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 Chapter 585: Trapped!!

The house of Cao held a great deal of power in Baishan City. The amount of territory they held was massive and was practically comparable to the lord-mayor of the city, if not more lavish. The gates to their manor was a great road that barely any person walked on. There weren't even any vendors on that road in fear of the Cao. No one wanted to be the one to disturb the 'peace' there.

Bai Yunfei hid his aura as soon as he entered the city. Leaping over the rooftops on the permafrost mastiff, Bai Yunfei finally landed on a small dark alleyway and walked out from it like any other passerby to head for the large manor.

On the gates was a large sign board that had the words 'Cao Manor' written neatly on it.

This was his destination.

Taking a careful look around, Bai Yunfei could only find some Soul Warriors guarding the place. Aside from that, there was nothing that could signify anything was out of the ordinary.

What he needed to do right now was make sure Fang Tianmeng was really in this place.

Bai Yunfei withdrew the Walk-on Strawhat and placed it on his head to keep his soulforce to a minimum. Now fully prepared, he walked towards the right of the manor walls.

With his back resting against the wall, Bai Yunfei looked like a person just trying to take a rest. Looking down, he spread out his soulsense to scan the entirety of the manor.

He wasn't trying to map out the place. What he was doing was scanning for any familiar auras and thus appropriately weakened his soulsense so that it wouldn't be too noticeable obvious that he was doing so. There were Soul Exalts around, and he wanted to avoid catching their eye if possible.

After scanning half of the manor, Bai Yunfei saw that roughly twenty Soul Exalts were there, only one of them being familiar. It was the elderly man in charge of protecting Cao Jun from before. He was currently in the southwest quadrant of the manor in a healing meditational trance.

Another ten seconds later, Bai Yunfei felt himself grow worried when he couldn't find anything. He was also starting to worry if he was going to be discovered.


As his soulsense was scanning the southeastern quadrant, his eyes suddenly lit up, "Cao Jun!"

He had finally located Cao Jun. Applying even more soulsense in his search, he scanned the approximate area and widened his smile in glee.

"This is....Fang Tianmeng! She's here!"

He could sense Fang "Tianmeng's aura next to Cao Jun! But her aura was slightly chaotic and weak.

Cao Jun was right next to her, meaning the two of them were in the same room!

This sent Bai Yunfei into a slight panic. Now that he located her, Bai Yunfei had to go save her before the worst could happen!!

Leaving the blue-eyes wyrm outside for safety, Bai yunfei took Xiao Qi and the permafrost mastiff with him. He leapt silently over the walls in a place where no one would be able to see him and quickly made his way over to where Fang Tianmeng was.

There'd be no way he'd be able to save her without anyone knowing. But if he could avoid having people detect him for as long as possible, the chances of him saving her would be greater.

But, Bai Yunfei was only able to get halfway to where Fang Tianmeng was before things took a turn for the worse!!

Bai Yunfei hadn't noticed the aura of twenty Soul Exalts until they flew out at him all at once!!

"Whoosh whoosh whoosh!"

The sound of rustling wind was heard as people started to appear one by one to surround Bai Yunfei with seven of them standing in front of him while the rest surrounded him!

Bai Yunfei's eyes dilated in shock. Pushing himself away from his hidden but disadvantaged spot in the corner of the wall to leap onto a nearby rooftop.

From where he once stood, the entire area was filled with people-around eighteen of them at least!!

They were all staring at Bai Yunfei with cold looks on their faces and weapons in their hands. Their auras had been locked onto Bai Yunfei, meaning they had been clearly waiting for Bai Yunfei!

Bai Yunfei realized then-this had been a trap for him! And he had fallen for it!

"But how....how did they know that I'd even come to save her?!" Bai Yunfei thought furiously to himself. "Eighteen Soul Exalts, that's troublesome. But the most important thing is that I make sure Fang Tianmeng is safe...."

A part of his soulsense was still scanning Fang Tianmeng and her circumstances while the rest of his mind raced towards thinking of a solution to this mess.

Of the eighteen Soul Exalts, eight of them were early-stage, three of them were mid-stage, four of them late-stage, and three of them were peak late-stage. And furthermore....it seemed as though the entirety of the experts were here to fight him, though Bai Yunfei didn't see where the rumored Soul King was, perhaps he was hiding somewhere....

The Soul Exalts didn't waste any time and flew straight for him at once. Without even saying anything, they launched an attack straight away!

A small 'hah!' escaped from their lips as they charged up for battle. Elemental energy pervaded the air as blades of wind, bolts of lightning, fireballs and other such attacks flew at Bai Yunfei from every angle, leaving him practically nowhere to run. It looked as though he would be killed straight off the bat!

Eyes flashing dangerously, Bai Yunfei waved his right hand, calling out the Cataclysmic Seal to him at once rather than dodging.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom...."

Every single one of the attacks except for the ones that attacked the areas Bai Yunfei might've fled to landed on the barrier around Bai Yunfei. Explosions rocked the area as elemental energy tore at each other upon impact. Even the attackers had to retreat a bit from the explosions they set off. The building Bai Yunfei had been standing on had been reduced to nothing but ruins.

However, Bai Yunfei's aura was still there and without any change. He wasn't hurt in the slightest!

The orange light around his person started to disappear as the barrier dissolved, leaving a completely intact and untouched Bai Yunfei standing there. But in the moment the barrier dropped, Bai Yunfei's hands were already finishing up the last sequence of seals, activating a technique to bring him up to the level of a late-stage Soul Exalt!

'Coil' Form activated!

It took a moment before the Soul Exalts were able to react to him surviving their first volley. Like birds of prey, they shot towards Bai Yunfei to strike him dead this time!

Bai Yunfei focused his eyes as he watched the many enemies approach him. Both his hands shook slightly to retrieve a Desert Eagle in both of them. Leaning slightly to the side to adopt a strange stance, Bai Yunfei's person began to disappear into a myriad of mirror images as elemental bullets red and violet shot everywhere at his attackers.


"Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang...."

A series of gunfire was had as Bai Yunfei fired at his attackers, pushing them back with each shot. Some of the early-stage Soul Exalts hadn't been able to stop themselves from being hit with the double strength lightning bullets and were riddled through the body. With a grunt, they fell from the skies!

Disengaging from their attacking strategy, the three peak late-stage Soul Exalts retreated strangely before heading downwards as if to put something down and circling around the area in a ring.


After forcing the attackers back with his Gun-fu, Bai Yunfei felt a strange buzzing sound as a prismatic ray of light shot into the air. It circled around him for five hundred meters around before the light completely shut him out from the outside!

Bai Yunfei's eyes dilated in surprise, "This is....an illusion formation!!"