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 Chapter 522: Mo Wanxia

"Wu Yang!! I told you to stop following me! Can you please act like a prince for once and stop thinking you can get any girl you want? Why do you have to annoy me so much! I told you I don't like you at all, so stop bothering me!"

In the fifth year section of Tianhun Academy, the furious ranting of a female could be heard. Though slightly high in decibels, the owner of this voice was still definitely sweet-sounding to the ears.

"Wanxia, don't be so cold like that. And what do you mean? I only like you, aren't you the one ignoring me? Do you not think I love you? If it's for you, I'm willing to do anything! What do I have to do for you to just accept me?"

There was the pitiful sounds of a male that followed the angry female, though his words were filled with earnest affection and pleading for her.

Three persons were in front of the three-storied building there. At the front of the group was a tall, provocative but graceful young woman in a red robe. Her skin was like ice, her eyebrows black and her lips cherry-red. She was a stunning woman in beauty, though she looked less patient than others, and she had been walking faster than the people behind her.

Right behind her was a man in white. He was of ordinary make, though his aura was the opposite. He strode for the girl with a graceful air and smile, though he looked slightly afraid to get any closer than three meters from her.

And in front of them was another person in green. He was silent as he followed the two and didn't seem at all interested in their conversation.

The girl, Mo Wanxia, gave a glare at the young man, "Wu Yang!" She blared, "Can you please act like a prince?! Stop following me! I'm meeting up with someone already, so stop bothering me!"

The one named Wu Yang looked disheartened for a moment before he bounced back, "Don't try and lie to me, Wanxia. I know you're meeting up with the same person from last time? How dare he look so lovingly at you--I made sure he won't be making that same mistake! I did make sure to pay him for his troubles though, so don't be angry.....you know, I managed to get a hold of an early-stage class three great-tailed ferret the other day, it's quite cute. It can even use its tail so cutely, why don't I give that to you? You'll love it for sure...."

Faced with such an endless amount of flattery, Mo Wanxia looked even more helpless than before, "I don't like pets, so don't bother. I'm off to meet my date, buzz off."

"What date? We're already pretty much at the chairman's library, are you trying to hide in your grandfather's place? You've done that so many times already, Wanxia. Don't bother running. Running is just hiding your emotions. You know it be true that you like me, don't you? Stop fighting it, you know I'm serious about you. As long as you agree, you'll be my only concubine. I'll treat you right and good...."


It was with raised eyebrows and gritted teeth that Mo Wanxia looked ready to commit murder. Right as she was about to let loose a torrent of her own onto him, she noticed a young man in green with his head hung low coming out from one of the buildings. Eyes lightening up with opportunity, she raced for the young man.

"Ah! Did I keep you waiting? Sorry! I had to stop for something!!"

She cried, racing to him and latching onto his right arm. "I'm not lying to you this time," She turned him towards the man chasing her, "he and I have a date to the western lakes. We'll be going now, so don't wait up."

Wu Yang came to a pause to stare at the young man. "Wanxia," he smiled, "you're pulling random excuses now. I can tell he isn't your sweetheart, so stop lying."


Having been alarmed to be pulled into the embrace of a young woman, Bai Yunfei didn't know whether to laugh or cry after listening to the situation until he was pulled in as an excuse for the young woman. His heart had skipped a beat realizing what trouble he was going to be in until the other man pointed out the reality of the situation. Luckily for him, this Wu Yang was smarter than he looked and wouldn't be seeking confrontation. That'd save them all one more piece of trouble.

The anger Mo Wanxia was feeling from Wu Yang was immense. In her anger though, she didn't realize just how tightly her chest was as she clutched Bai Yunfei's arm, and the scent of her being was wafting into Bai Yunfei's nose, making him feel slightly embarrassed.

As Bai Yunfei was about to push her away, she suddenly drew even closer to him. "Who says I'm playing around? He's one of my suitors, and I like him. If you don't believe me, then watch!"

She swung her head to face Bai Yunfei, her eyelids fluttering close and her cherry-red lips drawing closer to Bai Yunfei's face--if he didn't stop this, then he and she would really be proving how 'close' they were!


Bai Yunfei felt his heart skip a beat again as Wu Yang roared in anger. Already deciding to pull away before Wu Yang cried out, Bai Yunfei felt the aura coming from him and immediately narrowed his eyes.

"Wanxia, don't be like this. Even if I know you're joking, I can't guarantee I won't take it out on this man here. You of all people should know how jealous I can get."

Freezing up with anger, Mo Wanxia looked like she wanted to say something, but before she could, she felt her two arms suddenly fall away from the arm she was holding onto and pushed away as the young man next to her took several steps away from her.

"Miss, please don't play this type of joke, I don't even know you." Bai Yunfei spoke to the young woman with narrowed eyes.

This woman was clearly trying to use him, and that left a bad taste on his mouth. The changes going through Wu Yang's face as she was about to kiss him had been dangerous, so bai Yunfei felt it wise to 'come out' with the truth. If Wu Yang really was a person who acted on his jealousy, then there was no telling what would've happened if the girl went through with her kiss. Any trouble that Wu Yang would've stirred would've fallen upon Bai Yunfei, and that was something he wanted to avoid at all costs.

So despite the anger he was feeling in his heart, Bai Yunfei tried to leave the conversation off with a short few words. "Please have some respect for yourself, miss. Doing something as defamatory as this will only cause troubles for others."

Mo Wanxia's eyes blinked several times in surprise. She hadn't expected Bai Yunfei to say that; especially the first few words.

No self respect? Where in the world did this guy get off telling her that? Was he calling her a shameless woman with no self-respect?!

The apathetic look he was giving her affected her heavily. For some reason, she was actually starting to feel vexed and her eyes started to reveal her emotions of distress.

But Wu Yang was not at all impressed with Bai Yunfei. Seeing the distress on Mo Wanxia's face, he immediately flew into anger, "You! How dare you?! You dare humiliate Wanxia!? I....I challenge you to a duel!!"


Now Bai Yunfei really didn't know if he should laugh or cry. How did things end up like this! And why a duel?!