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 Chapter 578: Events That Led to Fighting

"Wu Yang?"

Bai Yunfei quirked an eyebrow at the mention of his name, "Was it Wu Yang that hit him into that state?"

Bai Yunfei pointed a finger at the 'wounded' person.

"Indeed, it was Wu Yang who led the others! He uses his power to bully other students, such an act is untolerable in the academy! Bai Yunfei, he is your student, how do you propose you deal with this?!"

"Led?" Bai Yunfei picked up on the keyword, "Are you saying there are others?"

"Correct! There were several others, all of which were your students! I've already figured out their names. Mo Chen, Fang Tianmeng, and Fang Yong!"

"Them?" Bai Yunfei recognized the names, "What in the world happened? Can you explain this?"

The attendant obliged, loudly. "No matter the case, it was your students that instigated and harmed another, they are in the wrong! Our young master was grievously hurt and will need at least ten days to heal fully. As their instructor, you should take the blame on their behalf!!"

What kind of bullsh*t reasoning was that?

The absurdity of the situation had Bai Yunfei nearly cross his eyes in exasperation. But since he hadn't a clue of the situation and was too lazy to argue, Bai Yunfei decided to ask the source itself and turned behind him.

He could tell a group of people was descending down from the Back Mountain, and that those students were his own. Wu Yang was among the students coming down, so Bai Yunfei decided to ask him since he was the 'instigator'.

When Bai Yunfei didn't speak, the attendant took this to mean that Bai Yunfei was feeling guilty. Confident now, he spoke, "Bai Yunfei, allow me to tell you, though Wu Yang is the fourth prince, he cannot act without laws and morals, and in Tianhun Academy no less. Fairness and impartiality is key to our academy, and even if it's the fourth prince, you as the instructor should carry the blame for his actions!"

Bai Yunfei didn't bother to say anything again. This man was clearly afraid of Wu Yang and was using Bai Yunfei as a 'scapegoat' for the actions of Wu Yang. By asserting the claim that a teacher should be fair and impartial, was the man not trying to have Bai Yunfei 'punish' Wu Yang for him?

As for Lu Ren and the other instructor who hadn't spoken, Bai Yunfei could more or less tell that they were 'jealous' of him based on the hostility they were showing. It wasn't hard to see, and Bai Yunfei could guess the reason already. His installment as an instructor to the academy was still unaccepted by several instructors, so they wanted to take use of this chance to make trouble for him.

Quickly, Bai Yunfei's students came from the gates leading to the Back Mountain, including Mo Wanxia and Wu Yang for a total of nine students.

At the very front of the group was Wu Yang, his expression stormy as he stalked forwards. From the looks he was giving to the 'injured' parties of the people with Lu Ren, he clearly did not get along with them.

But when Bai Yunfei looked past Wu Yang and onto the other students behind him, his eyes narrowed slightly.

There was a bandage on Mo Chen's right hand, and Fang Tianmeng and Fang Yong both looked a little strange, the former a little timid in fact.

As everyone stared at the group make their way over, Bai Yunfei held his hand up to stop Wu Yang from speaking momentarily to focus on Mo Chen. "What happened?" He pointed at his fist.

Thinking that Bai Yunfei was going to rebuke him, Mo Chen started to mumble with his speech, "I...er...hehe...I accidentally hurt it."

But when Bai Yunfei didn't look 'happy' with such an explanation, Fang Yong spoke up rather nervously, "Instructor Bai, please don't blame Mo Chen. He was just protecting Tianmeng and I from being hurt."

She bit her lips slightly before pointing a finger at the young man with the injured hand. "He's the one that hurt Mo Chen."

"Hmph!" The attendant snorted, "For a group of commoners to dare commit assault onto the son of the Chancellor of Finance, they are exceptionally undisciplined. The sinners have come forth now, Bai Yunfei! Hurry up and deal with the matter! Have your students apologize towards my young master and issue their punishment, or else we'll-"

"Oh shut your mouth!!"

Before the man finished speaking, Bai Yunfei gave him a glare cold enough to shut the man up and choke on his words almost.

Not caring in the slightest for him, Bai Yunfei turned to Mo Chen and Fang Tianmeng. "What in the world happened? Start from the beginning with what happened in the dining hall two days ago."

"I....Instructor Bai....I...." Fang Tianmeng hesitated, her eye flickering to the glowering young woman next to the injured young man from the Xue. She looked as if she was being wronged, but she didn't seem to know how to answer Bai Yunfei.

Unable to hold himself any longer, Wu Yang pointed a finger at the injured youth, "That Xue Gui there, I saw him hit Mo Chen first and was bullying Fang Yong and Fang Tianmeng, so I decided to help them out and teach him a lesson. I'm the one to hurt them, I'm the only responsible party here."

Inwardly, the attendant was worried. If the fourth prince was to try and refuse to acknowledge his wrongs, then it'd be harder to resolve this issue the way they want. And if they didn't resolve it, then he himself would be the one that'd take the fall for having the young master of his house injured. Glaring icily at Bai Yunfei, the man spoke, "Bai Yunfei! Your student has already admitted to his crime, how do you suggest we deal with this?!"

Lu Ren cut in at that moment, "Fourth Prince, while you are a prince of the Empire, but you are also a student of the academy. You must adhere to the laws of our academy, please do not make use of your station to bully others."

Still ignoring the two others, Bai Yunfei continued to stare at the adamant Wu Yang, "Tell me the details."

"Let me explain it." Dongfang Yuhui spoke from the crowd. "At noon two days ago, Fang Yong and Tianmeng were both eating in the dining halls when..."

Under Dongfang Yuhui's explanation, Bai Yunfei was able to understand the situation. As things were, it seemed that when the two girls were eating, Fang Tianmeng met with several people she knew before, one of which was one a previous classmate of Fang Tianmeng and the daughter of a rather wealthy family. When the two used to share a class, Fang Tianmeng had been the more popular girl in the class, which led to the other girl feeling jealous. But since Fang Tianmeng left the class to join the crafting class, that classmate became the class' 'princess'. Feeling proud of herself, the classmate spoke down onto Fang Tianmeng when they met again and began to mock her.

Since Fang Tianmeng was an orphan and usually had to do some tasks for the academy in order to pay for the educational costs, the classmate saw her as a 'lowly' commoner of sorts, calling her things such as an 'undesirable'.

Due to her kind nature, Fang Tianmeng didn't want to say anything in response, but she was already brought to tears. In the end, Fang Yong couldn't help it anymore and came up to slap the woman in Tianmeng's place. But the 'white knight' behind her--Xue Gui, came forward to stop Fang Yong and was about to hit her when Mo Chen saw it. From there, Mo Chen tried to stop him, only to be defeated due to his lack of strength. Wu Yang had been with Mo Chen at the time, and seeing his fellow classmate be hurt infuriated him. And from there, a brawl had started....

Not caring in the slightest for the consequences, Wu Yang dealt a heavy blow to Xue Gui, which left him as he was now.

And that how it went. Or so it goes.