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 Chapter 527: Preparing for Class

Bai Yunfei didn't start his meditation training when he got back like normal. Instead, he laid back on his bed and began to think about what happened today.

The fact that so many things had happened to him in his first whole day in the Capital had thoroughly destroyed what plans Bai Yunfei had.

He originally wanted to go stroll around the Capital and take a look around for what there was to do. And after he finished what his master wanted him to do, he'd wait around for a month or two before heading back to the Crafting School.

But those plans, it seemed, would have to be put to rest.

In the span of a single day, Bai Yunfei somehow became an instructor at Tianhun Academy where all the finest students gathered. Furthermore, he knocked out the fourth prince and got off on the wrong foot with another instructor there before meeting with the second prince....

Any one of those alone would've made Bai Yunfei sigh regardless.

This was the wonder that was the Capital! The people here weren't any weaker than Bai Yunfei, and even though they were older than Bai Yunfei, that didn't discount just how much of a genius they were. It was said that the granddaughter of the chairman became a late-stage Soul Exalt by the age of twenty-seven, that was a feat in itself not much worse than Jiang Fan, was it not?

His third senior Jiang Fan had taken some time to make the breakthrough from a late-stage Soul Ancestor to Soul Exalt, but Bai Yunfei was sure it wouldn't take long for him to become a late-stage Soul Exalt.

In terms of cultivation and training, the students of Tianhun Academy weren't any worse than those of the Crafting School, as they well deserved to be.


"But to become a teacher! What....what can I even teach them about?"

Bai Yunfei sighed, thinking about his master's orders for him to be an instructor. Was he to be like what his master was to him? To teach the art of crafting? That didn't feel right at all!

The way Zi Jin taught him was by taking into account the special circumstances of Bai Yunfei and hand-tailoring a personal teaching schedule for him. This wasn't an act that could be repeated and taught on a much higher scale, or at least, for Bai Yunfei.

"I don't even know what kind of students I'll be getting. Senior Mo said he'll pick from the fifth and sixth year students from the fire section, so that means the weakest will be a Soul Ancestor at most.....every student here is a genius of some kind, so their understandings will be much higher than what I'm used to, won't that make it harder for me to teach?

"I can't even say they'll even understand some of the stuff I'll be talking about....

"Wonder how many students there'll be? If there's a lot, that'll be troublesome. I'll ask the chairman next time I guess, don't want to have too many students and be called incompetent.....hopefully it'll be less than ten.

"Won't there be people who'll be older than me, if they're from the sixth year? Will they even listen to me....? I'll have to be careful and keep my real age a secret."

As of this current year, Bai Yunfei was twenty-four years old, though he was well experienced for his age rather than not. It was hard for people to define the actual age of a soul cultivator when they were in their mid-twenties to forties, so with Bai Yunfei's strength, there'd definitely be people who would think he was at least in his thirties.

"Then again, it won't be too bad being an instructor....." He thought about what Mo Huangkong had said to him, "If he's going to be preparing several things, he's probably going to give me some rare materials that even the Crafting School hardly gets to use, right? I can take some of those materials for the sake of 'teaching', and that won't be a complete lie. It'll help me out a lot too...."

In truth, Bai Yunfei didn't really feel like he had mastered the art of crafting. He worked hard to attain the level of proficiency he had with it today, that much was for sure, but most of his efforts went towards increasing his own strength. He wasn't in much of a hurry now to improve himself with how strong he was now, so once again, he could slow down and dedicate himself to the art of crafting.

He was after all a crafter. The skill of his school had to be mastered with perfection, and the soul armaments he made had to be flawless. This was also yet another way he could grow stronger.

"Three days to prepare, huh? Then I better think hard on what to teach! I can't disappoint master Zi Jin, I'll prepare for everything that might happen on the first day of class...."


Bai Yunfei rose bright and early the next day. He stepped out from his room in the spacious western courtyards--oh so graciously provided to him by the Zheng manor--Bai Yunfei thought his living quarters to be quite special. It was a relatively large place for him to stay without any other guests. And aside from the maids and servants, no one else would be there to bother him.

It was in this courtyard that Bai Yunfei set up his cauldron along with the materials he gathered over the past few years in preparation to start crafting.

He wasn't trying to craft a perfectly powerful soul armament at the moment. What he was trying to do was prepare himself for the best state of mind to be in while crafting so that he could make sure he'd be able to teach his students about the topic without a problem on the first day of class.

One of the things he planned on doing was to show off his skill with the craft. If he was to be teaching a course on crafting, it stood to reason he showed off what the art could do.

He would be crafting a soul armament to establish his identity and credibility as an instructor capable of the art of crafting. With that, there wouldn't be any student that'd deny elsewise.

Since failure wasn't an option, Bai Yunfei had to concentrate all his energy into crafting a high-earth tier soul armament at the very least to show off the might of the Crafting School.

Crafting one of those as a mid-stage Soul Exalt was relatively hard, but doable for someone like Bai Yunfei, who had two fireseed essences. For most crafter, it'd require them being late-stage Soul Exalts before they could even hope crafting a high-earth tier soul armament.

Heaven-tier soul armaments required a crafter to be a Soul King before they could pull it off. To the Crafting School, a heaven-tier soul armament being made wasn't anything to be wowed over, but not for the outside world. Everyone would go crazy over a heaven-tier soul armament being made.

It was Soul Kings for the most part that had a heaven-tier soul armament, and even then, they were usually low-heaven tier. Only a scant few Soul Kings have mid-heaven tier soul armaments. Aside from them, only those belonging to a wealthy family or having some sort of high background would have one.

Zheng Kai was another shining example of that. The black fan he wielded was a low-heaven tier soul armament and was also a very rare soul armament with a space affinity.

Bai Yunfei starting to craft had caught the attention of many people in the courtyard. Those within a kilometer or two of the courtyard Bai Yunfei was in felt the increase of heat and the red light shining from the courtyards. Many had even panicked a bit, thinking that the courtyard caught on fire.

Like the others, Zheng Kai was one of the few that came by in wonder. Watching as a powerful-looking soul armament popped out from the cauldron, he clicked his tongue in amazement.

Bai Yunfei had first wanted to pay his respects to the leading figures of Zheng manor when he first arrived, but when he was informed that they were all currently busy managing other affairs, Bai Yunfei decided to worry about his own things first and meet with them later. And now that he was busy 'preparing for class', Bai Yunfei decided then that now wasn't the time to meet with them.

And so in no time at all, three days went by, and Bai Yunfei was ready to start his classes....