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 Chapter 583: The Whereabouts of Fang Tianmeng (Fourth)

In the dormitories where the fifth year fire section students lived, Bai Yunfei was in the unconscious Ye Yu's room to check up on him. The bones in his arms and feet had been broken, half his ribcage shattered, and even parts of his internal organs damaged. If not for his fortitude and his relatively early treatment, he would've died a long time ago.

By the time Bai Yunfei was there, a group of students were already gathered outside his room with a young woman in the room to treat his wounds. It was the water instructor, Shen Yirou!

After inquiring about the situation, Bai Yunfei found out that Ouyang Yuhun hadn't originally thought about taking Ye Yu back to the academy when he found him. They came across Shen Yirou on the way who decided to take over Ye Yu's healing treatment. It was only with her timely help that they were able to stabilize Ye Yu's health, else he would've slipped further into danger.

A soft glow of blue light filled the air as Shen Yirou's hands pressed against Ye Yu's body. Her elemental water was completely enveloping the young man's body as she circulated it through his body to clear out the irregularities in his body and aid its natural recovery.

Not wanting to disturb her, Bai Yunfei decided to wait with the nervous students outside.

It wasn't until three in the afternoon when the blue light within the room faded, and the fatigued Shen Yirou came walking out.

Seeing that the situation in the room was now over, Bai Yunfei moved to be the first one to the door. "Instructor Shen, how is Ye Yu?" He asked her.

Shen Yirou nodded her head, "He should be fine for now. His life is no longer in danger in any case. But he needs a few days of rest still."

Bai Yunfei sighed in relief inwardly, "When will he wake?"

"I know that you've some things you need to ask him, so I tried my best to help heal his consciousness. He might wake soon, but you have to ask him quickly, he needs to rest straight away."

"Ah, yes." Bai Yunfei nodded gratefully, "Many thanks, instructor Shen."

She smiled, "No need, I am an instructor of Tianhun Academy as well, I should do at least this much for him."

From within the room, the faint sounds of coughing could be heard as Ye Yu started to wake.

Eyes brightening, Bai Yunfei gave one last word of thanks to Shen Yirou before making his way in along with the other students.

Ye Yu's eyes were slightly glassy when he blinked open his eyelids. In a daze, he looked around himself as if unsure of where he was, but then when he saw the large amount of people around him, he looked surprised.

"Ye Yu, your wounds are very serious. Don't move. Just answer my questions for now."

Bai Yunfei gently pressed Ye Yu so that he wouldn't move and exacerbate his wounds. "Tell me quickly now, what were you doing yesterday night? Where is Fang Tianmeng now? And who hurt you?"

"Instructor Bai??"

Ye Yu was still looking slightly surprised to see Bai Yunfei standing there in his room, but then his mind reminded him of something, causing him to look flustered. "Tianmeng!! Ah! Tianmeng!! Instructor Bai! Something terrible has happened! Tianmeng was kidnapped!!"

Growing grim in the face, Bai Yunfei asked, "Who took her? Do you know what happened? Be calm and tell me all that you know. I'll bring Tianmeng back!"

Trying his best to calm himself, Ye Yu breathed in and out several times before responding. "Yesterday night, Tianmeng and I....went together on a walk. She said she wanted to go eat somewhere on North Third Street, so I took her there. When we were on our way back to the academy, we were suddenly attacked by a group of people in black robes. They were all Soul Exalts, I....I wasn't a match for them. I tried my best, but they beat me so easily. After that, they took Tianmeng away....I....I was useless...I'm sorry instructor Bai, I...I couldn't protect Tianmeng...."

Still looking as grim as ever, Bai Yunfei placed a comforting hand on Ye Yu's shoulder, "Do you know what they looked like? Or who they are? What is their goal in taking Tianmeng? And where are they taking her to?"

Ye Yu struggled to think for a moment before shaking his head, "I don't know....I saw their faces, but no one that I can recognize. I don't know who they are, and I don't know where they might've taken her too...."

