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 Chapter 592: False Soul King Realm!

Bai Yunfei had only just pulled out the spear from the dead Soul Exalt's throat when the lightning-type Soul King came flying over. Eyes flickering over to the Soul King, Bai Yunfei revealed a scornful smile. Shifting his spear, Bai Yunfei kicked off against his platform to shoot off like a shot arrow towards the Soul King!!

Concentrated onto Bai Yunfei, the Soul King thought to himself about how Bai Yunfei was acting, "What an arrogant child!!"

Since his warblade was broken, the Soul King had to use another type of weapon. Shaking his right hand, a black and purple halberd was taken out!

The Thunder Halberd!!

The two fighters were three meters apart now. In Bai Yunfei's hand was his Fire-tipped Spear to strike at the Soul King's chest.

The lightning-type Soul King wielded the Thunder Halberd to strike at the Fire-tipped Spear. Both weapons clashed against each other, shrieking with a metallic clang and stopping one another from advancing!

But not even a second after his spear was stopped, Bai Yunfei shift his body slightly to spin in a half-circle and pull his spear back to stab out again!

This was a quick piece of movement made only possible by stretching the limits of his Wave Treading Steps. Even the lightning-type Soul King had been surprised with how fast Bai Yunfei was moving. He knew just how terrifying the spear was, and that he couldn't afford to be hit by it. Originally, he planned on using the Thunder Halberd to strike Bai Yunfei, but with this development, he brought his halberd back to parry the spear.

But at that moment, Bai Yunfei lashed upwards with his foot to kick at the Soul King's groin!!

The Soul King narrowed his eyes. A move as ruthless as that had been a first for him. Raising his right foot up to stop Bai Yunfei's, their feet collided with one another. With a bang, the Soul King fell back half a step before coming forward to punch at Bai Yunfei's shoulder with his left fist!

"Bang! Bang!!"

Again, both persons were sent flying backwards.

Bai Yunfei was emotionless while the Soul King was still surprised. In the short few seconds they fought, he saw Bai Yunfei's strength still increasing to levels far beyond what they used to be. It couldn't even be approximated to be within the levels of capability of a peak late-stage Soul Exalt anymore. It'd be better to call him a....Soul King!!

A sense of insecurity began to rise up in the Soul King's mind. It was natural for man to fear whatever that was unknown to them, but it also wasn't as though the Soul King was scared out of his mind. He just didn't have enough time to fully process what was going on.

When the two men had retreated, the Soul King took ten meters before he stopped himself. Right as he was about to come forward again, he suddenly realized that Bai Yunfei hadn't even bothered to stop. Instead, he took the momentum caused by their last interaction to fly away from the Soul King-

-And towards the area where the blue-eyes wyrm was fighting!!

Not only was Bai Yunfei deciding not to fight the Soul King, he was taking this opportunity to kill everyone else!

Realizing his plan with some fright, the Soul King gave chase. Clutching at the air with his left hand, the Soul King launched another soul attack onto Bai Yunfei!

Before he had gone berserk, Bai Yunfei usually made use of the Yun's Soul Ring and the Soul Sentinel Scarf to launch a surprise attack whenever the enemy used a soul attack. But this time, he only glared angrily at the Soul King and pointed his left pointer finger at him!

"Get lost!!!!"

The Charm Bracelet flashed with a white light at his words. In response, the Soul King's face paled when he heard those words and staggered to his knees!

In that moment he heard those two words, an unknown energy had invaded his mindspace and tore angrily at his soul like hundreds of needles to stab into it!

"Hmph!!" Bai Yunfei grunted as well as the soul attack took hold of him. His soulforce started to fluctuate a bit before it stabilized and returned to normal.

Or returned to his berserk state of mind, as it were. Although it hurt, Bai Yunfei was still heavily fueled by his anger, and like a shooting star, he traveled towards the ones fighting the blue-eyes wyrm with extreme speed!

"That was definitely a soul attack!!"

The lightning-type Soul King had his confirmation now. "Impossible! Just impossible!! How could he unleash a strong soul attack like that on me!? This shouldn't be possible, I refuse to believe it!!"

He shook his head to get rid of the stinging pain in his head and clear his mind. Thinking about the soul attack he suffered just now, the Soul King looked startled. "Wait!! That's not it! This isn't an ordinary soul attack. It's like a high-leveled soul attack, but this type of feeling isn't the feeling of being 'controlled', but the feeling of being 'influenced'! This is being 'mesmerized'!!

"No, this....this is an illusion!" His eyes flew open in enlightenment. But then he dashed that thought. "No, it's not quite like an illusion. How can there be an illusion that can act like a soul attack? And how is he able to enter my mindspace and affect my soul? It's impossible...."

He felt like he had seen through the 'cheap tricks' of Bai Yunfei, but at the same time, he grew more and more confused by what exactly it was Bai Yunfei was doing. He just couldn't figure it out.

How could he know that the Charm Bracelet on Bai Yunfei's hand was capable of such a magical effect like this.....like the mental link!!

Indeed. The way Bai Yunfei was attacking the Soul King so that it was misconstrued as a 'soul attack' was due to the mental link!

It wasn't the normal type of mental link either. After a series of experimentation, Bai Yunfei was able to invent a different way of application for it!

Before, Bai Yunfei had figured that he was only capable of using the mental link to talk with other people with their minds. And then after he realized he could tell if a person was 'lying' or not, Bai Yunfei felt this 'small' ability of the bracelet wasn't half bad.

It wasn't until later when he was ambushed by the Soul King right outside Casino Jin with Zheng Kai and hit with the Soul Refining Palm that Bai Yunfei realized there was more to the Charm Bracelet. The Soul Refining Palm had caused him to lose a bit of his rationality, but in the final moments when the Soul King was trying to flee, Bai Yunfei had managed to apply the mental link in a different way than normal....

For example, he found out that by linking with the mind of another, he could invade their mindspace and enforce his own thoughts onto the person enough to affect their soul!!

If a person's mind were to suddenly think of a completely different idea, then the person would fall into a moment of conflict where two different ideas were trying to command the body. By using the mental link to enforce his thoughts, Bai Yunfei could use it to psychologically affect a person and influence their minds and behavior!!

This was essentially not unlike the art of Mesmerization the bewitching fox was capable of!

This could also be seen when Bai Yunfei told the Soul King to 'stop' with all his might. In those moments afterwards, Bai Yunfei found out about the uniqueness of this situation. By experimenting more and more, Bai Yunfei realized that this could be turned into a trump card to be used for a day like this!!

And his usage of this ability was not at all different to a soul attack a Soul King might use!!

Since Bai Yunfei in this moment was far beyond the level of a peak late-stage Soul Exalt, his strength could go toe-to-toe with a Soul King to unleash attacks like a soul attack onto them.

In his current state, Bai Yunfei could be said to be in the....False Soul King realm!!