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 Book 1 Chapter 5: The death of Uncle Wu and the transformation

Direwolf walked towards the two of them step by step. Blood even kept dripping to the ground nonstop from his body. Behind him, severed limbs covered an entire small area. At the moment, he did not only look like a demon just walking out from a bloodbath, he simply was one!

When Direwolf turned his eyes to look at him, Bai Yunfei felt a totally brutal pressure hit him in the face. The tremble from his soul caused his whole body to stiffen. An immeasurable fear filled his mind. All he could see was a blood-red field and a ferocious demon who was walking towards him step by step.

"It's no good. Quickly run, Yunfei! Let's split up and quickly run!" Seeing Direwolf coming, Uncle Wu forcefully suppressed the fear in his heart and shouted to Bai Yunfei. He then ran to one side.

After running over ten meters away, Uncle Wu turned his head around and discovered that Bai Yunfei was still standing still gazing in bewilderment at the madness that was approaching him step by step.

"Yunfei! Quickly run!" Uncle Wu warned loudly but Bai Yunfei still did not react at all.

At the moment, there was only fear in Bai Yunfei's mind. The idea of running simply did not exist. The ways those men had died horrible deaths before kept flashing across his mind. Then they seemed to turn into himself. Die, he would die, would die!

Direwolf was already getting closer and closer!

Uncle Wu gave several warning shouts but they were ineffective. Seeing Direwolf walking towards Yunfei, he looked at the hatchet in his hand then took a look at Yunfei, his eyes full of determination. He then turned to Direwolf and threw the hatchet in his hand at him with all his might.

"You devil! Come and kill me!"

Uncle Wu unexpectedly wanted to use himself as a bait to draw Direwolf's attention, striving to give Bai Yunfei time to run for his life!

Direwolf slightly leaned to one side, avoiding the hatchet. He cast a look at Uncle Wu but still did not chase after him like he thought he would. Instead, he looked at Bai Yunfei again as if thinking of something then gave a faint, amused fierce smile... Afterwards, he picked up a copper hammer which was conveniently lying beside his feet and... threw it at Bai Yunfei!

With a face full of bewilderment, Bai Yunfei stood still over there. If the copper hammer smashed down, he would have absolutely no chance of surviving!

"Bang!"A muffled sound of a heavy object smashing into a body was heard. The audience outside the field gave an exclamation in unison.

They were surprised not because this hammer had hit someone at all, but because this hammer had hit... Uncle Wu instead of Bai Yunfei, who had been standing still!

At the last moment, Uncle Wu had unexpectedly rushed back to Bai Yunfei's side then pushed him away, but that incoming flying hammer had hit him squarely in his chest!

"Pu!" A mouthful of hot blood gushed out from Uncle Wu's mouth and splattered in the air and over the copper hammer before falling onto the ground, Bai Yunfei's face and, more importantly, his mind - ice-cold.

In the blink of an eye, all the sounds around him disappeared. When Bai Yunfei saw Uncle Wu falling towards him and the deeply concerned expression on his face... the missing strength returned to his body. He caught Uncle Wu who was falling down with somewhat stiff movements, put him flat on the ground, knelt down beside him and said in a slightly puzzled manner: "Uncle... Uncle Wu...?"

This sudden unforeseen event stupefied everybody. They stopped shouting temporarily and looked at Bai Yunfei in the field while whispering to each other.

Direwolf also halted his steps. He unexpectedly did not keep going forwards, but looked at the two people not far in front of him with great interest.

Blood kept coming out unceasingly from Uncle Wu's mouth. A large area of his chest had sunk inwards. The gushing blood had already dyed his clothes red completely.

"Yunfei... Cough cough... You've finally woken up, right?... Run, you must run..."

"Uncle Wu, Uncle Wu... Don't talk, don't talk... Uncle Wu... You... You must not die... Must not die..." Bai Yunfei wiped the blood gushing out from Uncle Wu's mouth as his tears streamed down nonstop, dropping on Uncle Wu's face.

"Ha ha... don't feel sorry, Yunfei. I have no regret... It's fine as long as you can survive..."

"You know what? Child, when I first saw the clear look in your eyes, I thought that, if my dear granddaughter was still alive, if both of you were living outside, I would definitely introduce you and Xiao Yu'er to each other. You... would definitely become a happy couple, ha ha... Cough cough!" Perhaps because he was thinking about happy things, or because this was a momentary recovery of consciousness just before death, Uncle Wu uttered these words very quickly. He then had another series of violent coughs, gushing a large amount of blood and even some fragments of his internal organs from his mouth!

"Uncle Wu, Uncle Wu..." Bai Yunfei's heart hurt as if someone had twisted a knife in it. He simply did not know what to say and could only shout to Uncle Wu over and over again.

Uncle Wu raised a hand with difficulty and wiped the tears from Yunfei's face, his eyes full of affection:

"Yunfei... You must live on with determination... No matter how difficult it will be, you must not give up hope... Remember my words... You must live... with a clear conscience!"

"It's a pity in the end... I still haven't... avenged my dear granddaughter's... death..."

The hand that was gently caressing Bai Yunfei's face fell down powerlessly and stopped moving... "Uncle Wu... Uncle Wu..."

Bai Yunfei mechanically murmured while gazing at this old man who he had known for not even half a day, engraving his final expression in his heart.




Bai Yunfei raised his head and cried out loud, but he could not relieve the sorrow in his heart. Two bright red streaks slid down his face... Blood tears!

On the stand, Zhang Wang was staring at Yunfei in the field with a cold smile on the corners of his mouth, his eyes filled with complacency and satisfaction.