Bai Yunfei's heart plummeted--was there really not even a single clue?!

But then, Ye Yu's eyes brightened as if he remembered something, "Wait! I remember....when they took Tianmeng and were about to leave, I was still slightly conscious. I think I heard one of them said to return somewhere....somewhere...."

He racked his brain hard for the memory, "Return to a city....had to do with 'Bai'....Bai something city...."

"Baishan City?!" Bai Yunfei clutched at the straw.

"Yeah!! Baishan City! One of those people said they were to return to Baishan City!"

Baishan City....Baishan City where the house of Cao was!!

Was the Cao really the responsible party?!

A wave of shock surged through Bai Yunfei's heart. Was what Zheng Kai really said true? The Cao were looking for revenge?!

Zheng Kai looked surprised as well. "Yunfei, could it really be that Cao Jun is looking for revenge?"

Bai Yunfei's face grew dark, his eyes flashing dangerously. The only one that had any connections to Baishan City and had a possible motive to kidnap Fang Tianmeng was perhaps only the Cao....

"We know where Fang Tianmeng has gone. The Cao are the most suspicious right now! We must go straight away!" Bai Yunfei announced without delay.

"I'll go!" Mo Wanxia spoke up.

"Me too!" "I'm going too!"

In quick succession, the other students there spoke up in agreement to go save Fang Tianmeng.

But Bai Yunfei shook his head. "You all cannot. I will go by myself. We don't know if Fang Tianmeng was really taken to Baishan City, perhaps they might not left yet. They might still be in the Capital, you should look for her here."

Before anyone could voice in dissent, Bai Yunfei continued, "Don't argue with me and do as I say! If I fly straight to Baishan City as fast as I can, none of you will be able to catch up. I've no way of carrying any of you there."

Zheng Kai still looked unsure, "Yunfei, at least let me go with you. One person more is always a good thing."

"No. I'll go myself. That way, it won't take long for me to get there." Bai Yunfei shook his head.

"Do you have a map, though? I don't know which way Baishan City is."

"Instructor Bai, are you planning to go to Baishan City?" A gentle voice called out from the other side of the room. Shen Yirou had finally chose then to speak up, "If it's Baishan City, I've a Way Stone that might be of use to you."

Her right hand shook to retrieve a crystal the size of an egg into it. In the middle of the crystal was a small arrow that seemed to shake slightly as it pointed in a certain direction.

"A Way Stone?" Bai Yunfei asked, "What are those?"

Zheng Kai's eyes lit up, "Instructor Shen has an item like that? How lucky."

He explained it to Bai Yunfei, "This is a Way Stone. Two years ago, the Royal Family tried to study these things. They're made from a special material that acts like a magnet of sorts. Its really mysterious. If you place the core in a place, you can use smaller bits of it and turn them into Way Stones that'll lead you into the direction of the core no matter how far you go away from it. All of the major cities in the empire have cores like this, but Way Stones haven't been available for the public for too long. Only those with power have them."

"Such a thing like this exists?" Bai Yunfei asked, this was the first he had ever heard of such a thing.

But no matter how strange this new item was, Bai Yunfei had no time to think about it. Taking the Way Stone from Shen Yirou, he thanked her again, "Thank you very much, instructor Shen!"

"No need, instructor Bai. Saving a person is important."

"Very well." Bai Yunfei nodded and looked around at the students in the room. "Don't worry, if Tianmeng is in Baishan City, I'll definitely save her!"

And with that, the permafrost mastiff next to him leapt out the window to grow large in size. Stepping out the room, Bai Yunfei took the blue-eyes wyrm and Xiao Qi with him to land on top of the mastiff. With a loud roar from the mastiff, it transformed into a streak of white light to disappear into the distance.

With Bai Yunfei gone, Zheng Kai's eyes flickered as he thought to himself. "This feels strange....I have to make sure of something. Better get home to report this to father and big brother..."