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 Chapter 553: Recuperating

"Troublesome? How will it be troublesome for him?" Zheng Kai pipped up with concern.

Zheng Tianya shook his head, "It is difficult to say. He might see a decrease in his strength, feel weakened for a long amount of time, or at the very least, be prone to temperament changes due to his injured soul...."

"Temperament changes?? What does that mean?"

"He'll find it difficult to control his emotions. Since his soul was harmed, his control has weakened. But this is only a trivial problem that'll clear up with time."

With his grandfather saying it wasn't serious, Zheng Kai sighed in relief. He had faith in his grandfather's words, and it didn't seem like Bai Yunfei was in any danger anyways. Now that he was safe, it was as though a boulder had been lifted from Zheng Kai's shoulders.

"Well....when will he wake up then?" Zheng Kai asked. As of right now, it looked like Bai Yunfei was experiencing a nightmare of sorts.

"That is hard to say as well," Zheng Tianya answered, "But I would wager five to six days. With the Soul Refining Palm afflicted, Bai Yunfei's body cannot accept the soulforce of anyone else, so I was unable to make a detailed diagnosis on his body. I can only say that his rate of recovery is better than most, perhaps due to how he trains. But once he wakes up, he should be fine for the most part."

"Five or six days...." Zheng Kai muttered before facing the rest of the crowd, "Grandfather, father, uncle, and brother....I hope that you'll allow me to use several of the medicines we have in our treasury. I was the target of the ambush, and if not for brother Bai, I would've been in great danger...."

Zhen Tianya smiled. "But of course. He is the disciple of Zi Jin, him coming across trouble is a dereliction of duty when he is a guest of the Zheng. Pick out the right medicines when you head to the treasury and see to that Bai Yunfei recovers."

"Thank you, grandfather!"

"Very well. We should let him rest in peace." Zheng Tianya nodded, his face growing serious. "We will head to the main halls. Xiao Zheng, tell us everything that happened as detailed as you can recall. The ones who tried kidnapping you today may very well be companions to the group from before. Any group that can afford to send two Soul Kings and launch a kidnapping attempt in the Capital of all places is by no means a weak faction, especially if the Soul Refining School is involved....Say everything that you remember, and if there are any clues, your brother and uncle will go investigate."

With instructions of their own, everyone walked out from Bai Yunfei's room to do what they were told.

Zheng Kai came back a while later, several rare medicines in his hand to apply to Bai Yunfei before he left again.


Very little had changed in Bai Yunfei's status over the first day. His face was still contorted with pain and his eyebrows locked together as if to repeat that fact.

The second day went by, this time with a more noticeable change. Whether it was the medicines Zheng Kai was administering, or by Bai Yunfei's own strength, his face was looking much healthier. The wrinkles on his face was less pronounced and his face was gradually turning back to its normal expression.

Much to the surprise of the Zheng, Bai Yunfei woke up on the third day, a time nearly half of what Zheng Tianya predicted.

He had been very weak when he woke up. Unable to even move around much, Bai Yunfei had Zheng Tianya come around to diagnosis him before being told to stay in bed and recuperate.

Bai Yunfei hadn't expected for the very first encounter he'd have with the elders of the Zheng to be like this....

It was on the fourth day that Zheng Kai walked into Bai Yunfei's room to see Bai Yunfei sitting crossed-legged on his bed.

"Eh? Brother Bai, you can get up now?!" Zheng Kai rushed to his side at once, "How are you feeling? Feeling sore anywhere? Do you want me to call my grandfather to check up on you?"

"No need, I'm fine." Bai Yunfei waved his hand. He didn't want to bother anyone. "I can feel myself recovering pretty fast, so don't worry. I'm sure it won't be long until I fully recover."

"Really? That's good then...."

He pulled up a stool to sit down on, "Brother Bai....I....really got you into a fine mess this time. Thank the heavens you're alright, I'd never be able to live it down if you weren't."

"Haha, don't be like that. We're friends, aren't we? Sharing good times and bad times should be expected. I'm alright now anyways, so don't feel guilty." Bai Yunfei smiled, though a sliver of suspicion crossed his mind.

Was that person really after Zheng Kai?

"Alright! Since you said you're fine, then I won't say otherwise. We are brothers! Brothers that'll share good times and bad times!" Zheng Kai pounded a fist to his chest solemnly.

Bai Yunfei smiled and nodded his head. "How long was I out for?"

"Three days. Grandfather had said that he expected you to be out for five or six days almost, but your recovery is really abnormal."

"Three days...." Bai Yunfei mused, "What happened in those three days? And the academy, do they...."

"Don't worry, the academy already knows what happened. The chairman actually came to see you yesterday when you were still out. He's postponed your classes until further notice so you can take it easy and relax. He's willing to push it back even more if you're not feeling back to normal, so don't worry thinking about it."

"I see. I feel relieved then." Bai Yunfei nodded. "And what about those two men?" He asked, "Have....have any clues been found yet? That ice-type Soul King was from the Soul Refining School."

"Yes, we know of his affiliation with the school, but....just like last time, we don't have any other clues."

Bai Yunfei grew silent, his eyebrows knitted together as if thinking about something.

"Ah, right. Brother Bai, this is for you." Zheng Kai handed him a space ring. "It's the space ring of that earth-type Soul King. We've already looked through it for clues, but found nothing. There's a few soulgems and soul armaments though."

"For me? What for?" Bai Yunfei asked in confusion, "Wait, hold on. The earth-type Soul King? What happened to him?"

"Eh?" Zheng Kai blinked, his eyes widening by a fraction, "Do you not remember what happened?"

Bai Yunfei grew even more curious, "Remembered what?"

"....." Zheng Kai was speechless for a moment. "Right before that earth-type Soul King left, he was killed because of what you did..."

"What I did?!" Bai Yunfei cried, but he slapped his head as if a memory just occurred to him. "I remember after I got hit by the Soul Refining Palm, I couldn't think very well. I had the mastiff block the ice-type Soul King before he left. And when they were about to leave, I remember wanting one of them to stop, but...."

"Exactly. When you wanted that earth-type Soul King to stop, he did exactly that. I'm not sure how you did it, but your mastiff and Xiao Qi killed him right afterwards."

"Is that right?" Bai Yunfei shook his head as he tried to recall the memories of that night, "I think I lost control of myself during that moment...."

"Probably because of the wounds you got during the battle. Don't try to think about it, it's not very important. Just focus on recuperating, we can talk later about that."

Taking the space ring from Zheng Kai, Bai Yunfei dipped his head. "I'll do as you say, brother Zheng. But if in the future you come across any clues relating to the Soul Refining School, please inform me."

"Why?" Zheng Kai was curious, "Did something happen between you and them?"

"A grudge." Bai Yunfei replied.

Surprised, Zheng Kai acquiesced to the request. "That works. Once my uncle and the others comes back, I'll make sure to find out what they know."

He rose out from his seat, "Then I'll leave you to recuperate, brother Bai. Be sure to call upon the servants if you need something."

Bai Yunfei nodded.

After Zheng Kai left, Bai Yunfei grew silent for a very long time as he thought to himself. Ultimately shaking his head, Bai Yunfei decided not to think about those things and focus on healing once again....