That second young master Zheng was also gazing at Bai Yunfei. His expression slightly changed.

Now even that black-cloaked man on the right lifted his head, seemingly observing the situation in the field... Direwolf was coldly looking at Bai Yunfei in front of him. Apparently because he felt that he had watched enough of this scene, he was preparing to lift his feet and move forwards.

But he saw Bai Yunfei stop crying, slowly stand up then walk towards himself step by step while holding a brick in his hand!

Somehow Direwolf unexpectedly felt a feeling of fear when the opponent stared at him with those bleeding crimson eyes.

"Fear? How is this even possible...?"

Direwolf slightly shook his head and also walked towards Bai Yunfei. He decided to slowly torture this last opponent to death... Because they were not far from each other, they came face to face after just several breaths. Direwolf raised his right fist and threw a punch at Bai Yunfei's face.

Bai Yunfei lifted the brick and smashed it towards Direwolf's fist.

Given Direwolf's skills, he could avoid the brick very easily, but he simply did not want to do so. A brick? He could even break a wall into pieces with a punch!

Smashing the brick then breaking the boy's arm, this was not a bad choice either. A cold smile hung on the corners of Direwolf's mouth.



The first sound was naturally made when the brick hit the fist.

But the second sound was not made when the brick was smashed. Instead, it was the sound of the bones in the fist getting shattered!

Direwolf looked at his bent, broken fingers in stupefaction. He even forgot about the agony and all his movements... But Bai Yunfei did not!

After smashing Direwolf's fist with a swing of the brick, he took a step forwards, raised the brick again and swung it at his forehead!

When the brick came down, Direwolf had already regained composure, but it was already too late for him to lean his head to dodge - Could it be his head would be smashed like his fist as well?

"Are you kidding me?!"

In an instant, Direwolf felt that that power in his body, which originally he had vaguely sensed, unexpectedly surged, wriggled in his body then rushed up his head. The skin on his face and head slightly twitched then unexpectedly changed to the point it was like a horny layer. It seemed to... have hardened?

"Oh?" On the stand, Zhang Yang had a delighted expression. "Broke through?"

"Pa!" A light sound was heard.

It was the sound of the brick hitting the head. This time, there was no sound of bones getting broken.

"I'm not injured! Moreover... I broke through!"

Direwolf was extremely excited. Suppressing the happiness in his heart, he resumed his ferocious expression. But when he was about to raise his hand to counterattack, suddenly... his head felt dizzy for a while.

+10 Additional effect: Attacks have a 1% chance of stunning the target for a maximum of 3 seconds (when attacking the head, the chance of stunning increases to 5%).

Trigger successful!

"Oh?" On the stand, a soft exclamation of surprise was heard again. This time, it was made by that cloaked man!

"What's wrong, Uncle Qin?" Second young master Zheng asked doubtfully on one side.

"In a moment just now, I seemed to feel that, that brick... there was an oscillation of soulforce on it..."

"What? Coud it be... that brick is a soul item? How is this even possible...?"

"Oh... Perhaps because that Direwolf successfully awakened, the oscillation of soulforce when he entered the Soul Apprentice stage gave me a mistaken feeling... Plus, that youngster's soulforce is also awakening. Even though it's still very weak, it has really changed... I probably made a mistake."

In the field, the sudden dizziness caused Direwolf to feel empty in his head. Naturally, he could not control his soulforce and the transformation on his head disappeared abruptly.

But Yunfei's second attack with the brick came right afterwards!



Um, this time, there was a sound of broken bones.

One second!

Direwolf's body was knocked back a step, followed immediately by the third blow with the brick!

This time, in addition to a sound of broken bones, blood also came out!

Two seconds!

A stunned Direwolf finally could not keep his balance anymore and fell down on his back.

With blood-red eyes, Bai Yunfei did not stop at all. He went up a step, straddled him by the waist, raised the brick and smashed it down again!

Three seconds!

Direwolf finally woke up from the dizziness. The first thing he felt was that - his head was hurting badly... Then he regained his vision and saw... a brick!

Afterwards, he lost consciousness - this time he truly passed out - which meant he would never have a chance to wake up again.

With the third blow of the brick, Bai Yunfei had flattened Direwolf's face immediately and had also knocked him, who had been totally defenseless, out cold.

Then, he smashed the brick down over and over again without stopping. The whole arena was in silence. Everybody was looking in stupefaction at that youngster who was swinging the brick in the field, including Zhang Yang, second young master Zheng and even Uncle Qin... It was very hard to tell exactly how many blows of the brick killed Direwolf. Not even Bai Yunfei knew the answer to this question, let alone bystanders.

After an indefinitely long time, Bai Yunfei finally stopped his movements, because... he could no longer feel that he was 'hitting the head'... His eyes had stopped shedding tears, but they were still blood-red. He raised his hands and rubbed his eyes. At long last, he gradually regained his composure.

He lowered his head to take a look at Direwolf, who was lying under him. Only after being lost in thought for a short while did he silently stand up. He walked up to Uncle Wu's body, carried it in his arms then turned to Zhang Yang, saying calmly:

"I already won. Let me leave..."

Stared at by his frosty eyes, Zhang Yang unexpectedly felt a feeling of anxiety and fear in an uncontrolled manner. But he immediately reacted, his whole body trembling, his expression changing repeatedly.

He looked at Direwolf's corpse in the field then at Bai Yunfei. Suddenly, with a ferocious expression, he pointed at Bai Yunfei and shouted hysterically:

"Guards! Guards! Kill him for me! Kill him!"