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 Chapter 535: Armaments That Change the World

Bai Yunfei was excited; the result that was his crafting was far better than he expected....it was going completely without a problem!

He had never such a success before!

There wasn't even a single slip up in the entire process so far--he hadn't even needed to add in any materials to stabilize or revise the synthesis thus far! If crafting was a complex musical performance, then his prelude was perfect, and the ensuing rhythm was completely flawless!

There wasn't any special reason for why he was having this success. Right now, Bai Yunfei was in a never-before experienced 'state' of mind. A state of clarity and achievement beyond all else he felt!

Bai Yunfei forgot about the world when the soft aurinium ore was placed into the Lightningfire Cauldron. Right now, there was him and the cauldron, or more specifically, him and the soul armament being crafted in it.

Everything happening within the cauldron was being memorized by Bai Yunfei as it did. When the aurinium ore was melted in the cauldron, whenever the mixture changed slightly, whenever a new material was added, whenever the liquid mixture changed in purity, whenever it pulsed with energy, and whenever it changed shape....

Bai Yunfei didn't even know just how many soul armaments he crafted since the beginning, but this one attempt alone was special in that Bai Yunfei felt something 'special' in it.

It was as if he could do anything he wanted without anything going wrong.

Under his expert manipulation, the soft aurinium ore was liquified into the already-present mixture. With each impurity processed out from it, the liquid start to compress in size, from the size of a wash basin to a soccer ball, to a bowl, and then to the size of a palm.....

He hadn't even noticed the passage of time flow around him. Oblivious to the world, Bai Yunfei's eyes were only on the soul armament in front of him, slowly changing in shape and taking material form....


Not even a hundred people remained by the time of the second night of when Bai Yunfei started crafting. All those that did remain though were those strong enough to understand what was going on. Each one of them were staring at Bai Yunfei and what he was doing with eyes filled with shock and uncertainty.

From what they could see, Bai Yunfei's current state was especially special. Even if they knew very little about crafting, they could at least see that Bai Yunfei's crafting attempt was going swimmingly.

The most important thing was the amount of power radiating from the cauldron in front of Bai Yunfei. The amount of power coming from it was immense, and it was still growing.

The soul armament hadn't even finished crafting yet, but people were already sure of one thing--this was a high-earth tier soul armament!

Somehow, Bai Yunfei had the power to craft a high-earth tier soul armament!

This conclusion was shared by almost everyone there. Not only the instructors, but even the 'outsiders' had the same feeling. As people who had extensive knowledge of the world in general, they knew bits and pieces of what crafters were capable of. With Bai Yunfei's strength as a mid-stage Soul Exalt, they all felt that it'd already be extremely commendable for him to craft a mid-earth tier soul armament.

So no one expected him to go a step beyond that and craft a high-earth tier soul armament.

Today, the people still in attendance--or even the groups they were affiliated with--would leave this place today with a completely new impression of Bai Yunfei.



Flames burst forth from the cauldron as if no longer restrained by an invisible barrier. Jettisoning into the skies, the flames roared loudly enough to startle everyone watching.

"Did he succeed?!"

Someone cried out in anticipation.

They saw Bai Yunfei's eyes flutter open, and the energy that was pouring out from the cauldron was fully affecting everyone's senses.

The answer was as they said. Bai Yunfei had succeeded.

A pleased smile was etched onto Bai Yunfei's face. This time, his crafting was an overwhelming success. This one soul armament in the cauldron right now was a high-earth tier, but it ranked higher than most of its kind in quality.

All Bai Yunfei needed to do was put out the fires in the cauldron and let the cauldron burn off the rest of its energy. From there, he could pull out the soul armament and admire the finished product.

But before he could do either of these two things to finish the process....the cauldron started to behave differently!

"What?!" The moment when the soul armament should've been fully crafted, Bai Yunfei felt some of his soulforce suddenly drain away from him into the cauldron, which then started to shine with light!

"This is...."

When he realized what was happening, Bai Yunfei's eyes began to shine with utter delight!

This feeling was....the feeling of an effect being activated! The Lightningfire Cauldron's effect was being activated!!


"What? What's going on?!"

Everyone in attendance began to gasp, unsure of what was happening. They had been so sure that the performance was finally over with the cauldron erupting what seemed to be a volcanic burst of red light. But now, a golden beam of light like a sword was shining out from the cauldron to pierce into the skies!

The beam of golden light shot straight into the skies like a tower of light. For kilometers around, a wave of soulforce pulsated outwards from the epicenter that was the tower. Elemental metal materialized into the world in the form of golden wisps of light being drawn towards the cauldron beneath the golden tower of light!

Everyone was stunned, unsure of what to say or even think at this sight. Then, a late-stage Soul Exalt elder suddenly jolted in his seat as he realized something about this situation. "Is....could this possibly be....a Worldly Phantasm? Elemental energies are starting to materialize....this isn't a high-earth tier soul armament, this is....a heaven-tier!!!"

"A heaven-tier soul armament!!"

Everyone around him gasped, repeating the words themselves.

Earth-tier soul armaments were incapable of this phenomena, as the energy used to create one--even if it was a high-earth tier- would be incapable of producing any kind of change onto the world. Only heaven-tier soul armaments would capable of producing a change onto the energies of the world and draw in those energies to finish off their creation.

Such a change was known to many as when an 'armament changes the world'. They were signs that a heaven-tier soul armament was crafted, and only those who were familiar with the Crafting School would be familiar with such a term.

And the reason why such a phenomena was happening today was because of....the soul armament Bai Yunfei crafted!

The change was felt in the surrounding world for kilometers around. Elemental metal continued to materialize as it was being drawn to the cauldron, whirling around it and the pillar like a whirlpool of energy. At the center of it all was the cauldron, sucking in energy like a blackhole, but only that of elemental metal.

Those watching were speechless. All they could do was sit there and watch as metallic light shined from the cauldron and illuminated even their figures.


In a small area a kilometer above in the skies, a figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere without warning. Watching as the elemental energy continued to flow towards a certain area, the man had a suspicious look in his eyes.

It was Mo Huangkong.

"A heaven-tier soul armament, how peculiar...." He muttered. With his level of eyesight and knowledge, even he had to sigh in shock and admiration at the sight. "I underestimated him. That Bai Yunfei has outperformed every single one of my expectations so far...."

Tendrils of elemental metal continued to be sucked into the pillar as he watched.

"I really do look forward to what this crafting class will offer...."