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 Chapter 590: Berserk Mode and a Slaughter!! (Fourth)

Berserk Mode was a double-edged sword that even now, Bai Yunfei wasn't able to fully control. If he used it sparingly in short intervals of time, all was fine, but if he kept it running for long enough, he'd be hit with the backlash. The reason he didn't use Berserk Mode when he first realized he was in a trap was because he had been saving it up for the most optimal time.

But right now, Bai Yunfei didn't hesitate to use it.

Perhaps it was to say that Bai Yunfei didn't 'decide' to use it, but that......he used it instinctively.

Bai Yunfei's current state was clearly abnormal. He was no longer in a rational state of mind, and the amount of murderous power coming from him made him look more like a beast in the skin of a human.

With his nature, this type of stuff shouldn't have happened. Even if he was under extreme emotional duress, an extreme sight like this wouldn't have happened. But as it were, there was one likely reason why he was like this.

The damage to his soul!!

Right now, he was behaving exactly like he was back when he was teaching Cao Jun a lesson back in the Capital! And this time, he was far more aggressive!

The last time, he was able to snap himself out of his craze due to an outside force. But right now...he wouldn't snap out of it that easily.

His loss of self control was getting better with his twice a day visit to the Soothing Heart. For the most part, he had ten days left to go until he was back to normal, but those were under optimal conditions and hadn't accounted for something like this!

Having so many people appear in this trap made things very obvious for Bai Yunfei. His coming to Baishan City wasn't just some sort of whimsical idea of revenge plotted by the second generational that was Cao Jun. This trap was clearly meant to specify him and kill him!

They had been planning to capture Bai Yunfei from the very beginning, the kidnapping of Fang Tianmeng had only been the bait for Bai Yunfei to take!

In other words, it wasn't because of Fang Tianmeng that Bai Yunfei had the trap sprung for. It was because of Bai Yunfei that Fang Tianmeng was in this mess!

He didn't know why the Cao would even bother conspiring against like this, but that wasn't important right now. The important thing was that his student was in danger because of him!

Fury like none other flooded Bai Yunfei's mind when he realized that. These despicable people were using Fang Tianmeng as a way to divert Bai Yunfei's attention.

He became so angry that his murderous intent couldn't be stopped anymore. Any cold-hearted logic had been replaced by white-hot anger!

Because of the damage to his soul, his self-control was practically non-existent, and that meant his anger couldn't be stopped anymore! In Bai Yunfei's mind, there was absolutely nothing stopping him from wanting to kill everyone here!

All Bai Yunfei wanted to do was kill. Kill everyone that'd stand in his way!



There was a swishing sound from behind Bai Yunfei as a figure in blue descended behind him. Somehow cleaving through the fire with his weapon, the man held a azure-blue shortblade to stab at the back of Bai Yunfei's head!

He was one of the peak late-stage Soul Exalts that had been fighting Xiao Qi. But because the bird flew off to try and save Fang Tianmeng, this left this Soul Exalt free to change his target to Bai Yunfei. Because he saw how strangely Bai Yunfei was acting after being hit by the Soul King, the Soul Exalt thought it was his chance to strike. Right now, he thought Bai Yunfei had become some sort of beast at the final moments of his life, or he was even perhaps sacrificing his origin essence for a short burst of power. So he decided the best plan of action right now was to hurry up and take out Bai Yunfei before he could become a 'problem'.

He had clearly not been paying attention to Bai Yunfei due to his fight with Xiao Qi. While a pre-emptive strike like this one would be considered the right choice in normal situations, what Bai Yunfei was undergoing right now was by no means a 'normal' situation. The 'right' choice this Soul Exalt chose would become a mistake that would see to him paying a heavy price for...

In the Five Elements theory, Water extinguishes Fire. So the Soul Exalt's elemental water would protect the man from Bai Yunfei's elemental fire. The high-earth tier soul armament he had would also be bolstered by the elemental water and was about to cut into Bai Yunfei, and that would be that.

But then, the look of joy in his face froze up for a moment before turning into shock and fear.


There was a chafing sound before the man froze in the air, unable to push his weapon any closer to Bai Yunfei than it was already. On the other end of the blade was a single hand that held it.

He didn't even see when Bai Yunfei had turned around. But right now, Bai Yunfei's right hand was grabbing onto the blade! In that one moment the water-type Soul Exalt tried to attack with his soul armament, Bai Yunfei stopped it as if his hand was invincible-he was unharmed!

With the strength of the Ardent Sun Glove, there was no way a mere high-earth tier soul armament would be able to pierce it.

Shocked for a moment, the water-type Soul Exalt was quick to react. His first thought was to try and pull away, but then he felt a hand grip onto his wrist. In the moment Bai Yunfei stopped the dagger, his right hand went forward to grab onto the arm holding onto the blade!

The other Soul Exalt felt something pull on him, forcing him to follow the momentum forward to Bai Yunfei. At first, the only thing he saw was the crimson-red eyes of Bai Yunfei and then...a fist with golden light shining from it.


The feeling of death gripped at the Soul Exalt's heart. He scream aloud in fear and anger as his entire body wrapped itself up in elemental water to try and protect himself from Bai Yunfei's punch.


The Soul Exalt heard something shatter following the explosion. Shortly afterwards, his eyes realized that his elemental barrier had shattered when the fist broke through it. As his eyes widened at the incoming fist, he felt a sharp amount of pain, and then, nothing...

From the outside, all anyone could see was Bai Yunfei's punch shattering through the other person's barrier before hitting his head and shattering it into pieces!!

The Soul Exalt's head had been like a watermelon smashed to pieces!

Blood and bits of brain fell down from the skies like rain, some of the pieces catching on fire due to their near proximity to Bai Yunfei's flame. Several droplets fell on Bai Yunfei's body, dying him red with blood.

In one punch, he had killed a peak late-stage Soul Exalt instantly!

This was a feat that left any other person that had wanted to attack Bai Yunfei as well dumb with fear and awe!

None of them could believe their eyes that they had just witnessed a peak late-stage Soul Exalt be killed so easily by someone that wasn't a Soul King!


Bai Yunfei threw away the headless corpse, his free hand coming up to wipe the blood away from his face. A bestial grunt was coming from his lips as he breathed, sounding as if he was 'enjoying' the feeling. The murderous look in his eyes intensified for a moment as he looked up at the awe-shocked enemies all around him.

There was a peak late-stage Soul Exalt, two late-stage Soul Exalts, and a mid-stage Soul Exalt left.

When each of the four Soul Exalts felt Bai Yunfei's gaze on them, their bodies shivered instinctively. They each worked up a defense for themselves, but then when they blinked once, Bai Yunfei had already disappeared from sight!

In the moment they blinked, there was a feeling of heat coming from behind them. And then, a voice as gravelly as from someone from the nine layers of the underworld spoke into their ears.