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 Book 1 Chapter 50: Reaching Baifeng City

At sunset, the light of the setting sun was shining on this thick forest, but under the cover of the dense foliage, only tiny spots of light were able to get through the gaps between the leaves, which made the whole forest look somewhat dusky.

Forcefully suppressing the injuries in his body and channeling his remaining small amount of soulforce into his legs, Bai Yunfei was running fast in this forest.

On his face, there was a trace of rejoicing over having escaped from a very dangerous situation and a hint of injury pain, but most of all, there was a deep regret.

"Glacial Piercer, my Glacial Piercer!!" While running, Bai Yunfei roared nonstop in his mind, "It's gone just like that... My Glacial Piercer!!"

If the several soul items were ranked in terms of preference, the Glacial Piercer would even place ahead of the Fire-tipped Spear because aside from being his first 'loot item', it also possessed that extremely practical additional effect. Sometimes Bai Yunfei even felt that the Glacial Piercer of the low rare grade was more useful than the Fire-tipped Spear of the low inheritance grade...

In the several battles he had fought so far, it could be said that the Glacial Piercer had contributed towards the victories even more than the Fire-tipped Spear had.

But now, the Glacial Piercer was already gone...

Bai Yunfei felt like his heart was bleeding...

Ran, ran, ran... Bai Yunfei did not know how far he had run. He ran all the way until both his soulforce and physical strength were used up. Only then did he finally stop.

He raised his head looking at the starry sky through the gaps between the leaves. In his ears, there were only the constant cries of night insects and also the occasional snarls of some kinds of wild beasts.

"He shouldn't... be able to catch up with me for a while, right?..." Bai Yunfei took a look backwards in an exhausted manner, "Let's stop running. I can't run anymore either. I'll stay here and rest for a night. If the enemy could even catch up with me after I've run so far away, then I'd have no choice but to accept my fate..."

Finding a very tall and large tree, Bai Yunfei climbed up to a branch that was even thicker than his waist and took a quick look at the surroundings. After confirming that there were no venomous serpents and wild beasts around, he sat down with legs crossed on that branch and closed his eyes, beginning to recover his soulforce and heal his internal injuries.

The next day, when the sun was shining high above, Bai Yunfei finally opened his eyes slowly on that branch after staying motionless for a whole night.

Taking a deep breath then exhaling gently, he raised his right hand in front of his eyes, formed a fist, swung his arm then massaged his left shoulder and frowned slightly.

"Alas! It still hasn't fully healed, but fortunately there isn't any big problem. I should be able to recover within the next two days at most."

Taking out some food from inside his interspatial ring, he began to fill his hungry stomach. While eating, he thought about the battle of the previous day.

"That little animal which tracked me was already killed. Now it should be impossible for them to find out where I am. This forest is quite large too, so if they want to come in and search for me, it'll basically be like searching for a needle in the ocean. I only need to leave this place as quickly as possible then be more careful with my actions instead of making myself visible to the enemy like last time, I will not be in danger again.

"I lack combat experience and still haven't practiced how to use my techniques enough. Though these shortcomings won't be noticeable if I fight ordinary people and soul cultivators weaker than me, they will be exposed thoroughly if I run into opponents stronger than me...

"Petty tricks will be useless too, and if I use them, the enemy can even take advantage of them to trick me. From now on, I can't be so arrogant again... My biggest advantage is still the Upgrade Technique! Only the additional effects that the enemy doesn't expect to come up against should be the key to my victory!

"But now, even if those ordinary weapons are given additional effects, it will still be very difficult to use them to fight strong enemies. As for soul items, the only ones left are the Fire-tipped Spear and the Goldsilk Soul Armor. Alas... my Glacial Piercer!! My Glacial Piercer..." As soon as Bai Yunfei thought of the Glacial Piercer, he could not help feeling upset again.

"Get stronger! Get stronger!! Now I'm being hunted like a homeless dog only because I'm not powerful enough yet! I must improve my soulforce and upgrade more items!" The grievance in his heart turned into an intense fury, which triggered Bai Yunfei's unquenchable desire for power again.

"The Crafting School, the Crafting School... As long as I can join this school, I'll be able to make soul items on my own! When the time comes, this coupled with my Item Upgrade Technique...

"Alas... What am I thinking about? Now the most important thing is to deal with the problem at hand first. I must get out of this Qingyun Province as soon as possible!"

... ... ... ...

After another whole day, Bai Yunfei eventually walked out of this dense forest. When he saw a hamlet located not far outside the forest, he almost burst into tears out of happiness: "I can finally ask someone for directions..."

Because Bai Yunfei really needed to have a good rest, he stayed for a night in this village. Villagers always made Bai Yunfei feel warm inside. They enthusiastically received this stranger who had suddenly appeared in this remote hamlet. After knowing that he was injured, they even specifically prepared a large bowl of medicine for him to drink...

In the early morning of the next day, Bai Yunfei bid farewell to these guileless villagers in high spirits and headed in the direction where according to the villagers a town was located.

Three days later, after going through another grove, Bai Yunfei saw a large road in front of him with quite a few people going on it. Among them, there were even several groups of people looking like trade caravans or escort agencies who were moving slowly carrying a lot of things.

"This should be a main road. If I go down this road, I should be able to reach a large city..." Looking at the coming and going passersby, Bai Yunfei was a bit hesitant, "There are all kinds of people in a large city. I don't know whether the Zhang family's influence exist in this place as well. If I'm spotted again..."

After pondering with his head lowered for a while, he shook his head in self-derision again, saying to himself: "If I fret about everything, then I won't need to get out of this Qingyun Province either. Not even Zhang Zhenshan was able to catch me, even if I run into his subordinates, I'll just kill my way out!

"Plus, last time was merely a freak occurrence. I can't be so unlucky every time, right?" Lifting his head, Bai Yunfei looked at a trade caravan of about ten people which was going slowly on the road and said to himself with a mental nod: "Yeah, let's blend in with that trade caravan. After getting into the city, I'll buy all the stuff I need and rest well for a night. Then I'll leave right away! Right, I must buy a detailed map. With it, later I won't get lost all the time..."

Having made up his mind, Bai Yunfei walked towards that trade caravan. Those people were very easygoing. After a simple exchange, they agreed to let this ordinary-looking youngster join their trade caravan. Bai Yunfei asked for a straw hat then put in on his head. Helping push those goods with his head lowered, he went forwards slowly...

In the afternoon, this group of people reached a tall city gate. Hiding among the group, Bai Yunfei slowly entered the city.

Before entering the city, he raised his head taking a look at those two large words on the lofty gate - Baifeing City.

However, Bai Yunfei did not know that this city was where the primary force of the Glacial School was located.

And the headquarters of that school was at the base of Mt. Baifeng, which was just a two day trip from this city!