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 Chapter 594: The Strongest Dual Dragon Burst

Two fiery dragons several meters thick burst out form Bai Yunfei's arms. Faced with the dragons, the Soul King's face was entirely pale. This time the dragons were far stronger than before, and that first attempt had already been strong enough to be comparable to the attack of an early-stage Soul King. So this second Dual Dragon Burst was perhaps on the level of a mid-stage Soul King!

Even for the lightning-type Soul King, it'd take all of his might in order to unleash an attack of this magnitude!!

Up until this point, Bai Yunfei had merely been surprising him with each unexpected twist. This time though, the Soul King was long past that point. He was now filled with fear. Complete and utter fear!

He had to escape!!

His mind knew this. His body knew this. He had to avoid this!

He'd be killed if he was hit by this, if not heavily injured!

"How can he pull off something of this magnitude?!!"

The Soul King complained heavily to himself. The Bai Yunfei in front of him had strength that was completely omitted from the information the Soul King was given-by a tremendous amount too! This new explosion of strength had the Soul King doubting if Bai Yunfei was actually a Soul King of some sort that deliberately hid his strength to trick others.

It was completely unheard of for a mid-stage Soul Exalt to explode with so much strength that his attacks were comparable with a mid-stage Soul King!!

A good three hundred meters divided him and Bai Yunfei, but it only took two quick blinks of the eye for the dragons to travel half that distance. Seemingly roaring as it traveled through the air, the dragons melted the air around it with its intense temperatures.


The Soul King submerged himself in a bright flash of purple light. Kicking off with his right foot, he tried his utmost best to ascend higher into the skies.

His speed had been great enough for him to leave behind a mirror image when he leapt, the purple light around him taking a moment before catching with him and leaving the mirror image to be engulfed by the flames.

Believing himself to be out of range of the dragon now, the Soul King looked down at the attack. Only his shoes seemed to be slightly singed-much to his relief-but the experience left him in cold sweat still. He was ecstatic, he supposed, that he made it out alive from that. He hadn't felt something as heart-pounding as this ever since he became a Soul King....

The Soul King tore his eyes away from the his shoes to look at Bai Yunfei. After unleashing such a powerful attack like this, Bai Yunfei surely had to be exhausted, so this was the best time to strike him down!

But what he was seeing from Bai Yunfei differed greatly than from what he expected! While Bai Yunfei looked pain, he was still staring hatefully at the Soul King with both of his hands raised into the air. They were pressed together by the palms as they rose before he pointed the face of the palms at himself. Suddenly splitting them apart, he had his palms come back towards himself!!

It took only a moment for Bai Yunfei to complete these strange motions. Confused for only half that, the Soul King realized straight afterwards what that meant! The intense temperature beneath his feet hadn't gone away at all, and when he looked behind him, he was met with the head of a dragon! It was as if they were being guided by Bai Yunfei's actions and split apart before making a U-turn to try and swallow him again!

Again left with no time to think, the Soul King tried to escape to his right in a flash of purple light!


A fierce blast of heat shot past his side, and the Soul King felt even a few strands of his hair catch aflame. His teeth clattered together in traumatic fear, but his eyes were adamant on not being caught off guard again. Retreating a hundred meters away, he looked back to Bai Yunfei.

But soon after, he was shocked once again by what he was seeing!

Bai Yunfei was still moving his arms again with intricate motions before slamming his palms together!

"Another attempt!?"

The lightning-type Soul King cried to himself as he went through the motions to try and dodge again.

But then he realized that the two flaming dragons hadn't 'turned' around to come at him again....

So....what were these actions of Bai Yunfei meant to do?

Confused by the enigmatic actions of Bai Yunfei, the Soul King observed the dragons. That was when he realized something-those dragons were....heading straight for where two streaks of white light were fighting!!

In that moment, he saw one of the white streaks of light be dealt a heavy blow by the other and sent flying away!

And while one of them was sent flying away, the other was immediately 'engulfed' by the two flaming dragons!

"Watch out!!"

The lightning-type Soul King cried out, but his action came too late. Bai Yunfei's move hadn't been for him, but....for the ice-type Soul King fighting the permafrost mastiff!

His realization came far too late as did his warning. The ice-type Soul King had already been swallowed whole by the Dual Dragon Burst!

The ice-type Soul King had been fighting the permafrost mastiff the entire time with the latter being almost oblivious to the wounds it had. The two were almost equal in strength, but he had the disadvantage. It was only with the help of the three peak late-stage Soul Exalts and other reinforcements that he was able to gain the upper hand, but then the soul attack Bai Yunfei made onto the place had turned the tides for everything. It didn't do much against the Soul King, but the three peak late-stage Soul Exalts had lost their concentration for just a moment. And a moment was all it took for the class seven soulbeast to capitalize on. Meeting their momentary lapse with a roar, it killed two of them before turning the third into an icicle.

What followed after that had been a tiring battle. The permafrost mastiff barely left any openings for the Soul King to capitalize on. But in the end, he managed to land a good blow on the mastiff much to his great joy, but then when he was going in for the kill, the mastiff decided then for the first time in the battle to make use of the blow to retreat far away from him.

As he was standing there in bafflement why this happened, he felt something approach him from behind. Turning, his eyes widened in abject fear!

Just barely before the fiery dragon swallowed him, the Soul King could've sworn he heard someone cry out a warning to him!!

Beyond too late to try to escape, the ice-type Soul King could only bring both his arms up to try and protect himself in a bubble of elemental ice, as if he was trying to freeze himself. With him as the center, the fiery dragon then swallowed him whole...


Within the maelstrom of fire that now formed, an anguished cry was heard as a flash of white light tried to escape, but the elemental fire around it made it impossible and drowned it out a second after.

Sensing that the aura of his companion was gone, the lightning-type Soul King was crestfallen. He stared dumbly at the sea of flames as if trying to process exactly what had happened.

The ice-type Soul King was only weaker than him by a stage, but he was still a Soul King in the end. Just a few ten years shy of a hundred years of training, and a man as mighty as that had just....died.


As he was trying to process the events, the Soul King heard the sound of displaced wind suddenly come at him. Completely caught off guard by that, the Soul King's eyes widened as he stepped to the right and turned around.

A spear crimson-red in light was coming at his eye!!