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 Chapter 532: Rebound

Elemental fire rippled everywhere from where Bai Yunfei stood, but Bai Yunfei himself was completely unharmed!

Several people from the audience gasped at the sight. They all knew just from the sight alone that the glove Bai Yunfei wore on his right hand was a powerful soul armament!

Zhou Yu stood there in the skies as well, his face was repudiating the fact that his strongest skill had been so easily stopped by Bai Yunfei!

His left arm was still trembling from when the Cataclysmic Seal came forward to stop the fire drill from being sent out. Snarling, Zhou Yu's eyes flashed dangerously. His right arm shook to bring out a 1.3 meter long sword with a blade that was completely scarlet!

If his fists and feet were useless, then he'd use his soul armament!

"The Crimson Warblade! Instructor Zhou Yu is bringing out the Crimson Warblade! That's a low-heaven tier soul armament! Barely any of the other instructors have a soul armament like that, what's he doing taking it out now?!"

"I bet instructor Zhou Yu is feeling impatient. Now that he has the heaven-tier soul armament, there'll definitely be danger now. How's Bai Yunfei going to deal with this now?"

There were some loud gasps from the audience when Zhou Yu unsheathed his Crimson Warblade. Aside from those instructors who were Soul Kings, not many people here had a heaven-tier soul armament. It was only by luck that Zhou Yu came across his weapon, but he cherished it heavily.

He was unwilling to admit defeat. By bringing out his strongest soul armament, Zhou Yu would destroy Bai Yunfei's defense and claim victory.

Zhou Yu brandished the blade, unleashing a scorch mark onto the ground several meters long with a grunt. Leaping off against the ground with enough strength to leave an impact, he flew towards Bai Yunfei to deliver a sword stroke onto him.

And with this leap, he prepared himself to deliver a gravity-fueled strike onto Bai Yunfei's left shoulder!

This strike was also a precautionary attack, or maybe Zhou Yu was just thinking that Bai Yunfei would 'move'. He wanted Bai Yunfei to do that, that way, he'd be able to make use of his swordsmanship to deliver a beautiful strike.

But the thing that surprised him was the fact that Bai Yunfei still didn't make an attempt to dodge--even when the blade was nearly about to slice through his arm!

All Bai Yunfei did was take a half step back with his left leg and bring his right arm up to meet the sword!

Zhou Yu yelped in alarm. Trying as he might to pull his blade back up, it was a little too late for him to avoid contact. Bai Yunfei's arm greeted the sword with a loud clasng!


The entire audience expected to see the sight of blood and flesh fly through the air rather than hear the sound of metal hitting metal. Several of the audience members gasped as Bai Yunfei's figure sunk slightly deeper into the ground--and fracturing it--while Zhou Yu's heaven-tier Crimson Warblade was....rebounded backwards!

The rebounding force had been strong enough to carry Zhou Yu with it. Staggering three full steps backwards, he managed to maintain his hold on it before staring at Bai Yunfei in shock.

While his blade had failed to cut away at Bai Yunfei's arm, it did however manage to cut away the sleeves of his robes, revealing a bright-red bracer shining fiercely with light underneath it!

It was a soul armament! A soul armament capable of stopping even a heaven-tier soul armament without a problem!

"Impossible!" Zhou Yu cried. Unwilling to accept this reality in front of him, he dashed forward again, this time his blade poised to slice through Bai Yunfei's neck from the left side! Whether it was in speed or strength, this second strike was several time more aggressive than the first!

With Bai Yunfei having only just blocked Zhou Yu's blade with his right arm, he was put in a relatively more difficult position. It was best for Bai Yunfei to either step back or bend backwards at the waist to dodge Zhou Yu's next stroke, but Bai Yunfei's actions up until this point had been completely unpredictable, and he had no desire to break that streak.

Under the attentive eyes of everyone there, Bai Yunfei this time raised his left arm up instead of his right!


There was another metallic clang when the blade clashed with him. Twisting his left arm, Bai Yunfei deflected the blade away from him!

On his left arm was yet another bracer!

What happened next was even more surprising. The moment after Zhou Yu's sword was deflected, Zhou Yu had an appalled yet pained expression on his face. His sword arm trembled slightly, and small cracks were forming around his hand. And then a second later, the Crimson Warblade.....fell from his hand!

The first time Zhou Yu clashed with one of Bai Yunfei's bracers, the rebound he felt had indeed been noticeable, but this second time, the rebound was way greater in magnitude than 'normal'. It felt as if....the strength he put into his blow hadn't been transmitted to Bai Yunfei and was instead turned back onto him! And since he hadn't been exxpeceing to need to defend himself, the strength of the blow was enough to disarm him of his warblade!

Bai Yunfei looked slightly surprised too; he hadn't expected that the additional effect of his Returner Bracer would coincidentally activate then!

Returner Bracer's stats:

Unique Equipment

Equipment Grade: Mid Earth

Elemental Affinity: Earth

Upgrade Level: +10

Defense: 890

Additional Defense: 478

Soul Compatibility: 15%

+10 Additional Effect: 15% Chance to deflect back 30% of the damage inflicted when defending.

Damage cannot exceed the total defensive power of this equipment and cannot deflect projectiles.

Upgrade Requirement: 100 Soulpoints

The defensive might of the Returner Bracer was just enough to be considered a low-heaven tier soul armament, but defending Zhou Yu's weapon wouldn't be too easy still. The fact that he was able to deflect thirty percent of the damage done to Bai Yunfei had not only made it look like Bai Yunfei had block the sword 'easily', but it even disarmed Zhou Yu!

When Zhou Yu was staggering back in his bewilderment, Bai Yunfei saw his chance! He had spent most of his time in this match defending, now was his time to move!

Be immovable like a mountain and move as fast as lightning!

Zhou Yu had been quick enough to catch onto the fact that Bai Yunfei was on the move, but when he looked at him, Zhou Yu was startled to see that Bai Yunfei was even faster than he was!

And on his way towards Zhou Yu, there was flash of red light before a familiar crimson spear appeared in Bai Yunfei's right hand!

Without any superfluous motions, Bai Yunfei stabbed outwards!

Retreating, Zhou Yu tried his best to avoid, but Bai Yunfei's spear was already well on its way to his throat!

The quickness that was the fiery spear terrified Zhou Yu. His eyes were flitting around rapidly as he tried to think of a way out from this, but the more he thought, the more he realized he was stuck in an 'undodgeable' situation!

Still trying to move backwards, Zhou Yu's arms flew up and erected a fiery bubble around him, shining smoothly like the surface of water. In less than two quick moments, there was a seemingly impenetrable shield of fire being held up by his two palms.

Zhou Yu planted his feet on the ground, he wouldn't retreat anymore in this fight....he couldn't actually, as he was right next to the edge of the arena. To go any further was to lose, so he had to hold his ground here. He didn't need to anyways since Bai Yunfei's spear was only a meter away from his shield. As long as he could defend, Zhou Yu could take advantage of the brief respite to get out of the way and make some distance.

But the next moment saw to Zhou Yu coming to an abrupt stop. Any idea of evading or doing anything was rendered useless as he stood there, fixed to the spot.

The fiery tip of Bai Yunfei's spear was now just an inch away from his throat.