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 Chapter 528: First Day of Class

Tianhun Academy went into a flummox over the course of the next few days. Students and instructors alike were chattering up a storm as they discussed the newest piece of gossip to hit their academy.

A....crafting class was to be opened and offered!

A student from the Crafting School was to come and teach the academy the art of crafting!

The Crafting School was considered to be a very amazing school in the eyes of many soul cultivators. Although the majority of soul cultivators had a soul armament or two, soul armaments were still very hard to get. A mid-earth or even high-earth tier soul armament would see to many people fighting over them, and those who could craft them, namely the Crafting School, were thus seen as people to respect for their prowess.

Crafters needn't fight others for soul armaments. They only need to 'create'! They could craft as many soul armaments as their hearts content, and just one earth tier soul armament wasn't even much to them!

Those who were happiest to hear about this piece of hot news were the fifth and sixth year students from the fire section. The new class on crafting would choose among them to be its newest students!

Their happiness didn't last for long. Shortly afterwards, the chairman himself came out with a list of names for those that'd be in the class, and the disappointment of many, there were only seven names on that list. The entire fire section was disappointed, but they couldn't argue with the chairman's decision, they could only accept his decision and look on in jealousy at those who were accepted.

Every student accepted into the class was a genius among their peers. Even among the entire academy as a whole, they were the cream of the crop and not one student could possibly deny saying the chairman had made the right choice.

And so, every single student--the newly accepted crafting students most definitely--waited expectantly for the day the crafting course would start, and for the 'rumored' crafting instructor to appear....


By the dawn of the first day of classes, Bai Yunfei tidied himself up and prepared to leave to Tianhun Academy with Zheng Kai.

He had the permafrost mastiff and blue-eyes wyrm stay behind this time. Only Xiao Qi would accompany him to class today, since he didn't expect to come across any trouble, and having multiple soulbeasts with him wouldn't be wise. With so many eyes on him today, having the permafrost mastiff there under scrutiny wouldn't be the best of ideas, just in case someone figured out its actual identity.

Zheng Kai had leapt at the chance to leave the manor. After being 'cooped' in his own home for three whole days, he was even happier than Bai Yunfei that day. Like the other students, he was extremely curious how Bai Yunfei would teach the class and pestered Bai Yunfei with questions on the way there. But Bai Yunfei only smiled, saying to Zheng Kai that he'd see in time, much to Zheng Kai's consternation.

There hadn't been any welcoming ceremony or anything when they stepped onto the academy. No one saw anything out of the ordinary from Bai Yunfei's entrance to all the way in the fifth and sixth year sections.

But the only difference there was that when Bai Yunfei reached this part of the academy, he would walk for one of the buildings to the east.

But first, Bai Yunfei had to go to the stone building the chairman Mo Huangkong was in. Mo Huangkong had said that all preparations for the class would be handled by him, Bai Yunfei just needed to show up that day to teach. Unsure of what Mo Huangkong had in mind, Bai Yunfei decided to head there first to see what exactly it was. He also had a few plans for today's lessons, so he wanted to ask the chairman for some help--Bai Yunfei was quite expectant to see just what kind of materials the chairman had promised.

Zheng Kai didn't get too close to the stone building, leaving Bai Yunfei to walk there only to meet with the chairman.


"Ah, you're here, Yunfei." Mo Huangkong smiled in greeting, "How are things? Are you prepared for today? What do you plan to do?"

"Rest assured, senior Mo, I've several things in mind. But I'd like to ask first, just how many students will I be teaching?"

"Don't you worry, Yunfei. I won't unload too many students onto you all at once. I've picked seven students in total: four sixth years and three fifth years, all of them being the top of their classes."

"Only seven people." Bai Yunfei sighed in relief.

"I won't lie, senior Mo, I plan to craft a soul armament for everyone to see today. I know the academy has geniuses of all sorts gathered here, many might not be willing to accept me as their instructor. So if I can prove my abilities as a crafter, they might become more willing to accept me, or decide to drop the class if they choose. I only wish to teach those who are willing to learn from me."

"Oh?" Mo Huangkong laughed, "That much will be of no issue. I did promise to meet whatever needs you have. If you're not satisfied with the students I picked, you are free to add or subtract from their numbers as you wish."

His answer was another weight off Bai Yunfei's shoulders. "Furthermore.....senior Mo, as I said earlier, I plan on crafting a soul armament. For the sake of a high quality one, I will need to choose from the best materials offered. I recall senior Mo saying that the academy will offer its stockpile of materials, so if I may...."

"Haha, that can be arranged as well...." Mo Huangkong nodded, "it really is no problem really, I would've brought you there to see our warehouse even if you hadn't mentioned it. I am not a man who makes empty promises. Allow me to show you at once where you are allowed to take materials from for your class."

Bai Yunfei's vision spun a little when Mo Huangkong placed a hand onto his right shoulder. The table that they had been sitting at fell away from the world, and before he could react, the two of them were....

Through a mysterious force of power, Bai Yunfei felt himself being taken through the world before his vision came back to him. And when he realized that, he saw that.....the environment around him was completely different than before!

Or perhaps it was better to say where Bai Yunfei once sat within the stone building was now a completely different place!


Bai Yunfei realized with a start. Mo Huangkong wasn't only capable of teleportation, he was capable of bringing Bai Yunfei with him!

"Take a look, Yunfei. You may take any materials here to help you craft a soul armament today. You may come and go here later for a second and third trip later."

Mo Huangkong spoke to the still dazed Bai Yunfei.

For as far as the eyes could see, Bai Yunfei was looking at things that left him in absolute shock and joy....