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 Chapter 600: The Masterminds Behind the Scenes

As Wu Dijian transmitted his soulforce into Bai Yunfei, Wu Dijian's eyebrows were narrowed together in thought. Zhang Mo didn't say anything when he came over in fear of disturbing him. Instead, he ordered several people to deal with the aftermath of the ruins below while he stood off to the side in case he was needed.

He knew now that the person in Wu Dijian's hands was the very same person that had caused this commotion with the Cao. And now that the Cao was destroyed, it was natural as the lord-mayor of Baishan City that he'd want to inquire Bai Yunfei about what exactly happened.

The night skies in this part of the city only grew quieter while people gathered on the outskirts from all over the city to gossip about.

About a minute later, Bai Yunfei was healed just enough for him to look up at Wu Dijian a little absent-mindedly, "You're finally here..."


Several streaks of light came forth from the north.

Just a dozen seconds later, the streaks of light came to a stop inside of Baishan City not too far away from Wu Dijian.

The light faded away, revealing six figures!

Zhang Mo looked surprised at first, but then when he saw just who it was, he immediately flew up to greet them as respectfully as he could, "The lord-mayor of Baishan City, Zhang Mo, pays his respects to the First and Fourth Princes....."

The two figures on left and right was the fourth prince Wu Yang and the first prince Wu Ren!!

Behind the two was a calmly elder with white hair. Zhang Mo didn't know who this elder was, but his very person commandeered respect. He was there clearly to protect the two princes and was without a doubt extremely strong.

A person from the left side disappeared from the group as Zhang Mo was speaking to appear by Wu Dijian and Bai Yunfei's side, "Yunfei!! What happened to you!?"

This person was Zheng Kai!

Behind him was his older brother, Zheng Cheng and another forty year old middle-aged man, Zheng Shisong, their second uncle.

Aside from Zheng Kai and Wu Yang, everyone here were Soul Kings!

When Bai Yunfei left the Capital to rush over to Baishan City, Zheng Kai immediately ran back to Zheng manor to report on the matter. While it was an ordinary student that disappeared, Bai Yunfei leaving for Baishan City took immediate notice within the manor. They moved without delay and had even Zheng Shisong and Zheng Cheng coming forward to lend a hand.

As for Wu Yang and Wu Ren, Wu Yang tried to leverage his power as a member of the Royal Family to help the search for Fang Tianmeng. He coincidentally came across Wu Ren during this time who took the matter to personal interest after hearing about it. With a Soul King for additional help, the three of them set off for Baishan City.

These two groups met up conveniently with one another right outside the Capital before they all rushed over.

As for Wu Dijian. He was asked by Mo Wanxia when she came to her grandfather for help. As it just so happened, Wu Dijian didn't have anything planned in mind and decided to help out. He was the first to leave and beat Zheng Kai and the others by a sizeable amount of time.

Zhang Mo took it upon himself to report to the matter to Wu Ren while Zheng Kai and Wu Dijian looked over him. The water-type Soul King, Zheng Shisong, began to treat Bai Yunfei's in a bubble of elemental water after that.


At the same time to the easter side of Baishan City, there stood a large mountain.

This mountain was tall enough to pierce the clouds just enough to have mist gather at the peak. But even from there, Baishan City could be seen there.

Several people were standing on the peak of this mountain!

The mist covered their figures just enough so that no one would be able to tell who they were unless they were within ten meters of them.

Standing at the very front was a young man in white. The mist obscured his facial appearances, but the dignified aura from the man was very noticeable still. He had his hands clasped behind his back as he stared down at the commotions happening in Baishan City with better eyesight than many thought would be possible.

Behind him stood two other men. On the right was an elderly person who had a faint black wisp around his person, making him look extra sinisterly. On the left was a tall person cloaked in a red mantle. He looked extremely menacing and bone-chilling.

The space nearby them twisted inwards before an elder wearing black stepped out from it.

"Young master, Wu Dijian from Tianhun Academy has appeared. With so many experts there, I...." He bowed his head to the young man.

"No matter." The young man smiled. "You did well in returning. There's no forcing the issue forward like this."

He sighed after that and looked off into the distance. "I never imagined that Bai Yunfei would grow to such an extent like this. He wasn't even a Soul Exalt several years ago, and now....even a Soul King can't kill him. It's amazing, really...."

The black-robed one to the right sneered, "Hmph! Didn't you say the person who might've escaped back then? The Nephrite Throne has to be in his hands then, that'd explain his sudden growth spike."

"Perhaps..." The young man spoke. "But it'd still be a considerably large increase even with the Nephrite Throne in mind."

"This person is far too dangerous.....I had believed that he'd die here today. Even with a trap like this, he was still able to escape. How unexpected."

"We took the time to think of this plan and had even a Soul King work for us, only for it to fail...."

Though the young man spoke as though it was a pain things happened like this, his facial expressions didn't denote any of those 'pained' emotions. What was surprising was the fact that the Soul King they had to fight Bai Yunfei had been one of their 'debtors'!

"If we let this Bai Yunfei continue to grow, he'll only be a threat to us. As a student of the Crafting School, it remains to be seen if he returns their school back to its former glory. It took us plenty of time and effort to deal such a blow to them twenty years ago, we can't allow them to rise back up just like that.....we should try to go after Bai Yunfei again in the future....."

The young man thought to himself for a moment before turning to the people on his left. "Xue Wei, how are things with Gui Nu?"

The one known as 'Xue Wei' thought for a moment before speaking in a cold voice, "Gui Wei told me a month before that Gui Nu's training in the Bloodsoul Dark Arts is reaching a critical moment. He needs to find 'prey' from all over the place, but it won't be long before he becomes a Soul King. In the case that happens, even mid-stage or late-stage Soul Kings will find him to be a hard opponent."

"Oh? Is that right?" The young man remarked, "Haha, how unexpected. It was only a whim beforehand, but it seems we've got ourselves a decent slave if he can train in the Bloodsoul Dark Arts that quickly. A Soul Ancestor with talent like that is only seen once every several hundred years....

"We can have him do the deed himself next time then. I told him before after all, he can take revenge himself if he has the power...."

The young man gave one last look to Baishan City before speaking to the others, "Let's go then."

Turning around in the sky, the young man and the others quickly disappeared beyond the white mist.