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 Chapter 550: Retreat!

The ice-type Soul King nodded in self-satisfaction at the heart-wrenching scream Bai Yunfei was giving. No longer caring for the soon to be dead Bai Yunfei, the Soul King turned his attention to the doppelganger of Bai Yunfei with Zheng Kai.

But before he could stalk towards the two, the Soul King shifted twenty meters to the side. Several blades of wind came rushing through where he had been in just moments ago before striking down onto the ground one after another.


The chirp that came from Xiao Qi had been furious at the Soul King. Flapping its wings, it sent another three Spatial Edges to take advantage of the Soul King when he moved out of the way.

Unfortunately for Xiao Qi, the Soul King didn't at all feel threatened by it. He only needed a moment to shift away from the range of the Spatial Edges and be completely unharmed.

"A variant soulbeast with a space affinity? That's a rare one...."

Sparing a quick glance at the bird, the Soul King quickly decided that Xiao Qi wasn't an enemy to fear. With a wave of his hand, he materialized three icicles above his head and sent them flying towards Xiao Qi!

Not even caring to see if his attacks landed or not, the Soul King turned his attention back to Zheng Kai on a rooftop not too far away. There was a calculative glint in the Soul King's eyes as he checked the time. Three minutes had already gone by since they first appeared and launched this attack. According to their original plans, they should've had Zheng Kai in their hands by now, but unexpected roadblocks came into the way. There wasn't any time to delay, they had to kidnap Zheng Kai and get out of dodge quickly before the other Soul Kings in the Capital were alerted and came to obstruct them. Escape would be near impossible then.


The exchange of blows between Bai Yunfei and the Soul King had been almost too quick for Zheng Kai to watch. He had only stood there on the rooftop after one of Bai Yunfei's doppelgangers took him away from the battle. By the time he fully realized what was going on, there was an explosion of different elemental energies and Bai Yunfei's howling screams of anguish!!

Blanking in the face, Zheng Kai then cried out in fright after his friend, "Brother Bai!!"

He was already aware that the Soul King was looking at him, but without care for the man, Zheng Kai disappeared from where he was to teleport over to Bai Yunfei and caught him into his arms.

Protecting his body with a layer of elemental energy, Zheng Kai was able to ward of the fire around Bai Yunfei's body. Now in contact with him, Zheng Kai could now see the shape Bai Yunfei was in. His entire body was trembling heavily, his face was twisted in pain, and the screams of pain from him was already turning more hoarse like a soulbeast.

In his hurry to catch Bai Yunfei, Zheng Kai had temporarily forgotten about his surroundings. By the time he was aware again, a chilling air had already descended down onto him. Looking up, Zheng Kai was startled to see the ice-type Soul King just a short ten meters away. Frozen in place, all Zheng Kai could do was watch as the elder drew closer to grab onto his head!

Right as the hand was about to make contact, Zheng Kai bit down onto his tongue hard enough to draw blood. Having the pain jolt his body, Zheng Kai took Bai Yunfei and teleported away!


The elder harrumphed in annoyance. Soul cultivators with an affinity for space were very annoying. They didn't have any 'speed' to boast about, but their ability to teleport at will was very annoying to say the least. A soul cultivator who could wield spatial energy like that had the ability to teleport with even more proficiency than a Soul King who was able to understand spatial energy.

But even with that advantage, Zheng Kai's teleportation skills wasn't high enough for him to evade the Soul King's senses. They had only just blinked out from sight when the elder turned to the right. Just a hundred meters away in that direction, Zheng Kai appeared with Bai Yunfei in his arms.

Zheng Kai's face was extremely pale now, his eyes shining bitterly with exhaustion. Teleporting several times in quick succession was very tiring, and combined with his already weakened state, he was only able to take Bai Yunfei to the rooftop of a nearby three-storied building. He stumbled slightly when his feet touched solid ground again, but Bai Yunfei didn't slip much to Zheng Kai's relief. Bai Yunfei wasn't screaming anymore, and his eyes were starting to regain a bit of light back in them as a sign of him recovering.

But the danger in front of them was still there, and their situation wasn't any better than before. The Soul King was already coming straight for them!

The slightest bit of panic was in the eyes of the Soul King now. He could sense several large bursts of energy heading in his direction!

He had to make his escape!

Eyes shining furiously, the Soul King shot straight for Bai Yunfei and Zheng Kai like a bolt of lightning. But then before he could get there, something from the corner of his eyes forced him to give up on that approach to leap backwards!


A white figure leapt up in between him and the two Soul Exalts. Roaring loudly, the figure slashed at the Soul King with its claws, only to miss and swipe at the air.

The permafrost mastiff!


The ordinary Soul Exalt would've died a long time ago if they were hit by the Soul Refining Palm of a Soul King. But....Bai Yunfei wasn't most Soul Exalts. He had gained a bit of experience with how to deal against the Soul Refining School, and while this Soul Refining Palm was stronger than usual, it wasn't enough to be fatal for him.

A warm light was pulsing outwards from the Soul Sentinel Scarf on his head. Transmitting its energy inside Bai Yunfei's body, it counteracted against the corrosive energy trying to tear apart the body and was slowly 'mending' Bai Yunfei's soul.

The pain was roughly half of what it used to be. Bai Yunfei's face was still worse for wear, but he was fully cognizant. He felt quite strange, the pain coming from his soul was a bit numbing almost, but there was an underlying throb of chaotic energy that made things hard to control....

With how rushed the situation was, Bai Yunfei didn't have enough time to consider what was going on inside his body. As soon as he was fully aware of what was going on outside of his body, Bai Yunfei saw that the Soul King was coming at him and Zheng Kai again. Sending a command through the Beast Taming Ring, Bai Yunfei had the permafrost mastiff break away from the earth-type Soul King to come and obstruct the ice-type Soul King instead.

Narrowing his eyes, the Soul King took a step back to withdraw a soul armament. It was a pure-white staff about two-thirds of a meter long. Holding it in his hands, the Soul King swung the staff at the mastiff!


There was the sound of metal hitting flesh and then a pained roar before the permafrost mastiff was sent flying away in the direction of the Soul King's swing. On the left side of the mastiff, a long red streak was already bruising on its white skin.

But to his amazement, the permafrost mastiff turned around in midair and kicked off into the opposite direction of its flight to block his forward path again as if it hadn't even been hurt!

The annoyance the elder was feeling multiplied even more . This early-stage class seven soulbeast wasn't strong enough to be a threat to his life, but it also wasn't a weakling he could kill in a few seconds. He needed time to kill the permafrost mastiff, time that he didn't have!


The Soul King cursed to himself as he debated his options for a brief two seconds. When he came to his decision, he barked out a command to his other Soul King, "We're going!"

Not too far away, several specks of light were already quickly approaching while several other spaces in close proximity were warping in on itself--several Soul Kings were teleporting in! And from the looks of it....there were at least seven or eight Soul Kings!

As unwilling he was, the ice-type Soul King had to leave now before it was too late!