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 Chapter 515: Four Lords of the Capital

From what Bai Yunfei could see, the tied up person in front of them was looking quite scared--a little more scared than before Bai Yunfei had appeared maybe with how white his face was.

The reason behind that was the blue-eyes wyrm.

Not even a meter in front of him was a single ten-meter wide 'footprint'.

The people guarding him from before once stood there, but when the blue-eyes wyrm fell from the skies, the two of them disappeared without a trace, and the craters from the footprint was now just barely any distance away from his nose, scaring him quite badly.

Even though the blue-eyes wyrm was a lot smaller than before, the male was still scared out of his skin.

Zheng Kai was the first to reach him. Cutting through the ropes in one fluid motion, Zheng Kai placed a hand onto him and transmitted his soulforce into the acupoints of his friend to unblock it.

This fatty had only the strength of a Soul Ancestor, but the reason why he couldn't move was because of the fact that his soulforce circulation had been forcibly stopped.

He leapt up to his feet the moment he recovered, the fat on his skin trembling with his movements, "Motherf*cking sh*t! I thought I was going to die for sure!" He announced.

The male spread his arms wide when he saw the three unharmed friends of his, "Haha, my brothers! Good thing you're not harmed, I wouldn't ever be able to face myself otherwise, even if they flayed all the fat on me!"

He was quite clearly trying to liven up the mood with a joke, but the fear in his eyes was still quite clearly there.

Zheng Kai and the other two smiled and nodded though, choosing not to say anything. They dodged the bear hug offered and instead allowed him to tap his fist to their chests as a friendly greeting between brothers.

Bai Yunfei was just then walking up to them, allowing Zheng Kai the opportunity to introduce him, "Haha, brother Bai, let me introduce you to my three good brothers."

He pointed to the tall one first, "This is our oldest, Huang Bin."

Bai Yunfei quirked an eyebrow as if remembering something, but he nodded his head anyways.

Zheng Kai pointed his finger next to the frail-looking young man with two elements, "He's our third brother, Chen Qiankun."

Then before Zheng Kai could even get the the next person, the fatty raced forward to introduce himself, "Haha! My turn! I'm the fourth brother, Jin Manlou! Brother Bai, is it? Thanks for saving me, I really can't thank you enough!"

Bai Yunfei cupped his hands to everyone there, "You must be the Four Lords of the Capital. This one has heard of you all before, I never thought that I'd meet you four in person. It's nice to meet you all..."

"Pah, Four Lords of the Capital? What a bullsh*t nickname, none of us never wanted those nicknames to begin with." Jin Manlou waved his hand, "Brother Bin," he looked to Huang Bin, "should we start heading back now? This place is a little unordinary, so we should let our families come deal with it....."

Huang Bin's face hardened a bit at that. Looking all around, he nodded, "We should. It's a little inappropriate to stay here, the sooner we get back, the better. Brother Bai, you should come with us to the Capital, we can thank you there."

"That's right," Zheng Kai spoke, "why don't you come with us, brother Bai?"

"That's fine with me," replied Bai Yunfei, "I was planning to enter the Capital anyways. It'll save me the trouble of not being familiar with the place."

The environment around the group suddenly start to warp a bit as the illusion finally started to fade, revealing parts of the real world around them.

"This is....an illusion!!"

Zheng Kai cried out.

The more the barrier started to warp, the more the illusion started to fade away. Now that the group was starting to focus, they saw a streak of green fly through the place. Each time it swooped down to the ground for a moment and back up into the air, the illusion would fade even more.

After a few repetitions of this, the illusion finally crumbled completely, revealing the night sky of the true world to the group. Shortly afterwards, the green streak of light flew towards Bai Yunfei.

It was Xiao Qi.

Several balls of green light floated around Xiao Qi as it flew towards Bai Yunfei. In the light, they looked like stones of some kind that emanated a strange type of energy.

As Zheng Kai and the others looked on in surprise, Xiao Qi touched down on the ground in front of Bai Yunfei and dropped the stones for him to place into his space ring.

The four brothers looked at each other as if thinking of the same thing, but none of them said anything about Bai Yunfei's strange actions.

Returning to its regular small size, Xiao Qi came to a perch onto Bai Yunfei's right shoulder. Realizing something, the four brothers turned around to look at half-human-sized thing come running towards around the area, holding something in its arms.....it was the blue-eyes wyrm!

