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 Chapter 523: Knockdown Via Brick

The sixth year section was the closest to the center of Tianhun Academy where the chairman's building was, so there were plenty of sixth year students closeby to Bai Yunfei and the other two. Gathering in twos and threes, the early-stage or mid-stage Soul Exalts began to look at what was going on.

They were all now looking and talking with interest at what was going on in front of the stone buildings.

"Hey, come quick! The fourth prince Wu Yang is bothering our senior Wanxia again. You have to give him credit, he's a persistent one!"

"Shhh.....don't let him hear that. He's always been going on about how senior Wanxia is 'his'. If he hears you, you're definitely in for it."

"Who's that guy in the middle? Never seen him before, is he new? A newbie that so stupidly angered Mo Wanxia or the prince Wu Yang maybe?"

"Hehe, I remember that one time we had that guy who called himself the strongest one here. An early-stage Soul Exalt by the age of thirty, that's not too bad, but his ego was f*cking massive. The moment he started to speak dirty to senior Wanxia, the prince had him beaten til even his mom couldn't recognize him. I heard it took him an entire month to heal up...."

"Makes you really wonder why is it the prince really likes senior Wanxia. She's always treating him so coldly, the fact that he isn't put off by that is really something else."

"The prince is so stubbornly arrogant, don't you think? Not many would dare go against him. Plenty of people have tried getting close to senior Wanxia, only to have the prince beat them back. That new guy is unlucky."

"That's the chairman's library right there, wonder if the chairman will come out to stop them."

"He'd probably see it as some sort of little kids squabble. Why would he even bother?"

All the students here were long-time students of the academy. Even though they were in their twenties or thirties, they were all still considered 'young'. They weren't like regular soul cultivators who left their homes to train when young, they spent the entirety of their time in the academy and focusing all their energy in training. So as a result, they were all a little juvenile in the mind and were quite interested at the sight in front of them.

The life of cultivation was a boring one, so happenings like these were always seen with great interest to others.


"I challenge you to a duel!"

Wu Yang roared to Bai Yunfei.


Bai Yunfei wasn't the only one surprised. Mo Wanxia and the person behind Wu Yang were both equally surprised.

"This is crazy...." Bai Yunfei thought to himself. "Friend, I've no interest in dueling with you. I have nothing to do with this miss here, please continue, I'll be taking my leave."

Wu Yang looked like a hedonistic child that Bai Yunfei didn't want to get involved with, so he turned around to leave.

He didn't see Zheng Kai or Xiao Qi, so the two of them must've went somewhere else.

Bai Yunfei's indifferent attitude towards him had left Wu Yang with surprise. Not many people would ever dare repeat those actions, did Bai Yunfei not know who he was?

Before Bai Yunfei could take two more steps after whirling around to leave, Wu Yang suddenly exploded with anger, "Running away after disrespecting Wanxia? You coward! Stand still and let me teach you a lesson!"

What kind of words were those? 'Stand still and be taught a lesson'? Bai Yunfei froze, his eyes narrowed together.

But Wu Yang was already coming at him!

Elemental fire surrounded the man as he pounced for Bai Yunfei. His right arm lashed for Bai Yunfei's back.

The amount of aura he was giving off....he was a mid-stage Soul Exalt!

Wu Yang was a mid-stage Soul Exalt!

This type of unreasonable preaching really annoyed Bai Yunfei. Eyes flashing dangerously, he whirled around and lashed out with a right punch of his own towards the other fist.


There was a muffled sound of collision as the two fists clashed together. Then, under everyone's amazed eyes, Wu Yang was the one that staggered back several steps!

"Oh?! So you do have some skill!" Wu Yang remarked, "Haha, no wonder you're such an arrogant one, you're a mid-stage Soul Exalt too! I won't back then. You'll know that we're worlds apart!"

He had been holding back with his punch earlier, but now that Bai Yunfei revealed himself to be a mid-stage Soul Exalt too, that ignited Wu Yang's competitive streak. He also didn't want to be embarrassed in front of Wanxia, so he'd go all out to defeat this 'arrogant' person in front of him.

Besides, maybe Wanxia would come to see him in a new light when she saw how heroic he was?

"Who's the arrogant one??"

Again, Bai Yunfei felt another wave of annoyance and helplessness towards Wu Yang. He really couldn't understand people like him.

And neither could he bother to listen to anything more Wu Yang had to say or do. As Wu Yang leapt towards him again like a tiger, Bai Yunfei used the Wave Treading Steps to fall back, creating a mirror image for Wu Yang to punch. His speed was faster than Wu Yang expected, and before the prince could even make a follow up, Bai Yunfei was already launching his own counter attack. A flash of red light popped up in front of him before it followed his pointing and flew towards Wu Yang's head!

Its speed was faster than Bai Yunfei's initial move! Unable to dodge in time, Wu Yang tried to bring his arms up, but the red flash of light had already smacked into his head, and then his world blacked out....


Following the smacking sound, everyone there was stunned to watch Wu Yang's body go flying backwards through the air before crumpling on the ground....he had been knocked out!

A single move was all it took for a mid-stage Soul Exalt like Wu Yang to be defeated! The students there were gobsmacked, but no one there knew what exactly Bai Yunfei did to knock Wu Yang out.

"Fourth prince!!"

The man in green previously standing behind him cried out. In a flash, he flew over to where Wu Yang rested on the ground and began to inspect him for his injuries. Aside from the small chicken-egg sized bump on his head and the fact that he was knocked out, Wu Yang was for the most part unharmed.

The man let out a sigh in relief.

His eyes traveled over to Bai Yunfei next in bewilderment. Based on what he saw of Bai Yunfei's strength, Wu Yang should've been the victor of the battle, but instead, Bai Yunfei had knocked the fourth prince out!

He took Wu Yang into his arms and stood up. Now wasn't the time to be teaching Bai Yunfei a lesson, he figured. Aside from an ominous glare at him to memorize his face, the man took Wu Yang and left the area.

Bai Yunfei hadn't expected for the man to just leave with Wu Yang. He saw that the man was pretty strong himself, but if he was leaving, then Bai Yunfei was happy there wouldn't be a second fight.

At this moment, Mo Wanxia was still standing there in shock. Her mind hadn't fully registered the fact that Wu Yang had been defeated by this man in front of her, so all she could do was stand there and stare at Bai Yunfei. With how lost she look--like a doe in the headlights--she looked quite cute.

Bai Yunfei shook his head, not at all caring for the looks around him anymore. He could sense Xiao Qi wasn't too far away from him to the right, so he made to move his way over there.

"Halt!! You think you can leave this place after injuring His Highness the Fourth Prince?!

Not even a few steps later, a furious voice called out to him. A good few hundred meters away, a figure in red flew out from one of the buildings towards him. Like a meteor on fire, the figure shined a furious red light to travel towards Bai Yunfei!