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 Chapter 521: Classes?!


For the very first time since their conversation started, Mo Huangkong's eyes were wide open in complete shock. "Huang Lin is dead, you say?! Who killed him?"

"When this junior was in the Soulbeast Forest, I came across some trouble where Huang Lin came after me to kill. After a scuffle, he was....killed by me."

"By yourself?"

"Yes, senior. Myself and two other soulbeasts."


Mo Huangkong looked Bai Yunfei over once again without saying anything for some time. Finally, he sighed, "Alas! I've grown far too old. Since when have the youngsters of today been able to do something like that...? You truly are Zi Jin's disciple....you're well on your way to surpass him!"

He chuckled when he saw the look of concern on Bai Yunfei's face. "Rest assured, young one. Your permafrost mastiff is well hidden, even an ordinary Soul King won't be able to tell its origins. There should be no worries for you being found out."

Bai Yunfei let out a sigh of relief. He had been worried about if other people would realize just how strange the permafrost mastiff was, and that they'd make the connection between it and Huang Lin's permafrost mastiff. Like Mo Huangkong said, there would most certainly be trouble if the Beast Taming School learned about it.

"Senior Mo, this junior has a friend waiting for me on the outside. If there's nothing else to be done, then this junior will be taking my leave..." Bai Yunfei spoke after a while. He really wanted to leave this building now that the old man knew his secret. He was really afraid that he'd find out about the Upgrade Technique next.

"Ah, you are new to the Capital, are you not? Familiar yourself with our city, and if you're ready, feel free to start your classes whenever."

"Ah?" This wasn't what Bai Yunfei expected to hear.


Mo Huangkong was taken back as well, "What? Did Zi Jin not tell you? I thought you'd know."

"Er....forgive this junior for not knowing. My master wants me to study here? Begging your pardon, senior, but....though the instructors here are very strong and can teach about plenty of things, this junior is accustomed to training by myself. I would not learn much under another...."

What was Mo Huangkong talking about, did his master really want him to learn here? Was Zheng Kai right?

"Learn?" Mo Huangkong reiterated, a faint smile of amusement on his lips. "When did I say you were here to learn? You are Zi Jin's disciple, which instructor here has a right to take over as your teacher?"


"I ask of you to start your classes not as a student, but as an....instructor."


Will wonders never cease! Amazed, Bai Yunfei's mouth dropped open. "Senior Mo, is this some sort of trick? Senior, what capabilities do I have as a teacher? I....I don't even know how to teach anyone anything!"

"Don't be so harsh on yourself, young one. Your master said the opposite in regards to you...." The elderly man smiled. The letter in his hand was motioned towards Bai Yunfei, "Since you weren't aware of the details, take a look. This is what your master told you to do."

Not quite sure what to think, Bai Yunfei took the letter and began to read.

The inner contents of the letter was rather quite simple. It consisted of Zi Jin mentioning of a promise made many years ago, saying that he would send someone to Tianhun Academy to become an instructor and offer a class.

That somebody was Bai Yunfei.

And the class to be offered was about....crafting!!

What Zi Jin promised was to have Tianhun Academy offer the art of crafting as a subject!

"I've been asking your master for dozens of years, and at last he has finally agreed. We'll start with a preliminary type of class to test the waters. I'll make sure to address whatever needs you or your class has, you just need to focus on teaching the art of crafting and not worry if the course is a success or not."

"I...." There was a look of reluctance on Bai Yunfei's face. "Senior Mo, this junior is an incompetent and only a novice in the art of crafting. How could I possibly be an instructor...."

"A novice? You are too harsh on yourself." Mo Huangkong spoke, "Your master said before that you have the best success rate out of any other student in the school. Don't devalue yourself, I've faith in your work.

"Or do you mean to tell me you don't wish to honor your master's wishes?" He added.


He couldn't continue to refuse now. If his master wanted it, then he was in no other position but to obey.

But still. To come here and teach the art of crafting....Bai Yunfei really didn't know what to think of this situation. How did his master come to think of this plan?

Teaching the art of crafting to outsiders of the school--wasn't that a problem?

What other kinds of secrets was he not aware of?

But no matter if it was a secret or not, Bai Yunfei had no choice but to follow his master's wishes for now and start 'teaching' a class in Tianhun Academy....

He was here not as a student, but an instructor.

Zheng Kai had said yesterday that he was strong enough to be an instructor, but he hadn't thought it to be true. Bai Yunfei supposed Zheng Kai would have the last laugh now.

Mo Huangkong seemed to have noticed the 'compromise' they reached. "Don't worry, young one," he smiled, "just try your best. As I said before, the academy will see to meeting your requirements, no matter if it's the students you want, a place to teach, or even the materials, we will see to it. You may start whenever, but we do require you teach at least one class per week."

"I.....thank you for your consideration, senior Mo. But the art of crafting isn't something that can be taught so quickly. We of the Crafting School require students with a high aptitude for crafting, an aspect that is irrelevant to aptitude for cultivation, so teaching students randomly would be pointless. And teaching students with low strength would also take several years before they become a Soul Sprite...."

"Don't you worry about that. We will send the students from the fifth and sixth year fire-type students. They are all very talented in elemental fire, but time will tell if they have the talent needed for crafting. Let us have a trial period of half a year to a year. If there's no one capable of it, we can give up the idea, a year isn't much time for us soul cultivators in any case.

"Our academy has plenty of materials for you to use for crafting as well. You may take whatever you need from the academy and use it as you see fit for your class."

Clearly, Mo Huangkong was prepared to negotiate for the crafting class. "If....if that is what senior Mo has prepared."

"That's settled, then. Why don't we have your class start three days from now. I've some matters to take care of and students to select. I'll have them sent to your class three days later."


It was a dejected Bai Yunfei that stepped out from the stone building. He had originally came to this academy with the purpose of sending a letter, but now he had been 'shackled' with the burden of being an instructor to the academy.

It would appear that he'd be stuck in the Capital for longer than he thought.

"Ah! Did I keep you waiting? Sorry! I had to stop for something!!"

As he walked away from the building, the delighted voice of a female called out to him. Looking up, Bai Yunfei saw a figure whose figure was glowing as red as the setting sun pounce onto him.

Under his own amazed eyes, this woman stuck herself close to him, pulling herself close to hug his arm!