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 Chapter 513: Lending a Hand


The moment the giant zhanmadao stabbed into the ground, the orange light from the blade disseminated into the ground in waves, trembling and fracturing it as it spread in every direction around it!

The elemental earth from the blade spread through the ground shortly before erupting from it to form a barrier of blades to surround the enemies!

In order to evade being hit, the twelve Soul Exalts leapt into the air.

It was then that the young man in white flew into motion. His soulforce erupted from his body as he swung his right hand, a folding fan suddenly appearing in it. Now armed, the young man swung his fan several times at the airborne enemies!

What came out from the fan wasn't wind, but....blades as black as night!

At least twenty of these black blades flew through the air, each of them traveling silently through the air!

The timing of his attacks had been extremely precise. It was as though he and the earth-affinity soul cultivator had planned this beforehand, and without trouble, the twenty blades traveled silently towards the enemies!

None of the twelve looked terrified by the blades, though they each immediately summoned elemental energy to their feet to form platforms. Kicking off from it, they were each able to fly off in a different direction to evade.

Their reactions were fast, but not unexpected by the young man in white, who sent another leading volley.

There were several shouts of pain as several of the blades connected. Many of the people had dodged, but there were four that weren't so lucky!

Of the four, three of them were cut at the waist. One of them--a peak late-stage Soul Exalt--had both his legs cut off at the knees!

It was only a single move, but the young man's strength was terrifying!

But it was too soon for the remaining people to feel safe. Taking advantage of their airborne status, the two other young men with the one in white lashed out, striking at the ones closest to them.

The earth affinity soul cultivator roared, bringing his giant sword up into the air. With the blade being extended another ten meters by his soulforce, he swung it down, sending a wave of elemental earth at the nearest one, cutting the person in two from head to toe!

Likewise, the Soul Exalt with a dual affinity for water and wind lashed out, a fist slamming into the throat of one enemy. Eyes bulging out in abject fear, the man hit by the punch flew backwards and back down to the ground where he didn't get back up.

"Ah!" There was another shout as the man in white slashed out his fan again, sending a black wave of energy at the legless Soul Exalt. This time, the Soul Exalt wasn't able to avoid being cut in half again.

In just a matter of moments, the dozen enemies was reduced to six!!

The three rendezvous together when they each killed another one of their enemies, the one in white in the middle. Each of the three looked tired it seemed, their energy nearing their limits now.

But there were still two late-stage and four peak late-stage Soul Exalts left! The exhaustion of the three only encouraged the remaining six in attacking. And without pause, the six flew at them again for a new assault!

The three youths were utterly spent. Their defenses were done half-heartedly, and if nothing were to change the predicament they were in soon, it would probably be another two minutes before they would fall and be captured.


Bai Yunfei's eyes widened when he saw the black energy come out from the youth in white. "That's....that's the Spatial Edge! He's a space-affinity soul cultivator!!"

Of all things, Bai Yunfei wasn't expecting to come across a soul cultivator with the extremely rare space element!

It was then that the man in white whirled around in the direction of Bai Yunfei, allowing him to get a good glance at the youth's face.

In the moment he saw, Bai Yunfei's eyes registered the person's facial appearances, widening in surprise as he did. "It's him!!"

The remaining six were nearly upon the three men now.

Bai Yunfei's eyes shined uncertainty for a moment as he debated what to do. Then, a second later, he flew out like an arrow with his body ablaze with red light!


The earth-shaking roar that erupted in the area startled all those fighting up ahead. From the three youths to the six people on the other side, they all paused to look at the source of it.

And since Bai Yunfei no longer cared about hiding his soulforce, he was the first to pique all nine combatants' attention

But the one who roared wasn't Bai Yunfei, it was the one that was even faster than he was. The permafrost mastiff!

The class seven soulbeast had revealed itself, staring down everyone within the area with its crimson-red eyes and bringing down a domineering amount of presence onto the area. With a class seven soulbeast here, everyone suddenly looked despondent.

But the reason behind their despondence wasn't because of them fearing their lack of strength, it was because of a....mental attack!!

Under Bai Yunfei's command, the permafrost mastiff unleashed an unique attack of a class seven soulbeast, a mental attack!

Due to the amount of enemies there, the attack used wasn't very strong. But even despite that, the six Soul Exalts paled in the face as the attack took effect on them, their fear sapping away at their bodies and their soulforce starting to shake--some of them starting to lose even control of it.

Using the permafrost mastiff to take care of this fight was the fastest way to resolve this problem!

The next thing the six Soul Exalts registered in their eyes was a streak of white as it blurred by. With a bang, the white light came to a stop right besides the three youths, a decently-sized crater where it stood. When the smoke cleared up, it was revealed to be the permafrost mastiff standing there, a headless corpse in its jaws--it had killed the strongest Soul Exalt there!

Before the peak late-stage Soul Exalt could even react, the permafrost mastiff had died to its claws and jaws!


A bolt of violet and green followed behind the mastiff before five separate blades of space tore through the area and towards five different enemies.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!"

Three blood-curdling shrieks were heard next. The group of five hadn't even had time to properly register how one of them had died to the mastiff before another three of them were struck dead by the Spatial Edges!

All that that remained were two peak late-stage Soul Exalts. Managing to avoid death by dodging the Spatial Edges, the two immediately took off in a quick retreat!

Their courage had been shattered! Before Bai Yunfei could even properly appear and take part in the battle, four more of the six had been killed, and the remaining two were fleeing for their lives!


The moment when the person on the right turned to run, a crimson-red spear had run through him!

"Boom!!" The peak late-stage Soul Exalt hadn't even realize he had been stabbed through the chest when the spear unleashed an explosion and scattered his body into pieces!


Another furious roar was heard as the blue-eyes wyrm lashed out at the same moment the Spatial Edges were fired from Xiao Qi. Transforming in a blaze of blue light as it flew into the air, the now giant-sized wyrm went after not the last survivor, but.....the ground towards the two late-stage Soul Exalts keeping watch over the immobile person!

There was a mighty crash as the blue-eyes wyrm came down onto the two Soul Exalts. Having been distracted by the mental attack of the permafrost mastiff, the two Soul Exalts had failed to realize the wyrm was above them and died as a result!

That left only one last peak late-stage Soul Exalt left. Shooting off to the left, he moved towards the direction of the illusionary barrier in his attempt to flee.

His eyes were filled with joy as he approached the barrier. But then, a blur appeared right in front of him as the permafrost mastiff came to greet him face-to-face.

And without any further resistance, the mastiff brought its paw down onto the man's chest and pushed him down.


The man smashed against the ground, creating a crater as he did. Blood splashed out from his mouth from the impact, but the man was very much alive.

Bai Yunfei had commanded the permafrost mastiff to capture him alive for interrogation.


In less than a minute, the eight enemies were all dead or dealt with!

Bai Yunfei nodded to himself in satisfaction at the still alive person in the crater. Turning around, he walked towards the three dumbfounded youths.

He looked to the one in white robes first, a cordial smile on his lips as he spoke, "We meet again, Zheng Kai...."