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 Chapter 580: An Especially Special Way of Teaching (First)

It wasn't until they were outside the crafting caves when Bai Yunfei noticed the strange looks he was getting. "What's the matter? What's with those looks?"

A little moved, Mo Chen replied, "I....instructor Bai, I just didn't think....that you'd deal with the situation that way...."

"What? Should I not have?"

"No no, I didn't think it was bad, it was....it was cool! Haha!! I thought we were going to be punished, but then to see those smug asses get so scared-that was amazing!!"

"Punished? You did nothing wrong, why would I punish you? If you didn't do anything and watched Fang Tianmeng and Fang Yong be bullied like that, then I would punish you."

"How would we? What kind of friend wouldn't help another when in need?" Mo Chen shook his head, "It just sucks that I'm not strong enough, big brother Wu Yang had to deal with the problem himself."

Bai Yunfei gave Wu Yang a look, "Yes. You did well."

Wu Yang felt pleased. This was the first time he was being praised for something like this. Running a hand through his hair, he spoke airily, "It was nothing. Nothing worth mentioning..."

Some tears was had in Fang Tianmeng's eyes, "Instructor Bai, thank you...."

Bai Yunfei smiled. "Thank me for what? You're my students, I can't allow other people to bully you like that."

By the side, there was a strange light in Mo Wanxia's eyes, "Who would've thought you actually were a shield all along."

"A shield? How does something like this even count as that...?"

In his mind, Bai Yunfei thought about the first elder back in the Crafting School. If it was him, then Xue Gui would've been permanently short a hand by now.

Clapping his hands, Bai Yunfei announced. "The matter has passed, so let's not talk about it anymore. If something like this happens again, just tell me straight away. As your instructor, I should be the first to know about these things. Don't wait until class starts again to let me know."

"But we don't even know where instructor Bai lives! How are we going to find you?" Mo Chen questioned.

"Oh, I nearly forgot about that." Bai Yunfei blinked. "Right now, I live on North Seventh Street facing the academy. It's the 87th number down, you may find me there in the future.

"Now, let's talk about our class. Today, I will be teaching you how to actually craft. Return to your crafting caves."

"Our own crafting caves? Are we not going to instructor Bai's cave to have class?" A student asked.

"No need, I will have the ability to teach you all at the same time in your caves."

He turned to walk into Mo Chen's cave, his right hand withdrawing a gray stone from his space ring before placing it within the cave.

He did the same thing for each cave, placing a stone within every student's cave.

Under his instructions, the students walked into their caves quizzically. They each looked at the stone he placed, completely baffled by the mystery in which the stone Bai Yunfei put down was.

A short moment later, they each suddenly felt a strange light pulsate from the stone, warping the area enough before Bai Yunfei suddenly appeared in front of them!

"This is....an illusion!!"

Everyone immediately realized what was going on in great shock.

The more surprising thing was when Bai Yunfei smiled and moved his lips. Rather than him being silent, there was a voice that was being transmitted into each of their heads.

"Alright, lets begin class."

Everyone jumped when they heard his voice and looked around. The stronger ones like Mo Wanxia had been especially surprised, since they knew this sound wasn't coming from Bai Yunfei, but from....their own mind!

"Soul Communication!!"

Mo Wanxia's eyes were wide open as she realized the absurdity of the situation-this was soul communication! An act only Soul Kings and the like were capable of doing, how was Bai Yunfei doing this?!

"Everybody doesn't need to worry, I am using a special method that allows me to establish a mental link with you all. As long as you think about what you want to say to me, I'll be able to 'hear' what you say." Bai Yunfei's voice spoke again into their minds. "This is a special ability of one of my soul armaments, so it shouldn't be too surprising."

The ability of a soul armament?!

Again, everyone was surprised. How could it not be? This was the first time they've heard of a soul armament having an 'ability'.

But at the same time, everyone grew excited. Soul armaments such as this existed? This was amazing! If they were able to craft soul armaments like this, then....

"Then allow me to start today's class. In our last class, I demonstrated a very basic crafting process to craft a low-human tier. Today, I'll do a demonstration again and then you'll all try it our yourself and see how you like it...."

Everyone saw as a cauldron came popping out in front of the illusion of Bai Yunfei. From there, he started to demonstrate for them all.


In his own cave, Bai Yunfei sat on the ground with his Lightningfire Cauldron sparking to life in front of him. Six stones were all around him and the cauldron, enveloping him with a mysterious bright light.

They were the Illusion Stones.

Unique Equipment

Equipment Grade: High Earth

Elemental Affinity: Illusion

Upgrade Level: +10

Additional Attribute: Increase range of illusions by 30%.

Soul Compatibility: 10%

Equipment Effect: Create an illusion a hundred meters in radius at largest. Effects become stronger the smaller in area it is. Effect can be stacked.

+10 Additional Effect: Increase strength of illusions by 50%.

Upgrade Requirement: 110 Soulpoints

These were the stone set he found outside the Capital. After spending several days to study it, today Bai Yunfei resolved to try it out for once.

Nearly the entire mountain peak was within the radius of his illusions. With all the Illusion Stones properly placed in the caves, Bai Yunfei was able to see into the caves and see what the students were doing.

As for the way he was talking with the students, Bai Yunfei was using the additional effect of the Charm Bracelet.

+10 Additional Effect: Consume soulforce to establish a mental link with anyone within a kilometer.

Though the illusions could imitate his speech somewhat, the Charm Bracelet would make his speech far more pronounced since it was speaking to their minds, which was a great deal better than the other options.

The entire class went on in subdued shock as each of the students listened to the illusionary Bai Yunfei teach their class. They had never experienced such a class before, and they were mystified how Bai Yunfei was doing this, but it felt like they were all able to have a one on one interaction with him. With how Bai Yunfei was point out and explain whatever each student was doing right or wrong, his explanations made this style of teaching extremely succinct and clear to understand. Furthermore, they all felt that besides from a 'voice' being heard in their minds, there was also a 'insight' that was being shared with them, making them be able to understand what was being taught even more clearly. It was as though some sort of mysterious feeling iwas guiding them towards the right path.

None of them had ever heard of such a way of teaching before, but they all believed that within the entire academy, Bai Yunfei was the only one capable of such a thing.


Class was dismissed, and Bai Yunfei soon went back to his own place to rest for the night....

The next morning, Bai Yunfei was in the Soothing Heart and had only just finished his half-hour tea time before returning home...

"Eh?" In the distance, Bai Yunfei saw a group of people gathered in front of his gates and quickly walked over.

"Mo Chen, what are you all doing here?" Bai Yunfei asked when he drew close. The people at his gates had been Mo Chen, Fang Yong, Mo Wanxia and Zhang Zhifeng.

He noticed the anxious and nervous looks on their faces and felt his heart plummet a bit. Something bad, he felt, was about to happen....