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 Chapter 599: Prevention

The advent of the gigantic object up in the skies scared Wu Dijian greatly, but he was quick to retreat out of range before it could hurt him.

As he was moving, Wu Dijian was suddenly met with a tremendous roar. It was the mastiff using its soul attack. Though it affected all of the Soul Exalts there into motionless, the soul attack wasn't very strong on him. He only narrowed his eyes before cancelling out its effects to escape in a black streak of dark light.

Outside the array, Zhang Mo and his group only watched when Wu Dijian entered. Then when he came back out looking a little startled, they all looked surprised.

And then what they saw next would then be burned into their memories forever....

A giant 'mountain' on fire came extending out from the range of the array before slamming down into the ground!


Even though they were all up in the air, the entire group could practically feel the earth shake when the object crashed into the ground. The tremors had been as if the entirety of Baishan City had been shaken to its very foundations before the gigantic mountain disappeared from sight. There was a faint streak of red light when it disappeared, and then.

And then.

The area where Cao manor once stood was no more!

For one entire kilometer wide and several hundreds long, there was a crater about a hundred meters deep!!

Echoes of the mountain falling to the ground was heard for a while before the city returned to an unearthly silence with everyone standing there wide-eyed at the hole that had just opened up....


One of the late-stage Soul Exalts behind Zhang Mo couldn't stay silent any longer. "Am....am I dreaming?" He cried out, "Can someone tell me what in the world just happened?"

No one replied to him. Like him, everyone had the same question on their mind as well.

The illusionary matrix in front of them slowly faded away to reveal the area within. Standing above the crater were three soulbeasts and two humans.

When Wu Dijian saw the two, he flew forward immediately.


Wu Dijian felt his heart beat faster when he first saw the 'mountain', but it didn't take long for him to regain his courage. He had heard before that Bai Yunfei had a soul armament capable of growing in size, but today was the very first time he actually saw it in action, or that i could even grow to that size. Once it returned to Bai Yunfei's side however, Wu Dijian immediately tossed away any suspicions he had to get close to Bai Yunfei.

"Bai Yunfei, are you alright?!"

He half-spoke half-asked.

But when he got fifty meters within Bai Yunfei, the man suddenly glared at him with still crimson-red eyes from his perch on Xiao Qi's back. Despite the heavy wounds he sustained from his battle with blood spilling from them, Bai Yunfei pointed his right finger at Wu Dijian and spat, "Die!!"

A giant blade made from fire materialized over his right arm before jettisoning towards Wu Dijian, who raised an eyebrow. Waving his left hand, he scattered the blade to pieces, "Bai Yunfei, what's wrong with you?!"

But Bai Yunfei didn't respond and clutched at the sky with his right hand. Wu Dijian only felt the Fire-tipped Spear in his hand tremble slightly before it shined a brilliant red. Like heated iron, the spear grew red and forced Wu Dijian to drop the spear. It floated where it dropped for a moment before reorienting its point to his throat.


A strangled cry came from Wu Dijian before his right hand glowed green. Slapping the spear away from him, he sent the spear back towards Bai Yunfei.

At the same time, Xiao Qi, the blue-eyes wyrm, and the permafrost mastiff readied themselves to fight again.

The strangeness of the situation made Wu Dijian frown when he gave each of them a better look. "What kind of person and soulbeasts are they! They're all nearly dead and yet they're still willing to fight...."

Before they could attack him, Wu Dijian cried out, "Bai Yunfei!! It's me, Wu Dijian!! Have you gone crazy?! I'm on your side! The enemies are dead, hurry up and snap out of it!"

He was even attempting to communicate with Bai Yunfei through their soul, but even then, he wasn't getting any reaction. All he saw was Bai Yunfei rasp heavily under his breath as he got ready to 'fight' for his life again.


Wu Dijian clicked his tongue. It seemed he'd have to have Bai Yunfei stop by force. Eyeing Xiao Qi and the other two soulbeasts, he spoke. "You three! Stand down! Can't you see Bai Yunfei's in great danger right now?! If he goes on, he'll die! You're all injured as well, hurry up and treat your wounds, or do you really mean to fight me?!"

He gave Xiao Qi a pensive look, "I'll knock Bai Yunfei unconscious. Act accordingly and don't act against!"

Both Xiao Qi and the blue-eyes wyrm recognized Wu Dijian and both relaxed by a bit. The two of them hesitated a bit though at first before calming down. With a faint chirp, it crooned its head to look at Bai Yunfei in concern and worry.

Wu Dijian sighed in relief himself. Flashing over to Bai Yunfei's side, he dodged the spear and pressed his right hand to Bai Yunfei's head. A flash of light exuded from Wu Dijian's eyes before Bai Yunfei went rigid for a moment and slumped over into his rams.

Moving Bai Yunfei to the side, Wu Dijian spoke to Xiao Qi. "Hurry up and heal your wounds. Any later and you won't have a life to heal."

The prismatic light around Xiao Qi's body dimmed a bit to show the blood flowing from its body. It had only been with the mid-heaven tier Wind and Lightning Feathers that Xiao Qi was able to block and endure the attack from the lightning-type Soul King meant for Bai Yunfei. Shooting five Spatial Edges took up the rest of his energy, so it was fortunate that it was able to kill the Soul King after that and filled its body with some extra energy to carry Bai Yunfei into the air after that.

It was as if a boulder had been lifted off their shoulders. With a final nod to Wu Dijian, Xiao Qi wrapped its wings to itself to float in midair. Soaking in a strange energy, it looked like it was trying to use that energy to relight itself....

With only a strange look at Xiao Qi, Wu Dijian looked to the permafrost mastiff next and took Fang Tianmeng from it. The mastiff slowly drifted back down to the ground in a bulb of white light as it began to treat its own wounds.

All things considered, the blue-eyes wyrm was relatively unharmed. It didn't have any serious wounds and was only battle-weary. Floating to Xiao Qi's side like a protective guardian, the blue-eyes wyrm waited for it while every so often glancing in Bai Yunfei's direction.

Fang Tianmeng was floating by Wu Dijian's side in a bubble of green while Wu Dijian looked over Bai Yunfei's wounds for anything major.

At the same time, his eyes flashed suddenly as he looked up to the north.

There was nothing within eyesight of the direction he was looking at.

He stared off into the distance for two seconds before looking away in suspicion....