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 Chapter 510: The Second Lifebound Armament! (End of Book 4)

A living weapon!!

A new term popped into Bai Yunfei's mind.

He didn't know whether or not if his master Zi Jin had told him, or if the transmigrator's memories had come across this situation before.

Bai Yunfei had no idea what this world would even 'call' this, but he himself had an inkling of what he could describe it to be.

A living soul armament.

He had never heard of it before, let alone knowing if such a thing existed or not. Master Zi Jin had never said anything of the sort, but that was perhaps because Zi Jin wasn't strong enough to come across things like those.

When he looked at the Soul Sentinel Scarf, Bai Yunfei had a feeling of apprehension. Something wasn't right. There was a new feeling to this scarf than before. A feeling of familiarity....but he just couldn't figure out what.

Without even knowing it, Bai Yunfei's mind conjured up the stats of the Soul Sentinel Scarf again.

Equipment Grade: Low Divine

Elemental Affinity: Water, Darkness

Upgrade Level: +12

Defense: 11000

Additional Defense: 10000

Soul Compatibility: 100%

Equipment Effect 1: Decrease damage taken by all spirit-related attacks by 50%.

Equipment Effect 2: 200% Increase in healing from damage done to the soul.

Equipment Effect 3: 100% Increase in soul stabilization rate.

+10 Additional Effect: 30% Chance to completely deflect a spirit-based attack.

Cooldown of 10 minutes.

+12 Additional Effect: 200% Increase in spirit-based attacks.

Upgrade Requirement: 500 Soulpoints

Yeah, nothing changed. Nothing exce--

"100% Soul compatibility!!!" Bai Yunfei did a double-take, staring incredulously at the scarf in his hand.

What in the world?

It clicked then. This strange sensation he was having--he felt it somewhere before.

This was the exact feeling he felt towards the Cataclysmic Seal!!

A 100% soul compatibility meant.....a lifebound armament!!

But how was this possible! The scarf had only 25% when it was unsealed, meaning it wasn't even at the level of a soulbound armament. How could it suddenly shoot up to 100% and become a lifebound armament!

From what his master Zi Jin told him before, lifebound armaments were extremely hard to find and get. But here he was today, this Soul Sentinel Scarf mysteriously becoming one for him!

"Is it because of the soul in there?" That was Bai Yunfei's only guess that made sense. It was the only factor that Bai Yunfei could possibly think would matter.

The way how the Soul Sentinel Scarf became his lifebound armament differed greatly with how the Cataclysmic Seal became his lifebound armament.

While true that the Cataclysmic Seal had housed a bit of Bai Yunfei's soul before, that was when his soul and brick had fused with one another. In comparison, the Soul Sentinel Scard had forcibly taken a sliver of his soul and 'imprinted' it onto the scarf. In a way, it felt like that soul had been used to sign a 'contract' of sorts.

Even more differently, his soul wasn't in the Cataclysmic Seal.

But in the end, the Soul Sentinel Scarf was still his lifebound armament now. There weren't any bad side effects so far, and Bai Yunfei was disinclined to look to see if there were any problems. Right now, he felt far too out of his depth to be looking into this field of study. If he became stronger and more knowledgeable, the answers he was seeking would naturally come to him.


What Bai Yunfei didn't know was that there was already a precedent of this on the Tianhun continent. In the world of soul cultivators, they called this act the Regalia's Pledge!

Just like Bai Yunfei had guessed, the Soul Sentinel Scarf was one of the Ten Great Regalia!

Aside from the weakest and the strongest, there were no ranking of regalia on their strengths or weaknesses in between.

The Nephrite Throne was the tenth Regalia and as well as the 'weakest' of them. The only reason why it was counted among the Ten Great Regalia was solely due to its unique effect. It wasn't a true 'regalia', as Bai Yunfei could saw when he looked at its grade being only a high-heaven.

There was one thing the Nephrite Throne lacked that all the other Regalia did not. It was a 'Regalia' without a spirit.

The reason why the other Regalis were considered Regalias was because of the fact they....had spirit within them!!

Without a spirit living within the Regalia, the Regalia could not be as powerful as it was. It would not be able to go beyond the limits of a heaven tier.

In order for a Regalia's spirit to truly show its strength, the spirit would have to swear fealty to its owner. To swear a Pledge and work for that master!

From antiquity to modern times, the amount of people with these Regalia have been few. And those who had a Regalia Pledged with them were even rarer!

