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 Chapter 529: Materials Warehouse

They were standing within a giant warehouse about a square kilometer in area and had shelves lining up row after row after row, just like in Mo Huangkong's library. But the only difference here was that the shelves were filled with all sorts of materials rather than books.

Plenty of lightstones adorned the walls, providing enough illumination in the area to reveal just how many materials there were in the warehouse.

They were only simple shelves with materials, but Bai Yunfei was left absolutely breathless with what he saw. He had been prepared to see a veritable treasure trove of materials, but this sight in front of him exceeded all expectations he had.

All of the materials were neatly categorized, separated, and arranged to differ between size, usages, and how they were arranged on the shelves. It was so neatly arranged that Bai Yunfei felt like he was back in the warehouse of the Crafting School, since only crafters knew the uses between materials usually.

From this alone, Bai Yunfei realized just how much effort the academy was willing to put towards having the academy offer a class on crafting.

All sorts of ore, soulgems, primal stones, and even plants....they shined and gleamed underneath the light.

Off to the side, Bai Yunfei even saw five large shelves filled with supplementary powder used for solidifying the soul armament. That type of stuff was used only for crafting and nothing else.

Looking around the warehouse would need more than just his eyesight to fully explore. Using his soulsense, Bai Yunfei was able to get a good grasp of what was stored here. He wouldn't be lacking in material here, as the warehouse had everything he could practically want. He took the best he could find, putting them onto a table in the corner to keep track of what was what. With those materials, Bai Yunfei was guaranteed a high-earth tier soul armament. One of the things Bai Yunfei found even was a clump of golden ore concentrate, an item Bai Yunfei once saw his senior Kou Changkong use before to craft a heaven tier soul armament.

With each material he found, Bai Yunfei's gleamed even brighter with uncontrolled glee. It was a treasure trove of unbelievable proportions that no crafter wouldn't drool over.

Mo Huangkong looked pleased at his reaction, "Is it to your satisfaction, Yunfei? From today onwards, you may take whatever you need from here, whether it's for your classes or for your own crafting needs. Inform me if there is a shortage of something and I will have someone restock them."

Bai Yunfei sucked in a sharp breath of air, "Thank you for your generosity, senior Mo! I will do my best to teach the art of crafting to my students!"

If there was any slightest hints of hesitation or indifference Bai Yunfei had about the situation, there was none now. It was his responsibility to succeed now. If Mo Huangkong was investing so much on him, then Bai Yunfei could hardly let him down.

"Haha, you are an instructor of this academy, call me chairman from now on." Mo Huangkong smiled, "I've faith in your abilities. Feel free to pick whatever other materials you need and I'll bring you to your class."

Bai Yunfei nodded, breathless almost as he looked at the materials all around him. Previously, he hadn't thought that the academy would have such a comprehensive stock of materials, but now that he realized the possibilities, Bai Yunfei wasn't willing to give it up. With these materials, he'd be able to pick the best materials and create the best soul armaments to date.


Ten minutes later, two people appeared right in front of a large building in the eastern corner of the academy grounds. It was Mo Huangkong and Bai Yunfei, who traveled there by walking rather than teleporting.

It was so Bai Yunfei would know where the warehouse was, and how to get to and from from there. Giving the 'warehouse' key to Bai Yunfei, Mo Huangkong instructed him to treat it well and allowed him free reign with the materials.

"Well then, I'm sure your students are already waiting for you. If you're ready, you may begin your classes whenever." Mo Huangkong pointed to a two-story tall building about a kilometer to the left. "That is the classroom you'll be teaching in. You may, of course, choose any other place if this one isn't to your liking."

"Will you not be coming with me, chairman?"

"There's no need for me to. I've faith in your abilities, and I will wait for your good news. There will be people who observe how you run your class, but pay them no mind, do as you normally do and all will be fine."

As Mo Huangkong prepared to leave, Bai Yunfei suddenly spoke out, sounding a little embarrassed, "Ah-chairman, if...if I may, would it be possible for you to bring me back to the stone building?"

"Hm?" Mo Huangkong spoke, "What business do you have there?

"A friend came here with me and is currently waiting for me. I wish to walk with him back to the classroom."

"I see, very well then, let us go."

Without minding at all, Mo Huangkong waved his hand, and the two persons disappeared from sight.


Back in front of the stone building, Bai Yunfei looked for Zheng Kai and Xiao Qi before making their way back to the 'classroom'.

"Brother Bai, you said your classroom will be in that building?" Zheng Kai pointed, "I remember that's where the sixth year students from the fire section spar with each other. Is the chairman really giving you that place? The entire building?"

"He must have," Bai Yunfei nodded, "the chairman said the students will be waiting there, but I have to go see if that environment is suitable first. If it isn't, then I'll find a new place to hold classes."

His eyes drifted away to the giant mountain behind the academy.

"Wonder which students the chairman gave you, you said they're all from the fifth and sixth years, right? They'll definitely be the best of the bests, I'll tell you that. Your crafting class will be where all the geniuses among geniuses gather!!" Zheng Kai sighed before suddenly thinking about something. "Haha, I just realized something, brother Bai. You've just 'stolen' the students from the other instructor, and the best ones to boot. The fifth years has nine classes and the sixth years have five, wonder which instructors had just had their students 'stolen'! With that, they'll definitely come to dislike you for that, haha!! Better take care of yourself now...."

"Er...." Bai Yunfei looked a little unsure at the words of Zheng Kai. Judging from his reaction, one of those instructors surely had to be the one who attack him several days before, could it?

The two males continued walking for a moment on the roads before finally coming close to their destination.

Right there in front of the building, both Bai Yunfei and Zheng Kai saw a sight that caused them both to start in surprise.

There weren't many students on the way here, and that was to be expected, but the sight in front of the building was definitely a sight to behold....