Whenever it came to a stop near a corpse, the wyrm would grab hold of the corpse's space ring before moving onto the next. Swiftly and smoothly, the wyrm managed to extract all the space rings of the dead soul cultivators, even the ones of the crushed two it killed earlier....

But what the four did notice was that the wyrm was collecting only the space rings of the ones Bai Yunfei and his soulbeasts had killed, and not the ones the four killed.

The blue-eyes wyrm returned with a total of eight space rings. Running up to Bai Yunfei, it looked at Bai Yunfei as if pleased about something.

Bai Yunfei smiled before taking the space rings from it.

"....." The four were speechless, wasn't there something wrong with this situation right here?

There were three soulbeasts right by Bai Yunfei's side, they realized!!

That giant mastiff had already returned to a highly 'adorable' shape of a small white 'dog', but they all knew just what the dog really was. A class seven soulbeast! If they hadn't seen the soulbeast and its true strength before, they surely wouldn't have made the connection between that and the loveable small dog in front of them.

"The class seven soulbeast has to be the one he's contracted to. There's very little Soul Exalts that have a class seven soulbeast contracted with them, but then, what is he doing with the other two soulbeasts then?"

The mystery that was Bai Yunfei grew even deeper on their minds now....

"Zheng Kai, what should we do with this one?" Bai Yunfei pointed to the still alive soul cultivator.

"I'm sure the Capital will send someone over in time. Let's have them deal with it." Zheng Kai spoke. He walked up to the soul cultivator, and with a few expert jabs of his finger, the incapacitated man's acupoints were all clogged, preventing him from moving or killing himself.

Though the illusionary barrier dampened the battle residue of the Soul Exalts, the permafrost mastiff's aura wouldn't be so easily stopped, meaning it wouldn't be long before someone from the Capital would notice and send someone over.

And Zheng Kai was right. Just a few moments later, Bai Yunfei looked to the left, "Ah, someone's here...."

Several streaks of light came touching down from the direction Bai Yunfei looked towards, but not before Huang Bin and the others stared at him strangely. Bai Yunfei had been the first to notice them.

There were three streaks of light from the Capital. They flew over to where Bai Yunfei and the others were, and Zheng Kai was the first to identify who they were, "Eh? Brother Bin, your second uncle is here!"

Huang Bin gave a surprised chuckle, "Haha, that makes things simpler. I'll make the report to the seniors and then we can all leave."

He leapt into the air after that to reach the three elders.

As the elders approached, Bai Yunfei noticed that the three elders were all Soul Kings, their auras powerful to the senses.

Up in the air, Huang Bin bowed to the three before quickly relating what had happened to them four. As he did, the three elders looked slightly surprised, but one of the three had a furious expression on his face. That one had to be Huang Bin's second uncle.

Huang Bin pointed a finger to the still alive prisoner on the ground, and then to Bai Yunfei, making sure to speak a few words more about him before bowing and returning to the ground.

"We can all leave now. They'll take care of the rest." Huang Bin spoke.

Everyone nodded their heads. Bai Yunfei watched as Zheng Kai and the others waved their right hands to take out a flying sword. Even the weakest one there, Jin Manlou, had one.

"Brother Bai, do you...."

Zheng Kai turned his head to Bai Yunfei, a question halfway formed on his lips before Bai Yunfei took out his Tempest Sword.


Flying through the air on a flying sword was naturally a lot faster than traveling on their own soulforce. In less than half an hour, five streaks of light came to a stop in front of a giant city gate, revealing Bai Yunfei and the others.

"Brother Bai, the Capital forbids anyone from using flying soul armaments within its boundaries. If it's not any trouble, we'll travel the rest of the way on foot." Zheng Kai explained.

"Ah, yes then. Thank you for leading the way."

"Haha!! Today really scared me out of my mind! Let's head over to my Hundred Aliments for a meal, my treat!" Jin Manlou chuckled heartily.

"Of course you're treating, you really think we'd pay for our own meals after today? Better bring out your God Intoxicating Wine for us to drink." Chen Qiantan waved his empty wine pot merrily.

"You only ever think about my God Intoxicating Wine, third brother! Haha, fine, whatever! Since you shed so much blood for me today, I'll let you drink as much as you want!!"

The four laughed to one another as Bai Yunfei followed from behind. He rarely interrupted the conversation and instead chose to look around the place in wonder at the sights of the Capital.

The eighteen year old him never would've imagined that he'd be able to come to the Capital.....

It was a prosperous and magnificent place of hidden dangers. Just what kind of stories would he be able to find here?