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 Chapter 536: Crafting a Heaven-tier Soul Armament

Moments after Mo Huangkong appeared, the space around him started to warp again as several people stepped out into being. Their entrance had been strange--almost like a ghost even--and no one below had noticed. They floated there silently in the skies without either flying soul armament or elemental energy keeping them up in place.

They were Soul Kings!!

Bai Yunfei's successful creation of a heaven-tier soul armament had drawn in the attention of even the Soul Kings!

Twenty Soul Kings stood there now, transfixed upon the sight of so much elemental energy being drawn in by Bai Yunfei's actions. Those that realized what was going on heaved heavily in their admiration while those that didn't know who Bai Yunfei was stared suspiciously at him.

But they did nothing other than watch. When they saw Mo Huangkong, the Soul Kings bowed politely to him, some of the Soul Kings looking even a little reveration at him.


Elemental metal continued to draw in to the cauldron for one whole minute before the whirlpool of it started to shrink. Being fully sucked in by the cauldron now, no more elemental metal appeared into the world now.

Even with the world returning back to normal, the audience were still in a state of shock and unable to comprehend what had just happened.

They weren't the only ones. Bai Yunfei, who had been standing right next to the cauldron, looked even more shocked than everyone else!

Naturally, Bai Yunfei was stunned by the results of his crafting and the activation of the Lightningfire Cauldron's effect. His reaction to it was better than the others and was quickly suppressed. Now that the cauldron was beginning to finish up, his entire body started to shake with extreme trepidation.

Power like none ever felt before when he was crafting started to flow out from the interior of the cauldron. He knew. He knew that the soul armament that'd be in the cauldron would be....a low-heaven tier soul armament!!

It was a low-heaven tier! He had somehow managed to craft a low-heaven tier soul armament!

No one expected this outcome. Not Bai Yunfei, and not the audience watching him. And yet only Bai Yunfei knew the secret behind this.

By all rights, the soul armament currently in the cauldron should've been a high-earth tier. The reason why it had been elevated to a low-heaven tier was solely because of the additional effect of the Lightningfire Cauldron!

Lightningfire Cauldron's stats:

Unique Equipment

Equipment Grade: Low Heaven

Elemental Affinity: Fire, Lightning

Upgrade Level: +10

Special Effect 1: Increase chance of success when crafting by 300%.

Special Effect 2: 15% chance to add lightning affinity to item when crafting.

+10 Additional Effect: 10% chance to boost the overall stats of an equipment by 20% when crafting.

Soul Compatibility: 13%

Upgrade Requirement: 110 Soulpoints

The effect that had been activated was the one where the cauldron would increase the stats of the item by 20%!

Never had Bai Yunfei such heavenly luck with the activation of its effect before. But it did its job. Without that activation, the soul armament would've been stuck as a high-earth tier. But with its activation, the 20% boost elevated the stats just high enough to become a heaven-tier!

This wasn't the result of Bai Yunfei upgrading the stats of an item to improve it. This was a brand new equipment that was already a heaven-tier!

Without the Lightningfire Cauldron, attaining such a result simply wouldn't have been possible! This was Bai Yunfei's very first heaven-tier soul armament he crafted!

Trying his best to quelm his emotions, Bai Yunfei waved his right hand, summoning the soul armament. It flew out from the cauldron in a bubble of golden light before then falling neatly into his hand.

It was a surprisingly small soul armament--being only the size of his hand. It wasn't a weapon like a sword or saber, or even a piece of armor like a breastplate or bracer. It was....a glove!

The glove was silky smooth, though he could see the golden glow coming from the fingerless gloves!

After using such a large chunk of soft aurinium ore, was the resulting product really just a tiny glove?

Bai Yunfei touched the golden glove, waiting for its stats to pop up in his mind expectantly.

Equipment Grade: Low Heaven

Elemental Affinity: Metal

Attack: 2100

Defense: 2200

Soul Compatibility: 20%

Equipment Effect: Increase damage dealt to wood-type enemies by 20%.

Upgrade Requirement: 120 Soulpoints

As expected, this was a low-heaven tier! It was barely enough to qualify, but it was one nonetheless! Furthermore, it....had an equipment effect!

Even the Ardent Sun Glove on his right hand didn't have an equipment effect!

And it could increase the damage dealt to those with a wood affinity....this surely had to be because of the Five Elements theory where Metal overcomes Wood. The concept of 'generating' and 'overcoming' between the Five Elements wasn't very clear to many until these said elements crossed against one another. The Ardent Sun Glove for example, held an affinity for fire. In the Five Elements theory, Fire overcomes Metal so the glove was very effective towards those with an affinity for metal. It wasn't normally clear for Bai Yunfei in these cases, but the 'effect' of this new golden glove was clearly saying it was effective towards those with an affinity for wood!

There was also something else completely unexpected to this item. It had 20% soul compatibility before it was even upgraded!

Bai Yunfei's heart shivered with joy. Not only did the stats of the glove made him happy, there were two other things that added to his glee. One was the sense of pride and accomplishment for crafting a heaven-tier soul armament, and the other more important reason was because....of the sudden understandings he just gained in regards to the art of crafting.

Putting away the golden glove into his space ring, Bai Yunfei took in a heavy gulp of air. Turning around at the stunned people around him, Bai Yunfei looked then to the seven students standing behind him. "Crafting this time was a success. Now that you've seen the art in its entirety for yourself, you should know now how arduous and tedious it is to craft. If you still wish to stay in my class, prepare yourself for a similar process.

"That concludes class for today. As I said before, write down your thoughts and understandings from today and hand it to me the next class....let's say in a week from today."

He looked up to the skies. "It's getting late. Class is dismissed."

Bai Yunfei left the students there. Without caring for the people gossiping around him again, Bai Yunfei stored away his cauldron and strode for the outer gates to look for Zheng Kai so they could both leave the academy together.

His sudden departure had been a little disconcerting to everyone. They didn't even have the time to talk to Bai Yunfei before he left in such a 'hurry', though they could understand why. He looked exhausted, and that much was to be expected. It was normal to feel as such after spending two whole days and nights to craft a soul armament, and a heaven-tier one at that. If he didn't want to stick around to talk, then the others didn't want to risk angering Bai Yunfei in talks. They could talk with him another day.

But still, everyone was determined to talk with him eventually. Interpersonal talks and connections with him would be for the best--someone who could craft a heaven-tier soul armament was someone worthy of respect from even Soul Kings.

And so today marked yet another day where Bai Yunfei's name was made known through the Capital, the world of soul cultivators, and beyond....