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 Chapter 588: How Despicable!! (Second)

Biting his lips almost hard enough to draw blood, Bai Yunfei used the Wave Treading Steps to just barely evade the warblade coming down onto his head! A moment later, there was a flash of red light from the Fire-tipped Spear before Bai Yunfei's body shivered and split into three!


The three Bai Yunfei's stood shoulder to shoulder with an identically red spear in their heads to stab at the lightning-type Soul King!


The lightning-type Soul King drew backwards in surprise. He had been confident that the soul attack of his would be able to inflict a great deal of damage for him to land the finishing blow, but then Bai Yunfei had evaded his warblade instead of succumbing to it instead. And even more insulting, he didn't even look winded from the soul attack. Not only was he unharmed, he was striking back at the Soul King!!

It wasn't as though he couldn't defend himself from this development. But the elemental fire radiating from each of the three spears was extremely real, his senses were telling him that the three Bai Yunfei's in front of him were all real!! Not even sure of what was going on, the Soul King brought is warblade back to defend himself from the spears.

"Clink! Clink! Clink!"

With that one movement of his warblade, he managed to parry all three of the spears that came at him!

Two of the doppelgangers were knocked back when their spears failed to connect with the Soul King, leaving the Bai Yunfei on the very left to be the real one. That Bai Yunfei had his spear aimed at the Soul King's throat when it had been stopped, but rather than be knocked back like the other two spears, this one....had exploded in a flurry of red light!!

+10 Additional effect of the Fire-tipped Spear, activate!

20% Chance to create an explosion with an attack of 150% of this equipment's attack when stabbing.

Cooldown of 20 seconds.


A great deal of elemental fire exploded from the tip of the Fire-tipped Spear and encapsulated the Soul King straight away. There was a rustle of movement as a figure came flying out from the flames, his mangled and burnt right hand held in front of him. The warblade was nowhere to be seen in his hands as he retreated, but two objects fell from the fire a moment later, revealing two broken halves of the warblade!!

The lightning-type Soul King couldn't even describe just how shocked he was. The strength of Bai Yunfei's spear had been far stronger than he initially expected. His own warblade had been a low-heaven tier soul armament, but....it had snapped under the pressure, unable to withstand the power that was the Fire-tipped Spear!

Bai Yunfei was overjoyed to see the weapon break. As he was about to press on with his attack, he saw the other Soul King point a finger at him. There was a crackling sound as purple light filled the area around the Soul King's body. Bai Yunfei immediately waved his left hand, bringing the Cataclysmic Seal forward to protect him again in its earth barrier.

Immediately, purple spheres of lightning the size of basketballs started to fill the area for fifty meters all around to trap Bai Yunfei in like a cage. In the moment he had the Cataclysmic Seal protect him with its barrier, Bai Yunfei saw the Soul King clench his left fist to activate his move. In response to his fist clenching, the countless balls of lightning began to link with another with a crackle and pull towards each other!


A blinding amount of purple light flooded the area with sparks of lightning everywhere.

At the edge of the lightning pool, the lightning-type Soul King pressed his left hand to his right wrist. There was a flash of purple light as the wound on his hand started to heal slowly, his eyes shining with a bright light.

Sensing something from the lightning pool, the Soul King raised an eye just in time to see a fiery figure leap out-Bai Yunfei had been completely unharmed. "He's unharmed!! Just....how many defensive soul armaments does he have?!"

There was no way the Soul King believed Bai Yunfei could escape unscathed from his attack. It had to be a soul armament of his. He had been surprised after all that Bai Yunfei's spear was able to break his low-heaven tier warblade. Even though he knew a little about Bai Yunfei before the battle begun, the proof in front of him was still very surprising.

But no matter how surprised he was, the Soul King had still been prepared to find Bai Yunfei leaping out from his attack. With his right hand more or less healed, he raised it and curled his fingers. All of the elemental lightning in front of him flew back to the center of his palm as if drawn to it, converging in the center of it. When Bai Yunfei came to a stop just a dozen meters away from him, the Soul King grunted in exertion as a sphere of elemental lightning swelled in size from his hand. Shooting out, it took on the form of a violet tiger to leap and cry out with a very realistic sound of a tiger!

At the same time he did that, Bai Yunfei was making a move himself. Rather than leap out of the way of the tiger, he was making a series of hand seals, his spear already gone back into his space ring. Upon the last seal, the elemental fire within his body exploded in intensity before swirling around his arms like flowing water. Clenching both hands at his waist, he then punched outwards!

Dual Dragon Burst!

Two fiery dragons flew out from his hands with an animalistic roar to strike at the lightning tiger!


Lightning and fire struck one another in a storm of energy. Elemental energy surged outwards from the epicenter of the collision with a great tremor, but what surprised the Soul King most was the fact that the elemental fire had been strong enough to push and overwhelm the elemental lightning to come towards him!

Flying several meters higher in to the sky so that he was on the same level as Bai Yunfei, the Soul King watched as the surge of elemental fire impacted against the ground and created a fiery crater about a hundred meters deep.

Bai Yunfei doubled up at the waist, his mouth exhaling and inhaling deeply. The toil of using the Dual Dragon Burst had been intense on him, and it had barely done a thing besides defeating the lightning tiger. He hadn't even been able to injure the Soul King. He frowned. Even with the Soul Sentinel Scarf nullifying the threat of a soul attack, Bai Yunfei wasn't on the same level of strength as the Soul King in terms of elemental manipulation. If not for his soul armaments, he wouldn't have been a match.

Seeing the Soul King come at him, Bai Yunfei gritted his teeth and summoned the Fire-tipped Spear to him again. But as he was about to strike, he suddenly had to turn to the right.

"Whoosh! Whoosh!"

Two figures broke away from the fight with Xiao Qi to not attack Bai Yunfei but....to go to where Fang Tianmeng was!

They were peak late-stage Soul Exalts. One wind-type and one wood-type. The wind-type Soul Exalt had a sword in his hand before he swung with it to unleash a blade of wind onto the room she was in!


Eyes seeing red, Bai Yunfei roared in anger as he raised his right hand. The Ardent Sun Glove on it shined with light before a fireball ten meters in size flew forward to intercept the wind blade. The two exploded in a myriad of fire, but the explosion had been close enough to tear open the roof and reveal a terrified Fang Tianmeng in the corner.

Without a skip in their step, the two Soul Exalts formed another blade of energy from their weapons and aimed it at Fang Tianmeng!

These two people were clearly trying to divert Bai Yunfei's attention away from the Soul King and then be killed in his moment of negligence!

With already two Soul Kings to help them fight, the Cao had essentially the high ground. So to do something like this in order to defeat Bai Yunfei was extremely despicable!