halted his steps and stared at an alleyway on the right of a fork, saying solemnly: "Who?! Come out!"

"Ha ha, you're so vigilant, little brother." Following a soft laugh, a silhouette walked out slowly. Judging from the voice just then, this should be an old man. He was not tall and was empty-handed. Although he had walked out, he was still hiding in the dark, making it impossible to see his face clearly.

"Who are you? What do you want to do?" Bai Yunfei asked frowningly. His right hand had already been put behind his back. At the same time, his mind was racing. Could it be the opponent was a man of the Long family? Or was this a man from the Glacial School?

That old man seemed to size up Bai Yunfei a few times then said smilingly as before: "You don't know who I am. I'm not sure about your identity either. So, let's exchange a few blows to find out!"

As soon as he finished talking, he unexpectedly launched his attack without a warning sign!

"So fast!" Seeing the opponent charging at him, Bai Yunfei was secretly frightened. However, this was not shown on his face at all. With a slip of his feet, his body quickly retreated. At the same time, he shot two daggers at the enemy with a flick of his right hand.

The opponent seemed to have known earlier that Bai Yunfei would use this move. He leaned his body to one side slightly, avoiding the daggers, then rushed up to Bai Yunfei's face without slowing down.

Making use of the moonlight, Bai Yunfei finally saw the attacker's appearance clearly. His hair was salt and pepper. His face did not look old at all, but because he was smiling at the moment, there were several wrinkles on his face. This man was looking at Bai Yunfei with narrowed eyes while making an extremely fierce grab at Bai Yunfei's throat with his right hand!

Just when he was about to succeed, Bai Yunfei suddenly fell backwards. Then he dodged in a strange arc to the other side with a tilt of his body.

Before he could make another move, he felt a great force come from his left waist. It turned out the old man had instantly turned the claw into a palm and hit him in the waist in a seemingly gentle manner.

The huge force of impact caused Bai Yunfei to take two steps towards one side involuntarily. Seeing that the old man's second palm strike was coming at him, he gave a cold snort. With another slip of his feet, two afterimages appeared in the small area around him. But he did not sheer away. Instead, he turned his body instantly and threw a punch at the enemy's heart!

The enemy was surprised and unexpectedly immediately abandoned the palm strike that was coming at Bai Yunfei. Withdrawing his right hand like lightning, he overlapped his hands in front of his chest, wanting to take this punch from Bai Yunfei head-on!

His eyes flashing, his right arm's muscles bulging out, Bai Yunfei suddenly accelerated his attack halfway through.

Overlapping Waves Art, Ninefold Fist Force!


A deep sound was heard. That old man's eye flashed with a tinge of amazement. His body retreated continuously. With every step he took, crackles rang out from under his feet. It turned out his feet were breaking the bluestone slabs under him into pieces!

After the old man backed off nearly ten meters, he stopped moving, having finally neutralized the impact force of the Ninefold Fist Force, and shook his hands. Unexpectedly, he seemed not injured at all!