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 Chapter 596: The End


A loud explosion rocked the area as the lightning-type Soul King had his elemental lightning shield fall apart due to his lack of control. Blood poured from his mouth and wound as he stood there, transfixed at the wound he just got. Then when he felt the aura of Bai Yunfei drop by at least half, his head snapped up with a ferocious look.

"D-damn you!! Die! Die!!"

Almost like Bai Yunfei, the Soul King had seemed to lost his mind. Not even caring for the hole going straight through him or the elemental fire burning at his insides, the Soul King lifted his left hand to gather as much elemental lightning to it. It swirled and arced around his intact left arm in massive amounts before forming in front of his hand.


He spat out as he swung his arm at Bai Yunfei!!


There was a crack of lightning as the charged elemental lightning around his hand shot forth with alarming speed. Following his finger, it zapped through the air to travel towards Bai Yunfei in the shape of a lightning bolt!

This was the strongest move he could muster under his current crazed state. The elemental lightning was at the limits of what he could control, but the strength behind it would kill anyone a mid-stage Soul King or lower!

Thanks to the +13 additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear, Bai Yunfei lost half of his soulforce. Though he was also injured, his eyes didn't lose any bit of his madness. He didn't seem to move from his spot though to try and dodge the lightning bolt, and neither did it seem like he was going to defend himself....

And since he wasn't doing anything, the Cataclysmic Seal wasn't going up to protect him!

On the verge of being hit however, a flash of purple flew in front of him!


The world shook as elemental lightning slammed into the flash of purple that came in front of Bai Yunfei. A pair of wings folded over one another like a shield to protect Bai Yunfei!

It was Xiao Qi!

After killing the two Soul Exalts trying to attack Fang Tianmeng, Xiao Qi had flown to the girl's side to protect her. By that point, most of the enemies were already dead and left Xiao Qi free to kill any straggling or fleeing Soul Exalts. No one dared attack Fang Tianmeng anymore with the bird there to safeguard her, and it never left Xiao Qi's side afterwards to keep a watch on the battlefield.

Able to sense what Bai Yunfei was feeling through their bond, the bird was feeling very worried for him. It also knew the importance of protecting Fang Tianmeng, so it didn't join the fight between Bai Yunfei and the lightning-type Soul King.

It wasn't until Bai Yunfei unleashed his strongest move and still failed to kill the lightning-type Soul King that Xiao Qi finally felt it unbearable to sit by the side. When the Soul King moved to attack Bai Yunfei, it joined the fray.

The Wind and Lightning Feathers combined with the strength of a peak late-stage class six soulbeast gave Xiao Qi more speed than what would normally be expected. And with that speed, it was able to move in front of Bai Yunfei fast enough to protect him!

In the next instant, the bolt of lightning struck with the folded wings of Xiao Qi in a single explosion!

A pained trill came from Xiao Qi from the middle of the explosion, its aura dropping sharply. It remained steadfast in the air where it was despite the pain it was in, and the purple lightning continued to wreak havoc onto the area, but never far enough to hurt Bai Yunfei.


Standing farther away, the Soul King was in a dreadfully bad state. His mouth was trickling blood and his body was barely glowing purple with light. His right arm and shoulder was trembling heavily as it tried to heal itself with any bit of soulforce given to it. But his eyes remained transfixed onto the elemental lightning that had struck Xiao Qi.

"Die...Die! Die damnit!"

It was halfway a curse and halfway a prayer as he tried to will his hopes into reality.

With the massive influx of energy and his current state of weakness, the Soul King didn't really know what was going on. All he could hope for was that his strongest attack would be enough to kill Bai Yunfei, otherwise...


A furious trill erupted from the lightning storm up ahead, much to the horror of the pale-faced Soul King. The next thing he saw were five separate crescent-shaped blades of nothing come out from the lightning storm to come flying towards him!

"N-no!! This can't be!!!"

His eyes as wide as dinner-plates, the Soul King was terrified. Any last vestige of soulforce was sent to his feet as he tried to escape upwards.

But unfortunately, his current speed wasn't even fast enough to beat out an early-stage Soul King. He managed to dodge two of the five Spatial Edges, but not the others. Two of them caught him at his left and right sides, and then the third one flew into his waist, bisecting the Soul King in half!!

He bent his head down low to look at his vanished midsection. When he could see parts of his internal organs sticking out, and the detached feet of his well underneath, his eyes glazed over...

"N-no...this...this can't be..."

His lips trembled with each word spoken, the light in his eyes gradually dimming before finally growing dark with death.


The mid-stage Soul King had died!!

The remaining survivors in the area stood still, their eyes glued to the mutilated pieces of the Soul King fall back down to the earth in horror. Even the three Soul Exalts fighting the blue-eyes wyrm retreated away far enough to watch what was going on.


Xiao Qi slowly flapped its wings. Turning around to fly back to Bai Yunfei, it took him by the shoulders and rose him into the air.

The permafrost mastiff was back into action by this point. It flew to Fang Tianmeng's side and hoisted her own its back before leaping up to join Xiao Qi.

At Xiao Qi's cry, the battle-weary blue-eyes wyrm perked its head up in understanding. Blue light shined from it as it shrunk in size and leapt up as well into the air as if to escape.

The remaining enemies were startled by their actions-were they trying to escape?!

As the enemies were starting to think that, a tremendous red 'sun' almost five hundred meters in size descended down onto the area, shining red in light. In the next moment, the 'sun' grew larger in size to become a mountain to crush the area!

Under the horrified enemies on the ground, the tremendous mountain descended onto the earth and touched down!!

Higher up in the sky, Bai Yunfei's person trembled just slightly from where he was in the grip of Xiao Qi. As he pressed his hand downwards, he gave the people down below a disturbing smile of mirthful joy.

"You'll all die here!!"