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 Chapter 545: Losing Badly Hurts

"Haha, my apologies, but I win again."

Bai Yunfei announced with a smile towards the ashen-faced Wu Yang as he revealed his dices again.

This round, the primal stones had all gone towards the kindly-looking uncle. But in terms of his bets with Wu Yang, he won again. It was a loss of ten mid-grade primal stones, but a gain of late-stage class six soulgem.

And in terms of his bets, Bai Yunfei won two out of three again.


Already, the two of them had betted against each other for ten sets already And of those ten times, Bai Yunfei won at least six of those sets.

Just from looking at the results, it was clear to see the outcome.

Wu Yang's face was exceedingly dark.

The very first thing to go was his metal affinity armor. Heading straight into the second match, Wu Yang lost a low-heaven tier lightning affinity dagger. An unfortunate loss both times....

Then came the third loss in the form a silver shortsword.

Fortune came back around for him in the fourth round, seeing to the return of his shortsword.

But it wasn't meant to be, as the fifth round saw to him losing it again...

And then in the sixth round, he lost a precious fire-type class six soulgem....


"You....you....." Wu Yang stuttered out from anger after he lost a precious fire-type soulgem. Anger wracked at his body as he started to speak out, "Impossible!! How can I keep losing to you?! How is your luck that good?! You....you've got to be cheating! You...!"

"Fourth prince!" Bai Yunfei interrupted, "Please pay more attention to your words, fourth prince. Accusing someone else of cheating is improper to do. We are all admirable soul cultivators here, and several are stronger than I am. Whether or not I cheated is something that can easily be found out."

He honed in on Wu Yang's face, "Fourth prince, remember your station as a prince. A bet is a bet. As a prince, a small matter like this shouldn't matter much to you, shouldn't it?"

"A small matter? I lost three heaven-tier soul armaments to you and a late-stage class six soulgem, can you really say it's a 'small' matter?!"

Wu Yang was angry. Angry to the point where he wanted to lash out at the world around him. Though he lost plenty of his possessions, he didn't lose all of his rationality. Breathing in and out several times, he tried to calm himself down.

"Fourth prince...." The indifferent-looking man to Wu Yang's right spoke up, "Please don't act on rash impulses."

It wasn't known if it was that warning that snapped him out from his anger, but Wu Yang's eyes flew open to stare darkly at his companion. "Relax," He spoke in between gritted teeth, "I know how to behave!"

Today was another day where he found himself suffering at the hands of Bai Yunfei. The first time he had fallen to him, it was when he was knocked out. And this time, he had lost several of his more precious treasures.....

How could he let that go!!

But there wasn't anything else he could use to bet with Bai Yunfei right now....

The things he had betted with and lost were his own personal 'stock' and were dispensable, even if it hurt to lose them. The rest of his stuff were far more precious and couldn't be used in a bet. That much, Wu Yang was aware of.

The fact that Wu Yang hadn't forgotten about that gave his calm companion some measure of relief. He hadn't interfered with Wu Yang's gambling since there hadn't been a need so far, but if things got a bit too out of hand, he was there as both a friend and bodyguard to ensure that it wouldn't continue.

Deep in thought, Wu Yang sat still for a moment before ultimately shooting up from his seat. "We're leaving!" He spoke to his companion.

He was leaving! This time, Bai Yunfei was the surprised one. "What? Are you not going to stick around and play some more, fourth prince?"

He was answered with a heavy glare, "Don't patronize me. You've already won plenty off me, that should be enough. I'll pay you back twofold for this one day!"

And with that, he whirled around and left the room and quickly out of sight.

Bai Yunfei had to admit, he was a little disappointed. He hadn't thought that the fourth prince would leave so soon, he still wanted to win a little bit more....but then he scolded himself. Winning so many times was already a good thing, being greedy for more wasn't.


When he looked back to his winnings from the other games, Bai Yunfei was surprised to see a small mountain of mid-grade primal stones. There had to be almost a thousand of them, meaning roughly ten high-grade primal stones! He had been so focused on his bets with Wu Yang that he hadn't noticed that he won so many primal stones from the other six people there.

He looked to Zheng Kai next to him, "Brother Zheng, we should leave as well. We have to be at the academy tomorrow after all. It's always good to stop when one's ahead after all."

Zheng Kai lost a good amount of primal stones himself, but the fact that Bai Yunfei had straight up slaughtered Wu Yang in their bets had been more than enough to wipe his own losses from his mind. A bit reluctant to leave, Zheng Kai acquiesced, "Alright then. If you don't want to keep playing, let's leave."

Mu Youqian took that moment to speak up then, "Haha, in that case, let's adjourn here for tonight. I had more than enough excitement for one night, haha! Instructor Bai, your luck is astounding! The primal stones I won today were all completely taken in by you."

Bai Yunfei had the courtesy to look embarrassed, "It's just luck, that's all. Luck was looking out for me today."

As everyone was preparing to leave, a voice suddenly called out to him, "Hold on!! I want to make a bet with you!!"

Pausing, everyone turned around to look at who spoke. It was the twenty-something year old young man in black to the right. Both of his fists were clenched tightly as he stared hatefully at the spot in front of him in dissatisfaction.

He had clearly lost most of his things. And unfortunately for him, he didn't have Wu Yang's tact to leave before it was too late, so he had lost it all almost.

"Friend, gambling has always been something that is fun in small amounts and harmful in big amounts. Betting too much is just as bad as betting too little. With your bad luck, I think you should give up for tonight." The gray-robed uncle shook his head, trying to calm down the other person.

"Who cares about what you think!! My luck can't be bad today! I won a great amount a while ago, I can still turn this around! Let's go again!!" The young man snarled, adamant that he could still win back what he had lost.

The other man shook his head, but said nothing more.

People like him weren't rare in the casino. Losing a dreadful amount of their possession tend to affect their cognitive abilities. The more they gambled, the more they lost. And then in the end, they'd have nothing left....

As the person in charge of this place, Jin Manlou chose then to speak up, "Friend, this session is done for today. Let us leave and let this matter wait for another time. You already have nothing left to gamble with...."

"Who says I don't?!" A scarlet streak ran across the young man's face. Determined to win back everything he lost today, the man shook his right hand to bring out a pile of things onto the table.

Every single person found it hard to hide their exasperation from their faces. The objects he took out wasn't exactly precious, but....they were all just miscellaneous goods. A few low-grade primal stones, a few soul armaments--the highest quality one being a low-earth and most of them being human-tier ones even--there were also a few class three and four soulgems. There were also a few ordinary herbs and plants and a few precious materials....

This man had definitely lost it all. However much he started out with today, it was clear to see that he had squandered even his family's fortune....

Ostinantly, he gave a dark glare to the people around him, "I still have this! Bet with me one last time!"

Everyone sighed. As a soul cultivator, he should have some semblance of self-dignity. Even if he was the son of a wealthy family, it was shameful how he was acting.

But ultimately, even soul cultivators are human in the end. They had human-like characteristics, being human themselves, and losing so much from gambling, whether it be money or treasure, was something that'd be hard to accept. Primal stones were specially precious to every soul cultivator. To lose so many of those to the point of complete regret and the loss of rationality was something that could even be said to be normal.

The miscellaneous goods he brought out weren't something any of the people here wanted to even look at. Jin Manlou was about to repeat himself when Bai Yunfei's eyes flickered with suspicion. Hurriedly, he spoke up, "Alright, I'll bet with you one more round."