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 Chapter 589: A Soul Attack?! (Third)

In the ruined wreck of a room, a tied up Fang Tianmeng was in one of the still standing corners. Her face was dreadfully pale and her eyes were brimming with tears. Looking at the skies above, her eyes brightened up momentarily at the sight of Bai Yunfei, but also feeling terrified on behalf of Bai Yunfei.

Not too far away from her was the bandaged figure of Cao Jun. Both of his eyes had rolled into the back of his head, and he himself was knocked out over his bed-the soul attack of the permafrost mastiff had knocked him out.

Seeing that Fang Tianmeng was unharmed, Bai Yunfei allowed himself a small sigh of relief. But then when he remembered that there were still two peak late-stage Soul Exalts coming after her with their hands charging up with elemental energy, he worried. Unknown to him, the two Soul Exalts were looking at Bai Yunfei from the corner of their eyes to see how he would react.

The two of them smiled cruelly when they saw the panicked look in his eyes. Raising their right hands, they lashed out with a blow of elemental energy.

And at the same time, the lightning-type Soul King chose this time to fly straight for Bai Yunfei!


Bai Yunfei's eyes were red, his fury causing his face to twist up in a rather unsightly way. His left hand was raised up to point at the two!

"I command you to...stop!!!"


A strange buzzing sound rang through the world as the Charm Bracelet on Bai Yunfei's left hand started to shine with a bright amount of light. A series of white lines streaked out like a net from the bracelet before disappearing from sight again as if connecting to something.

In the next moment, every single person in the area felt their heads reverberate with a furious howl.

"Stop...and die!!"

It was as if someone had appeared right in their mindspace to roar at their souls-stop, and...die!!

Stop whatever they were doing and die......stop whatever...and die......stop. Die. Stop...Die!!!!

The two words repeated over and over again like a mantra of some sort in their minds. As if a demon was whispering to them, the words arrested all other cognitive thinking from the people there and struck at their souls. Some of them gradually started to have the feeling that they should 'do as they were told' even...


As if heeding his command, the two elemental energy in the two Soul Exalts' fist died away. Their eyes grow vacant for a moment and their motions slightly slow as if they were being suspended in the sky.

In the other direction, those early-stage Soul Exalts who had been heavily damaged on the ground were standing blankly there. In their weakened states, their mouths were barely moving as if trying to say something. In one fluid motion, they brought a dagger into their hands and raised it to their throats. Then without hesitation, they sliced their throats in one horizontal motion...


The blade cut through their throats deep enough to see to their blood expel from it like a jet...

Their jerky actions ceased the moment after with them looking at their dagger in horror and pain. Eyes bugged out, all they could do was clutch at their necks and fall over...

Only the weakest of the Soul Exalts had died in this fashion. The stronger ones didn't fully cut at their throats, but the voice in their heads had forced them to stop straight away. Aside from the two Soul Kings, everyone had stopped dead in their tracks.

The fact that for a short moment everyone stopped fighting during this intense battle was very strange.

Everything returned back to normal in the second after with everyone shivering as their eyes regained their original luster. They shook their heads, unsure of what exactly it was that had just happened to.

Then came the trill of a bird.


Like a flash of lightning, Xiao Qi flitted straight through two of the people standing still, causing their comrades to cry out in shock and look to them-two of their own had just lost their heads!!

"Pcht! Pchht!!"

Blood splurted out from the two headless corpses like fountains as the bodies fell back down to the ground-the sight of their own bodies falling had been the very last thing the heads saw...

When Xiao Qi flitted past them, it had used its razor-sharp wings to behead them!

The lightning-type Soul King was already in front of Bai Yunfei again, his lightning covered right hand ready to smash into the temples of Bai Yunfei's head!

Bai Yunfei's left hand had still been in the air when he was staring at the two Soul Exalts who were trying to attack Fang Tianmeng. It was only when he heard Xiao Qi kill two of the others that he then heard the sound of something flying towards his head.

The red pupils in his eyes dilated. With practically instinctive reflexes, he tilted his head down just enough and pressed off the platform he was standing on to move his body away.

Thanks to that motion, the palm strike of the Soul King had landed on his back instead of head!


The palm strike sent Bai Yunfei flying like a bullet. Blood escaped from Bai Yunfei's mouth as violet lightning arced everywhere on his back, preparing to dig into his body to cause some damage. But after blowing apart the back part of his robes, the lightning came to a sudden stop as if blocked by something.

Shining underneath Bai Yunfei's robes was the golden armor. Elemental metal was shining forth from the armor and preventing the elemental lightning from getting past it.

Bai Yunfei flew another hundred meters before reorientating himself. He spun around and stabilized himself on top of a platform made of elemental fire. His feet skittered across the platform before his eventual stop. He doubled up to glare with crimson colored eyes to glare at the Soul King, a hint of berserk anger in them...but other than that, Bai Yunfei didn't seem too heavily injured!

When the lightning-type Soul King struck Bai Yunfei, he didn't chase after Bai Yunfei for a follow up. Instead, he retreated several meters backwards to stare at Bai Yunfei in disbelief.

In that one moment he hit Bai Yunfei, it had been out of 'reflex' more than out of desire to hurt Bai Yunfei. The reason for that was because of the shock and awe he felt the moment before.

"Just...just now...that was...but impossible!!!" The lower lip of the Soul King trembled somewhat as if trying to say something. "Controlling someone with a verbal command...that's a high leveled soul attack...how is he capable of something like that!!"


While he was busy to himself, a loud explosion was heard. Snapping his head back up to see what happened, he saw a giant fire explode into being a hundred meters away where Bai Yunfei was. Inside the fire, Bai Yunfei was still bent halfway over, his eyes now almost as red as a primal beast's eyes might be. A bone-chilling aura of murderous intent flooded from his person, and from the surrounding fires, a hint of lightning could be seen sparking around in it...

Bai Yunfei's strength had exploded drastically upwards at the same time of the fire. Already in the late-stage Soul Exalt level due to the 'coil' form, his strength was shooting towards the peak late-stage Soul Exalt and possibly even beyond that!

With each moment his strength increased by, the fires around him grew even hotter and more intense. At a closer look, one could see that the fires were actually of two different ones, but as his strength increased, the two flames begun to mix with one another to be almost inseparable...

Dual Flame Arts......Berserk Mode!!