The Regalia's Pledge was meant to be an extremely difficult task, but Bai Yunfei had managed to do so as easily as lifting his hand. The reason behind that was due to the state the Soul Sentinel Scarf had been--the sealed state it was once in.


The Ten Great Regalia appeared more than two millennia ago when Wu Tianhun unified the continent under his rule. Following that, those Regalia with no historical affiliation were disseminated through the continent while those that did remained with.

Throughout the annals of history, the appearance of a Regalia would send waves through the continent, opening it to bloodshed and massacre as people fought for it.

So it was surprising to see a Regalia just fall into Bai Yunfei's hand without a sound.

No one would've seen this coming. Not Bai Yunfei, not Huang Lin from the Beast Taming School, not Yao Tong, and not the head of the Xing, Xing Qiuhong....

If the one who first got managed to grab hold of this Regalia before sending it home, Xing Shuangqing, was still alive, he would've vomited three liters of blood if he heard about this.

Four years ago, Xing Shuangqing was one of the few that decided to scout out a certain dangerous spot of land and came across the corpse of a once very strong person. From the state of being that corpse was in, they all surmised that it had been hundreds of years since the person died, but there had been a Regalia on him!

The entire group flew into a rage at that. Turning the entire area over to look for any traces of the Regalia, the group soon fell to internal strife and broke apart. Within the confusion, Xing Shuangqing was thought to have written down the coordinates of where the Regalia was on a piece of cloth and fled.

It was common in this world to have people kill others for treasure, especially soul cultivators. With more than half their group already dead due to their internal strife, the remaining survivors didn't bother to tell the world of this development and instead chose to chase after the one with the 'treasure map', Xing Shuangqing.

It was at some point during his escape that Xing Shuangqing coincidentally came across Xing Qiugu and entrusted the 'treasure map' to him. Then, without being able to hide or run from his pursuers anymore, Xing Shuangqing finally met his demise....

None of his pursuers accounted for Xing Qiugu coming into the picture. Xing Shuangqing hadn't run back towards the direction of his Xing, so none of his pursuers took them into mind.

In turn, Xing Qiugu entrusted the item over to Xing Qiuhong after he returned. At that time, Xing Qiuhong had been overjoyed to have a treasure map on his hands. But no matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn't divine the secrets behind the 'treasure map' and thought many a times that his father had been mistaken. Xing Qiuhong knew the crime that was to own a treasure, and what calamity would befall his family should it be known to the outside world. So Xing Qiuhong obfuscated any information regarding the map and told very little people within the house about it.

For several years, the Beast Taming School and Soul Refining School had also been looking for clues of this Regalia. With their informational network like spiderwebs, the both of them managed to piece their way towards the Xing. Even though the 'credibility' of their information was less than even 'one percent', neither of the two could hardly afford not to look. Many false and true rumors like this spread through the continent many times before....

So the Soul Refining School dispatched Wu Han and Yao Tong, and the Beast Taming School sent Huang Lin to verify the clues.

Neither of the two sides predicted Bai Yunfei to appear. From him killing Wu Han, to the experts of the Xing, then Xing Qiuhong himself, taking his ring, beating back Yao Tong, and then killing even Huang Lin!

But the biggest surprise was that the so-called 'treasure map' was in fact the Regalia itself!!

Needless to say, no one expected that....


Ignoring the many questions he had, Bai Yunfei opted to tie the scarf over his forehead.

The gray scarf didn't look special, and neither did it make him look like some kind of hero, but it did at least make him look a little more focused.

From the mysterious sensation he felt from the scarf, Bai Yunfei knew the second and third effects of the scarf was starting to activate. Most effects normally needed to be manually activated, but these two were passive ones and was constantly active.

His soul wasn't harmed, to his own knowledge of the second effect anyways. He didn't understand what the third effect meant by 'soul stabilization rate' either, but that could come later.

Now that everything was done, Bai Yunfei smiled and then took out a second space ring into his hand.

This was the space ring of Huang Lin....


Prior to Bai Yunfei's departure from the Crafting School, his master Zi Jin had told him to go to the capital as soon as his training in the Soulbeast Forest was over. He had a letter for Bai Yunfei to give to a friend of his within the capital....

The next day, Bai Yunfei left the small town to head south.

His destination: the national capital of the continent, the Capital!


End of Book Four


At last, I've finished yet another book to this story. As per usual, I (Endless Clouds), will take tomorrow off and reorganize my thoughts on how to start the next Book.

After two years of training, Bai Yunfei has gotten a lot stronger. He will be going to the Capital, a place where all the strong and geniuses gather. What will happen next? Until next time.....