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 Chapter 551: Stop!!

The ice-type Soul King was already going through the motions to leave when he called out to his companion. Flying hundreds of kilometers in no time at all, he waved his right hand, opening up a ripple in space before he disappeared through it. He reappeared several kilometers away before repeating the process, and in no time at all, he was gone from sight....

The earth-type Soul King had only just managed to disentangle himself away from the permafrost mastiff. He originally planned to help out the other Soul King kidnap Zheng Kai, but then when he realized the danger they were in when order to retreat was given. Without hesitation, he took off after the ice-type Soul King as soon as he felt the incoming reinforcements approach.

He was only an early-stage Soul King and hadn't a proper grasp on spatial energy, meaning he was unable to teleport. Thus, he had to rely on his flying speed to get away. Even without teleportation, the Soul King would still be fast enough to escape before the Soul Kings could get here.

But there was one thing he hadn't accounted for. A good few meters away, Bai Yunfei's eyes widened as he realized what was going on. His anger reaching his breaking point, Bai Yunfei began to tremble where he stood. The two fireseeds in him began to expel even more elemental fire to his hands as he lifted a single finger to point at the escaping Soul King!

"Stop right now!!!!"

He roared, furious beyond belief as he ranted at the Soul King. But then something strange happened. There was a strange pulse of light from his Charm Bracelet along with the Soul Sentinel Scarf on top of his head!

In the next moment, the earth-type Soul King shivered, his entire body coming to a stop. The color drained away from his face as if something unbelievable was happening to him, and a look of fright appeared onto it!


A voice like lightning cracked through his mind. It wasn't a voice the Soul King heard with his ears but....a voice he heard from the depth of his soul!

It was like if some 'man' was yelling at him from within his mind. Howling with a voice that echoed through his soul with murderous fury. Then came the buzzing sounds, making the Soul King feel like his entire body was vibrating!

This 'attack' had appeared out from nowhere, and struck him dead on before he could even realize it!

But he was a Soul King, so it only took him a second to shake his head clear of whatever it was. Still, that one second was enough to leave his forehead wet with sweat and left him unable to think properly....


Beneath him, a soulbeast roared aloud, transmitting an attack towards the motionless Soul King and hitting him with it. Straight away, the Soul King realized just what kind of attack it was and paled!!

The permafrost mastiff was attacking his soul!!

This was the soul attack of a class seven soulbeast!

The Soul King had been prepared against a soul attack from the permafrost mastiff earlier. He'd be able to shrug it off and continue escaping. But then when he had suffered that strange 'attack' on his mind, his mental awareness had been shuttered for a second. But that second was long enough to press the Soul King into mortal danger!

He and the permafrost mastiff were both of equal strengths. But when he was caught off guard and hit by the soul attack, his eyes went blank for a moment as his soulforce struggled to fight it off. With how much soulforce he had already used, the soul attack did enough damage to nearly knock him unconscious.

A white streak of light shot towards him from the corners of his eyes, forcing the Soul King to bring his right hand up to block in his daze. There was the sound of something being torn apart as the white light streaked by, and then, blood began to drip in large amounts.

Now fully free from the effects of the mastiff's soul attack, the very first thing the Soul King did when he was back to full awareness was let loose a loud scream of pain!


Three bloody streaks of mangled flesh hung from the right side of his abdomen, revealing just parts of his internal organs. And his right arm had its skin and muscle torn off, revealing the white bone underneath!

The permafrost mastiff reappeared thirty meters away from the Soul King its right claw dripping red with blood. Turning around in the skies, it let loose another roar towards the earth-type Soul King!


A two-meter sphere of elemental ice began to form just an inch in front of the mastiff's mouth. As soon as it fully formed, the mastiff shot the sphere towards the Soul King!

Terrified at what had just happened to him, the Soul King attempted to raise both his injured and uninjured hands. Blood dripped from his mouth at the attempt before a barrier of orange formed in front of him. The sphere of elemental ice smashed against it, exploding with an ear-deafening explosion and sending elemental energy everywhere.

But before the Soul King could relax, there was another source of energy coming from beneath him. Looking away, he was just in time to see two tremendous dragons fly up at him and attempt to swallow him whole!

The Dual Dragon Burst!


On the ground below, Bai Yunfei's fists were both raised into the air, wisps of smoke trailing from them after he released the two dragons. The fire around his body was still furiously hot, just like the murderous light in his eyes.

Even with his considerable injuries, Bai Yunfei had released a Berserk Mode enhanced Dual Dragon Burst!


The two dragons exploded upon contact with the Soul King, turning the area into a giant maelstrom of fire as bright as the sun itself. Light illuminated the area for an entire kilometer around before weakening in intensity and colored the area in a red glow.

It was fortunate for the buildings below that the explosion happened seven to eight hundred meters above the sky, else they would've been blown apart by the explosion.


Suddenly, an orange ball of light erupted from the center of the fiery maelstrom. A disheveled Soul King came flying out from the maelstrom as he tried to escape. But before he could even get a hundred meters higher into the skies, a second ball of elemental ice was shot at him!


There was a sound of impact as the Soul King was struck by the elemental ice. In the blink of an eye, the Soul King was frozen within a ball of ice!

Frozen inside, the Soul King's eyes started to betray a hint of despair and desperation! Orange light flooded out from the Soul King's body within the ice, and several crackling sounds later, the ball of ice was starting to crack apart.

But then....


A furious chirp was heard as a prismatic bolt of light dove from the skies. Reaching the ball of ice, Xiao Qi flapped its wings to cut down the sphere!

The Spatial Edge!

"Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh...."

Several Spatial Edges flew forth from Xiao Qi's wings across the ball of ice before quickly disappearing into the night....

From within the ball of ice, the earth-type Soul King was....cut into pieces!!