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 Chapter 506: Improvement in Strength (Ninth)

The five Spatial Edges tore through Huang Lin and disappeared with the night. On the inverse, the elemental wind that had been cut by the Spatial Edges exploded!

"Boom! Boom! Boom!!"

A series of explosions was heard as the elemental wind exploded all around, illuminating the night so bright that it looked like daytime for a moment before disappearing....

Then Huang Lin's aura disappeared shortly afterwards.

The Soul King had died!!

Not much of his body was left after the Spatial Edge was through with him, and the rest of his body had been caught up in the explosion of the elemental wind.


There was a roar from the blue-eyes wyrm behind them. Scars adorned its body, and many of its scales were torn off from its body. Every so often, a spark of purple lightning shot off from its body and wounds, some places even showing some smoke rising from them....

A fierce glare was in the blue-eyes wyrm's eyes as it snapped its jaws onto a suddenly immobile target!

This target was the peak late-stage class six amethyst multi-tailed cat!

The moment when Huang Lin died, its control over the cat was lost. So without any other commands to move the cat, the cat grew still like a statue and stopped moving.

Having not realized why it stopped, the blue-eyes wyrm capitalized on the chance by risking it all to attack! With a roar of absolute fury and gloom, it launched itself at the cat with its jaws wide open.

Before Bai Yunfei could do anything, the wyrm was already biting onto the cat. There was a cry from the cat, and then after that, its aura disappeared....

Bai Yunfei sighed. He couldn't blame the blue-eyes wyrm for this. He hadn't the time to care for the wyrm at the moment anyways and sat down to try and recuperate his wounds.

The Cataclysmic Seal flew towards him, encasing him with its earth barrier.

At his command, the permafrost mastiff stepped towards Bai Yunfei before standing guard to protect him from anything.

The Berserk Mode was dispelled, and his soulforce now coming back thanks to the Violet Soul Ring and the Dual Flame Arts....

In time, Bai Yunfei was fully recovered with soulforce and could now focus on the wounds he had.

The wound on his waist wasn't fatal for him, but to the ordinary person, they would've died a very long time ago. With the mangled flesh and blood that dripped from it, the wound looked extremely terrifying, but the internal organs was still perfectly fine. Most of his blood had been staunched due to his soulforce, as the armor he wore was helpless in keeping it in. With this soulforce, he was able to increase his healing rate.

Meanwhile he was healing, Xiao Qi furled its wings inwards to float in the air. Colors from four different elements streamed from the world around into it, feeding and strengthening Xiao Qi's soulforce....

After killing the multi-tailed cat, the blue-eyes wyrm didn't wait for it to swallow its soulgem into its stomach! This was something it did many times back in the Soulbeast Forest and was practically second nature.

After swallowing the soulgem, the blue-eyes wyrm's entire body was surrounded by elemental water and cocooned it in.

For a while, a strange silence descended onto the area with only three sources of light serving as the only source of illumination as it pulsated.


Time slowly went by with the moon slowly setting back down for the sun to slowly rise back up...

Bai Yunfei was the first to 'wake'.

His face was no longer pale, and his face wasn't as fatigued as before. The wound on his waist was gone, and only small blood clots clung to where there once were holes. Bai Yunfei was fully and completely back to normal.

Shaking his arms, Bai Yunfei cracked his neck with a satisfying pop. Inspecting his entire person, Bai Yunfei smiled when he saw nothing amiss.

In the span of one night, his strength increased by a great amount. The battle of life-or-death had indeed been a very enlightening experience for him to learn from.

After he finished his own investigations, he looked to Xiao Qi and then to the blue-eyes wyrm with a strange eye.

He knew that Xiao Qi had killed a Soul King, and the blue-eyes wyrm had swallowed the soulgem of a peak late-stage class six soulbeast. This meant that the two soulbeasts should by all rights gain a lot of strength--a lot more than before at least.

"Will they....breakthrough maybe?" Bai Yunfei's eyes shined expectantly.


A happy chirp echoed through the skies as Xiao Qi unfurled its wings, spreading four different elements into the world. Letting loose a long trill, it sucked back in the elements into its body, revealing its strength....as a late-stage class six!

There would of course be a great length of process made by Xiao Qi after killing a Soul King. It was a late-stage class six now! And at a closer look, it seemed like Xiao Qi was very close to the peak late-stage level too!

This was....a great improvement!


There was a third source of commotion as a draconic roar sounded through the heavens as the blue-eyes wyrm finished up as well.

Its roar was happy and filled with excitement at its achievement.

Peak late-stage class six!

It was now just a small step away from becoming a class seven!

A year ago, it had only been a little early-stage class six soulbeast. Its chance of becoming a class seven soulbeast was oh-so close, and it was excited to get there!

If....just if it could make that one step, it'd reach a realm where many soulbeasts could only dream for!

It could never forget what it saw in the Soulbeast Forest. The hair-raising battle where a group of unbelievable powers met. Their strength, their powers, and their auras, it was all utterly awe-inspiring....

The wyrm hadn't been smart back then and could only follow its instinctual directive to get stronger.

But now that it was granted an intellect that rivalled even humanity, it thirsted for that realm like a man dying of thirst in a desert.

The blue-eyes wyrm had always been a soulbeast of the water affinity, but the black color in its elemental water was stronger than before. There was another element growing stronger within the elemental water....

Roaring carefully, the blue-eyes wyrm sucked in the energy around it so that the light grew compressed.