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 Chapter 537: Upgrade +1

Later that night, Bai Yunfei was back in his room in Zheng manor.

Both Zheng Kai and Bai Yunfei sought for a restaurant for dinner first after they left Tianhun Academy. After eating their fill, the two returned back home.

Zheng Kai had been watching Bai Yunfei with great confusion on their way back, as if finally seeing Bai Yunfei for who he was for the first time since they met again. When asked about his accomplishment, Bai Yunfei had simply said that his state of mind when crafting had been optimal enough for that small chance of major success to take place, allowing him to craft a heaven-tier soul armament.

That was in fact the truth of the matter.

He was a little absent-minded in fact, and that much showed when Bai Yunfei didn't respond as quickly to Zheng Kai's questions on the way back, prompting his friend to wisely shut up. When they reached Zheng manor, Bai Yunfei had requested that he'd be going into 'seclusion' and that no one should bother him as he thought about the ordeals of today.

Though slightly surprised by the request, Zheng Kai acquiesced to it. He'd manage everything else for Bai Yunfei while he went into seclusion.

Now back in his room, Basi Yunfei had his three soulbeasts stand guard outside his room with instructions not to let anyone in to disturb him.

This reason behind this was simple....he really wanted to ruminate on the understandings he had today.

Today's successful crafting had pleased him to no ends. He had been in the most ideal state for crafting, and after such a long time spent during it, Bai Yunfei was able to deduce several more things about the art to a degree unlike any previous time.

But the most important thing aside from the aforementioned reasons was the soul armament he crafted today itself.

There had been a murky feeling Bai Yunfei had when he started crafting two days ago. Those feelings gradually grew more and more clear the more he progressed with the crafting. And then when the heaven-tier soul armament unexpectedly came out, that feeling he had turned into a realization that grew into something intense after he finished.

This soul armament was....special. Very special. It was hard to describe it in words but....Bai Yunfei felt like he understood every single notch, marking, and composition of the glove. Not to the same level as he would a lifebound armament, but to a particularly strong degree nonetheless.

How could he explain? It was as if he....understood the inner intricacies of the glove, like how each change happened to the glove, and how he could....make even more 'changes'.


Bai Yunfei didn't care for the fact that he was tired after spending two whole days and night crafting. Sitting crossed-legged on his bed, he held the golden glove in his hand and stared intensively at it.

Right now, Bai Yunfei was preparing for something. Something he thought of and tried many times before, but never once succeeding yet.

But right now as he stared at the equipment in his hand, Bai Yunfei felt an intense apprehension. This time, he'd succeed!

There was no doubt in his mind that his confidence was stemming from the understandings he gained today. He wouldn't let go of this precious moment. Focusing, the glove in his right hand began to shine faintly with golden light....


Time slowly went by, night turning to day without anything strange coming from Bai Yunfei's room. The three soulbeasts were still standing guard so that even the servants here to bring Bai Yunfei his food were stopped. And even Zheng Kai himself could only stand out in the courtyards in curiosity.

Saying that he was curious didn't even cover most of it. Zheng Kai really wanted to know what Bai Yunfei was up to, as a faint stream of elemental energy was leaking from his room. Though Zheng Kai wanted to use his soulsense to peer into the room, the permafrost mastiff's own soulsense was preventing him from peering past it.

Plenty of people came that day to Zheng manor. Every single one of them being reputable soul cultivator from the Capital clearly wanting to pay their 'respects' to Bai Yunfei.

Unfortunately for them, Bai Yunfei was in seclusion and was in no mood to be receiving guests.

The guests left in disappointment, though they were patient enough to want to come back. Some of them though were displeased even by this seemingly 'arrogant' refusal by Bai Yunfei, thinking him as a man who was overvaluing himself.

But in the end, Bai Yunfei wasn't even aware of these guests. All he could concentrate on was the glove in his hand. After spending an entire day of not moving, there was finally a glow of light from his body as the soulforce started streaming into the glove just like how an upgrade stone would.

The next day went by, and then the third. Then finally, the fourth day came by....

Equipment Grade: Low Heaven

Elemental Affinity: Metal

Upgrade Level: +1

Attack: 2100

Defense: 2200

Additional Attack: 100

Additional Defense: 100

Soul Compatibility: 23%

Equipment Effect: Increase damage dealt to wood-type enemies by 20%.

Upgrade Requirement: 120 Soulpoints

A string of notifications popped up into Bai Yunfei's mind.

It was the stats of a +1 upgraded glove.

But! Even with the normality that was the stats, there was a look of great glee on Bai Yunfei's face!

It was a look of glee not unlike that of when he got a piece of equipment to +13! His body began to shake so intensely that if any outsider were to see him now, they would've been worried that something was wrong with Bai Yunfei....

The reason why he was so happy about it being +1 was because....he didn't use the Upgrade Technique to 'upgrade' it!!

That's right! He never gave the order to 'upgrade' the glove and instead 'altered' the glove itself. This time....it came out as being +1!!

"I...did it. I really did it! It's possible!!" Bai Yunfei's eyes shined furiously, "I don't need to use the Upgrade Technique, I can 'manually' upgrade it!"

Correct! What he did was a manual upgrade!

After spending so much time and energy in studying the Upgrade Technique, Bai Yunfei had....finally made a breakthrough in his research!

The Upgrade Technique....Bai Yunfei had finally reached upon the very nature of what the 'Equipment Upgrade Technique' was!

There had always been a mysterious 'power' whenever Bai Yunfei upgraded equipment. He never figured out what it was exactly, but he had a guess that it could 'manipulated'! The Upgrade Technique always did the upgrading automatically, but right now, he could control it!

Because of his increasing strength, Bai Yunfei began to sense the presence of that mysterious power more and more. The mysterious power wasn't something that appeared for 'no reason' whatsoever, and no matter how mysterious it was, Bai Yunfei knew there was a cause for its existence, and a reason!

This notification in his mind now was a very profitable result to Bai Yunfei. The research for 'clues to the origin'....had finally born fruit!

It was a simple +1, but it was a historical step in Bai Yunfei's story that would allow Bai Yunfei to throw open the doors to the rest of the world beyond....