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 Chapter 591: The Escalation of Strength, and Transformation?! (Fifth)


There was a squeamish boom as the mid-stage Soul Exalt in the group felt his chest tighten up. Looking down, he saw a bloody fist coming straight through his chest from behind!

His heart had been speared through by a fist!


The fist was drawn back out with a squelch. Blood flowed from the hole in his chest like a small river, and in the next moment, the dead mid-stage Soul Exalt fell back down to the ground.

That was when the three remaining Soul Exalts realized the danger they were in!

Two of them retreated away from Bai Yunfei in a flash, but one of them a late-stage Soul Exalt, did not. He had been the closest to Bai Yunfei and so decided to chance his luck by attempting to shear at Bai Yunfei's throat with his half-moon dagger soul armament.

But to his disbelief, Bai Yunfei caught the blade with his left hand!!

The blade struck against the palm of the golden gloves on his left hand, creating sparks when the blade met with the fabric, but it didn't cut through!


Bai Yunfei exclaimed. Clutching at the soul armament so that it couldn't budge, Bai Yunfei clenched his right hand and punched at the Soul Exalt's chest!


His Ardent Sun Glove enhanced right fist slammed into the late-stage Soul Exalt's chest, bulging the man's eyes out and forcing blood out from his mouth. A charcoal-black dent was made in the man's chest as the rest of it splintered away and his internal organs were pulverized, killing the man straight away!

The malevolent smile of glee on Bai Yunfei's lips was very pronounced after he killed the Soul Exalt. Somehow, the murderous intent from his body grew by a margin before he went straight for the other late-stage Soul Exalt to the right.

Now locked on by Bai Yunfei, the targeted Soul Exalt had a look of despair on his face. Everything that had happened in the span of the last ten seconds had been incomprehensible to him. Right now, there was simply nothing as terrifying as what Bai Yunfei right now. Bai Yunfei was like the reaper coming here to reap his completely cowered soul!

He had been the first to flee. With his comrades as the sacrifice to buy him time to escape, the man had only been able to traverse fifty meters. Those fifty meters had been nothing for Bai Yunfei to travel with his Flash Step. In the blink of an eye, he was already right in front of the fleeing person!

By the time the Soul Exalt even noticed that, Bai Yunfei was already thrusting his Fire-tipped Spear at the person!

As fast as Bai Yunfei was moving, it wasn't fast to the point where it was impossible to react to. With just milliseconds to spare, the man hastily took out a small golden shield to defend himself from the spear.

But that shield was only an earth-tier soul armament, could it stop the Fire-tipped Spear? Of course not! The spear tip touched onto the shield for a moment before it cracked the shield open and speared straight through it. With no more defense to crush, the spear stabbed into the man's chest!


The man hadn't even time to let out a scream before an explosion of elemental fire engulfed him! An explosion exploded out from the spear and tore his body to pieces!

Bits of flesh and bone rained from the ground while Bai Yunfei turned around to the final peak late-stage Soul Exalt trying to run away!

The remaining Soul Exalt was completely pale. All of his comrades were killed in the blink of an eye, and he himself was panicked beyond all else. When Bai Yunfei came for him, the Soul Exalt clenched at his soul armament tightly in trepidation, but also with a hint of a plan ready.

He was a shrewd man. He knew that his best chance of survival was to try and...flee towards the direction of the lightning-type Soul King!

There wasn't even an iota of courage to fight the man. What he needed to do was to have the strongest man there deal with Bai Yunfei, and that'd solve his problem for him!

He glanced over to the incoming Bai Yunfei, and then to where the Soul King was, only to be gobsmacked with shock and anger! The lightning-type Soul King was just standing there, staring at Bai Yunfei as if to think about something. The Soul King wasn't at all planning to help save them!!

By that point, the arid air of fire was already assaulting his person. Bai Yunfei had caught up and left the man with no choice but to fight for his life!!


The lightning-type Soul King had been standing there the entire time to watch Bai Yunfei battle the peak late-stage Soul Exalt. The entire time, he just stood there, his eyes growing with shock for each second that passed.

In the matter of several seconds, Bai Yunfei had killed several of the Soul Exalts with him! While the Soul King did realize this was happening, he didn't move to help them out, choosing to instead observe the scene.

He knew time was of the essence, but right now, the Soul King had his misgivings about attacking him. Or rather, he was afraid of making yet another hasty decision...

Every concern he had stemmed from when Bai Yunfei used that 'soul attack'.

"The ability to command through the spoken word, that's something only a late-stage Soul King is capable of using as a soul attack. Why...why is it that he can do that?! It's impossible, completely and utterly impossible..." The Soul King was besides himself trying to figure out the reason why behind this abnormality. "It's impossible. Intelligence only said that he was a Soul Exalt with a few special tricks up his sleeves. It didn't say anything about this before...our intelligence had to be wrong...that just now was a soul attack! Could it be he's a Soul King?!

"But that can't be it either...so, why can he..."

He thought back to the beginning of his battle with Bai Yunfei. Several times, his killing attacks failed to do just that to Bai Yunfei, and then, there was the 'soul attack' he did. Each thought he had given the Soul King some consternation and suspicion on if he could kill Bai Yunfei.

He wanted to wait for his other Soul King companion to come help him kill Bai Yunfei, but when he saw that that man was still hard-pressed fighting the permafrost mastiff, the Soul King figured there'd be no help coming from him.

Perhaps he should go over and help try to kill that soulbeast? As he thought about that idea, another howl of pain snapped him out from his thoughts. Looking at the source, he saw the last peak late-stage Soul Exalt be perforated straight through the throat by Bai Yunfei's spear!

A flash of light flickered across the Soul King's face when he saw the merciless smirk on Bai Yunfei after his kill. Looking suspiciously, the Soul King suddenly realized something awful!

"Wait!! His...his aura...it's still increasing!!"

He knew from the very beginning that Bai Yunfei was using some sort of technique to increase his strength. So he didn't mind at first with the first increase of strength, but then Bai Yunfei went and did it again to bring himself to a peak late-stage Soul Exalt. It didn't make much of a difference at first.

But that was when the Soul King realized his mistakes. Bai Yunfei's aura hadn't stopped when he reached the level of a peak late-stage Soul Exalt. Bai Yunfei's strength had increased when he killed that Soul Exalt!

Actually, with each Soul Exalt he killed, the barbaric glint in his eyes intensified again, and with each intensification, his strength increased by another notch!

Right now, he was far beyond what a peak late-stage Soul Exalt was capable of. No matter in soulforce or anything else...he was almost in the realm of a Soul King!

"Impossible...utterly impossible!!" He voiced to himself under his breath.

That did it. The Soul King couldn't afford to wait any longer. Without any further hesitation, he shot off towards Bai Yunfei!

He had to do this. He was afraid. If he waited, then Bai Yunfei really would become a Soul King, or perhaps...even higher!

In order to stop that, he had to kill Bai Yunfei at once!!