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 Book 1 Chapter 55: Artificial respiration is needed?

"These words... Can you be a bit more cliched?" Bai Yunfei curled his mouth and said disdainfully.

"You..." Although second young master Long did not know what the word 'cliched' mentioned by Bai Yunfei meant, he understood very well that disdainful expression on the opponent's face. He shouted loudly to his several minions, "All of you go up! Break his legs for me! Beat him up for me!!"

Hearing their master's order, these men immediately charged towards Bai Yunfei with ferocious looks in their eyes.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!!

Four rhythmic deep sounds rang out. Afterwards, under the dumbfounded look in second young master Long's eyes, the four subordinates, who just then had still been charging up ferociously, were all sent flying backwards in four arcs then smashed into his body!

Second young master Long pushed the several people on him away with difficulty, struggled up from the ground and looked at Bai Yunfei, who was walking towards him slowly. The arrogant expression on his face had already disappeared. He backed off in terror continuously, shouting: "You... Don't come near me!! I'm the second young master of the Long family Long Tao!! My father is Long Gang! My brother is a soul cultivator! If you dare to hurt me, the Long family definitely won't let you off!"

Hearing these words, Bai Yunfei halted his steps and stared at him with a strange expression for a while. Eventually he could not help sneering: "Oh... I see. Turns out you're just a 'long tao'!!" [long tao is a walk-on part in a movie]

"That's right!! I'm none other than Long Tao! I'm the second young master of the Long family!! You can't hurt me!" Long tao... er, second young master Long Tao did not notice, nor did he understand the tone of ridicule in Bai Yunfei's words so he nodded unceasingly.

The corners of Bai Yunfei's mouth twitched. Not in the mood for more talking, he said with a wave of his hand: "Get lost!"

After watching this group of people disappear into the crowd, Bai Yunfei shook his head, his facial expression still looking somewhat strange. It was impossible to know what he was thinking.

"Young lady, young lady! Are you alright?" A voice full of anxiety rang out. Bai Yunfei was startled and turned around hurriedly. He saw that the blue-clad young girl, who originally had been supporting herself on the wall, was now lying on the ground. That servant girl was crouching in front of her in extreme anxiousness shouting softly. Judging from her voice, she was about to burst into tears already.

Bai Yunfei quickly walked over and said at the same time: "Miss, what's wrong with your young lady? I can help..."

His words suddenly came to a halt. Even his body froze right there. He looked in stupefaction at the young girl, who was lying on the ground with tightly-closed eyes, his face full of astonishment.

"It's her... It's unexpectedly her!!" Bai Yunfei was extremely surprised because the person in front of him was none other than the young girl who had been with Zhang Yang at that time in Luoshi City - Liu Meng!

At this moment, an indescribable feeling surged up in his heart. Bai Yunfei just stood right there in a trance like that. Only when the servant girl's anxious voice was heard again did he wake up with a start. Shaking his head with force, he calmed his mind down a little then walked up to the side of Liu Meng and squatted down to see if he could offer any help.

Liu Meng was lying flat on the ground. Her white face had now gone pale, her lips closed tightly, her beautiful eyebrows wrinkled. She had no reaction to the servant girl's shouting at all.

Seeing the young girl like that, Bai Yunfei somehow felt an ache in his heart. He crouched down in front of her somewhat helplessly but did not know what to do. He had no medical skills either so there was nothing he could do except feel anxious. The servant girl seemed to be extremely worried too. The only thing she did was call 'young lady' loudly.

All of a sudden, an idea flashed across Bai Yunfei's mind. He was stupefied and murmured.

"Oh... Artificial respiration is needed?"

Just when Bai Yunfei was in a dilemma about whether to use this seemingly 'effective' method of emergency treatment, a soft groan was heard. It was the young girl regaining consciousness.

A feeling of 'regret' appeared in his heart instantly. After disdaining it a bit, Bai Yunfei asked in a slightly anxious manner: "Miss, are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?"

Even though the girl had waken up, she was yet to open her eyes and her eyebrows were still wrinkled. A layer of fine beads of sweat had even appeared on her forehead, as if she was suffering from an extreme pain. She called softly: "Xiao Ning, where, where are you?"

"I'm here, young lady! I'm here! Are you alright? Please don't scare me!" The servant girl answered nonstop right away, appearing very nervous, tears about to come out from her eyes.

"Take, take me to a doctor, quickly..." The young girl's fragile voice woke this silly servant girl, who was so worried that she had become dizzy, up to the most important thing to do at the moment.

"Yes! Yes! Let's go to a doctor!" Only now did Xiao Ning react. She wanted to go and raise her young lady up but she discovered that with her small body, it was impossible for her to take her young lady to a doctor.

Just when she became anxious inside, a pair of hands suddenly reached out to the young girl's backs of the neck and knees and lifted her up horizontally.

Xiao Ning was frightened, but she immediately reacted. Raising her head to take a look, she saw that this was none other than the young man who had fought off those scoundrels just then.

Although she felt that it was somewhat inappropriate for her young lady to be carried by a stranger like this, the current situation did not allow her to be so fussy and she said to Bai Yunfei: "Thank, thank you very much, mister. Please take my young lady to a doctor immediately..."

"Yeah, let's go." Bai Yunfei hurriedly urged the servant girl to lead the way. Despite carrying a beautiful girl with a pleasant smell in his bosom, he was not feeling comfortable at all. Instead, there was only anxiety in his heart.

... ... ... ...

At a clinic, Bai Yunfei was sitting on a stool at the front door looking in a somewhat preoccupied manner at the people coming and going on the street, thinking about something.

It had already been more than an hour since he had taken Liu Meng to this place. The doctor was giving treatment inside. It would be better for him not to be disturbed so Bai Yunfei was sitting here at the door waiting.

Soft footsteps came from behind him, walking him up with a start. He hurriedly turned around to take a look with a happy expression.

He saw that Liu Meng was walking towards him slowly under the support of Xiao Ning.

Dressed entirely in blue clothes, she looked fresh and elegant. Her waist was slender, her carriage graceful, and her beautiful hair was flowing behind her like a waterfall. Her face had already become a bit ruddier. With a faint smile on the corners of her mouth, she was sizing him up using her bright large eyes.

Bai Yunfei was temporarily unexpectedly entranced by her looks...

"Pfff... Mister, my young lady is talking to you! Wake up please!" Bai Yunfei was awakened by a warning. He saw that the servant girl Xiao Ning was looking at him very mischievously and next to her, Liu Meng was blushing. She gave Xiao Ning a stare in somewhat resentful manner then turned to Bai Yunfei and gently made a salute.

"Mister, thank you very much for helping me earlier..." Her voice was clear, tender and melodic.

Bai Yunfei was entranced for a moment again, but then a tinge of disappointment appeared in his heart: "She... really doesn't remember me."

But he shook his head slightly again right away, saying in self-derision in his heart: "What am I thinking about? It's normal for her not to remember me. After all, when we met for the first time, I was merely a 'pleb' in the eyes of those rich people..."

"Hey! Mister, you've gone into a trance again!"

Xiao Ning's warning was heard again. Bai Yunfei brushed that indescribable thought in his mind aside and asked doubtfully: "What?"

"He he... Mister, though my young lady is stunning, you can't go into a trance in such a rude way looking at her either!" Xiao Ning could not help laughing and saying mischievously again, "My young lady wants to ask you to a tea house for a chat to thank you for your help just now!"

"Ah? Oh, that's fine..." Bai Yunfei scratched his head in an embarrassed manner then nodded in agreement.

... ... ... ...