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 Chapter 542: Fortune

As he was talking with Jin Manlou and Zheng Kai, Bai Yunfei noticed that the two of them were now looking at him in shock. Blinking several times in confusion, he looked down at the table where the banker was now pushing a pile of primal stones towards him.

"Er...." Still blinking, Bai Yunfei looked at the dices inside the dice up, "What! Did I really win?!"

The gamblers at the same table only gawked at him. To land a Leopard like that was just far too good of a luck, wasn't it?

"Er...haha, never took you to be super lucky at gambling, brother Bai? Landing a Leopard is a rare thing to come by." Jin Manlou coughed once before smiling, "It'd be a shame to not continue playing when you're so lucky. Give it a try, brother Bai, no need to hold back on my account, I can stand to lose a bit."

"Well...it was just luck, I guess. I never gambled before." Bai Yunfei smiled in embarrassment, his hand on his winnings. Absentmindedly, he pushed them to a spot onto one of the options. He didn't really care about losing--these were from the casino to begin with, losing them wouldn't hurt him in the slightest.

He didn't look where he had pushed his winnings onto, but....it was the 'All Fives' spot again!!

Lips twitched from the gamblers all around him. "Are you kidding me? You don't have to do that if you want to lose! Those are twenty mid-grade primal stones you're gambling!! That's enough to last me ten whole days!"

Now that he had 'betted', Bai Yunfei looked back to Jin Manlou, "Ah well, brother Jin, I wanted to ask you something."

Jin Manlou snapped out from his 'fervent' look, "What question is it?" He asked.

"The items you're using..." Bai Yunfei pointed at the dice cups, "What do they do? Do they block soulsense from reaching inside? Are they a special type of soul armament?"

He had been curious about these things ever since he walked in. Items that could stop soulsense was a very peculiar thing--he had never seen or heard of them before!

"Oh, those." Jin Manlou smiled, "They're made from a special material that can stop soulsense. But it's not very effective. They can only stop the soulsense of Soul Sprites and lower, plenty of Soul Ancestors can easily overcome them. Since what we're using can't really be extracted easily, that's all we can do with them. Our casino really only use them for the sake of convenience, since it's easy to tell if a person is cheating or not with them. If you're interested brother Bai....I can gift you some. I know you're from the Crafting School, so you should be interested in how they're made?"

"It is as you say....thank you brother Jin." Bai Yunfei nodded, slightly disappointed in the answer. He had thought that he could use the material to create a few special soul armaments, but if they can't be used that way, what was the point? But without research, he couldn't say it was a dead end just yet.

The dice cup opened again, but this time, it took the banker two seconds of dazed staring to call out the combination.

"All Fi--All Fives....a Leo--Leopard!!"


Everyone around the table seemed to turn to stone as they stared transfixed at the three dices in the cup. It was as if they had all seen a ghost.

Several spectators from the other tables were starting to float in to see the spectacle as well.

"Eh? A Leopard? Wow....the banker was lost automatically then huh?"

"Hold on! Look at the table! Someone betted on it! And....holy f*ck! Hold me--is that....are those mid-grade primal stones?!"

"What?! Someone betted on a Leopard? And with twenty mid-grade primal stones?!"

"No way?!"


The mutterings of the other spectators caught the attention of even more people, and soon enough, everyone was coming over to take a look.

The banker at the table had gone completely green in the face, looking as though he was hoping he was in a dream of some sort. Practically pleading, he gave a look to Jin Manlou for assistance.

"Uhm......" Jin Manlou's face twitched several times before he laughed, "Haha!! Brother Bai....you're...you're something else, aren't you?! You won twice in a row?! I should bow my head to you...."

His words relieved the banker. If the young master was speaking on his behalf, then he could afford to relax a bit. Shakingly, he pushed a few primal stones towards Bai Yunfei.

These stones were....high-grade primal stones!!

The surrounding clamor grew even louder. Winning high-grade primal stones was a rare sight, and usually only those big gamblers would be able to win high-grade primal stones after gambling long enough art the high stakes table. So it was highly unusual that someone from the ordinary tables would've won a few of those primal stones so quickly.

Bai Yunfei was surprised too. He had only started out betting with just one mid-grade primal stone. Somehow, that one mid-grade primal stone had turned into four high-grade primal stones after two bets?

Author Note: I did a random conversion rate, it's not important, so please don't pay too much attention to it

It took awhile for him to understand the reason behind his winning--the Luck Pendant!!

The only way this extreme 'fortune' could be explained was with the Luck Pendant. Bai Yunfei hadn't expected it to have a use like this.

"Haha! Brother Bai, you're amazing! Such a great profit after two rounds! Haha, looks like fourth brother will be bleeding money tonight!" Zheng Kai laughed, slapping Bai Yunfei on the shoulder in admiration.

"Well...it was just my luck that time...."

It really was luck, but he had a lot of it!!

Several of the other patrons stared enviously at him.

"Ah, brother Bai! Come quick! Let's go to the VIP rooms! We can't waste your luck here! In here, 'wealth' is king, and you can beat out everyone else!" Zheng Kai cried out in excitement, pulling Bai Yunfei to the innermost gambling tables.

Having only just collected his winnings, Bai Yunfei watched as Zheng Kai pulled him away with a helpless expression on his face.

Jin Manlou followed from behind, a relieved sigh barely escaping from his mouth. Bai Yunfei was a strange one; if he won even more here, then he really would've lost more money than he was willing to lose. Luckily, Zheng Kai was pulling Bai Yunfei to the VIP games where gamblers bet against each other rather than the house. Whether he won or lost, Bai Yunfei wouldn't be burdening Jin Manlou's financial situation.

Some of the people still watching were disappointed that he left though. They were planning to follow his bets to strike it rich themselves, but now that chance was gone....


Zheng Kai was evidently very familiar with the casino, as he led Bai Yunfei through the place to where there were less and fewer people, and the 'gambling chips' on the table were becoming greater and greater. Furthermore, the people in this area were a lot stronger than those before.

"Brother Bai, this is the 'VIP Room'. It's where the richest people in the Capital come to gamble against one another. The lowest denomination of currency is usually mid-grade primal stones. Most tend to use high-grade primal stones, soul skills, or even soul armaments to gamble. Sometimes the four of us come here to play around."

Zheng Kai gave a brief run down on the things here in this room. Bai Yunfei was surprised, he still was actually since he won those high-grade primal stones.

How in the world did things like primal stone lose their values here? How absurd, was this really how 'rich' the people of the Capital were?

"There's some people here, let's take a look." Zheng Kai paused for a moment to speak to Jin Manlou and Bai Yunfei before opening a door.

The entrance of them three caught the eyes of the people in the room straight away. The inhabitants smiled and greeted Zheng Kai and Jin Manlou first with a friendly greeting.

Bai Yunfei swept his eyes across the room: it was quite spacious inside with a large table in the center. Aside from the workers standing by the walls of the room, there were also six patrons seated by the table, each one of them having a dice cup of their own. Likewise, they each had a pile of mid-grade primal stones, some of them even having a few high-grade primal stones.

Just then, a surprised but furious voice spoke out to Bai Yunfei, "Bai Yunfei! It's you!?"