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 Chapter 505: Cutting a Soul King! (Eighth)

Xiao Qi!!

Right in an extremely pivotal moment, Xiao Qi's will invaded the mastiff's mindspace, fighting against Huang Lin's will valiantly, reigniting the battle like a reincarnated phoenix!

Not even a hundred seconds had gone by since the start of this battle. Bai Yunfei had used the Dual Dragon Burst to start the battle, but Xiao Qi had been unable to help him. The amethyst multi-tailed cat managed to dodge the Dual Dragon Burst and forced Xiao Qi to fight with the blue-eyes wyrm against it after that.

The cat was a peak late-stage class six soulbeast, but with its completely reckless fighting style, the soulbeast was a hard enemy to fight, and Xiao Qi hadn't the time to help Bai Yunfei even when he was attacked by the mastiff.

But when Bai Yunfei used the Beast Taming Ring and began to fight Huang Lin for control, Xiao Qi saw its chance. Thanks to the bond it had with Bai Yunfei, Xiao Qi knew how Bai Yunfei was faring and had no other choice but to help.

This was a battle of will and mental strength and not a battle of physical prowess. Extending its wings, Xiao Qi flew up and away from the battlefield and sent its will into the mastiff's mindspace through the Beast Taming Ring to help Bai Yunfei fight Huang Lin.

But that meant the pressure on the blue-eyes wyrm had doubled. Roaring, it sent another tail swipe at the cat.

Now with Xiao Qi there to help, their combined strengths forced Huang Lin to falter.

And for once, there was a sign of pain on his face!

A Soul King he might be, but adding Xiao Qi into the mix in the mastiff's mindspace was enough to put even him in danger! Actually....he felt himself slowly losing against their strengths!

If he had the time to send his soulsense out, then he would've realized that his control over the mastiff was eroding away! Losing control over a soulbeast meant losing a great deal of a beast tamer's fighting strength. And if Huang Lin lost control over the mastiff, it might be possible for the enemy to use the mastiff on him....

A hint of fear flickered across his eyes at that thought.

But he didn't even know if he'd be able to win this fight or not. He could perhaps wait for the multi-tailed cat to deal with the blue-eyes wyrm and have it attack Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi. That way, the two of them would be easily killable since they were focused on the battle of wills.

Or else wise, he could give up the struggle to control the mastiff and use his strength to kill the others quickly before wrestling back control over the mastiff again.

His mind raced to make the decision, each option sounding no better and no worse than the other. He didn't want to make a hasty decision, as it was his life on the line, and Huang Lin was afraid that he wouldn't be able to recover if he made the wrong decision.

Huang Lin felt disgraced. He was a high and mighty Soul King and elder of the Beast Taming School.

And yet, here was a whelpling Soul Exalt fighting against him on equal grounds, and even pushing him back....

Huang Lin wasn't the only person to feel panicked. The amount of resistance from the Soul King was proving to be a lot more than Bai Yunfei expected. Compared to the time he had with Xing Yuan's thunderfire wolf, this attempt was ten times harder.

But the most urging issue was the fact that he couldn't maintain this for long!!

The superior willpower of Huang Lin allowed him time to think, but Bai Yunfei hadn't that same luxury! Bai Yunfei was relying on the Berserk Mode to give him a boost in willpower, and his limits were definite in comparison. Huang Lin didn't even need to retaliate to have Bai Yunfei succumb to the time constraints and be killed straight after!

The deadlock continued for two minutes more when Bai Yunfei made his choice. Sending a command to Xiao Qi, he immediately....pulled himself out from the mastiff's mindspace!

Having not expected that, Huang Lin gave a start. Bai Yunfei's retreat meant only Xiao Qi was left to fight Huang Lin, and Xiao Qi itself wasn't a match for him!

Despite his surprise, Huang Lin wasn't beating himself over it. He capitalized on this development by pushing Xiao Qi's will back, and within ten seconds, he had already regained most of the lost ground and was nearly about to inflict damage to Xiao Qi's soul itself!

Bai Yunfei's retreat wasn't something that was unintended, though. Back in the real world, Bai Yunfei's eyes glinted with opportunity. His right hand held the Fire-tipped Spear tightly before he wound it backwards.

Then with all his strength, he sent it flying forwards!

He was....using the Fire-tipped Spear like an arrow! To spear Huang Lin through!

His action had proved dangerous to his body, as the wound on his waist began to splurt blood in massive amounts. Still completely unconcerned about it, Bai Yunfei turned back to the mastiff as soon as the spear was thrown to send his soulsense back into the mastiff!

It was with a sneer that Huang Lin watched the spear come at him. Did Bai Yunfei really think that an attack like that would hurt him!? How laughable!!

Him dodging the spear would mean having to lose concentration for a moment, and that was precious concentration that needed to be put towards the battle for dominance over the mastiff!

Huang Lin 'knew' straight away what Bai Yunfei was planning. Sneering to himself, he waved his right hand, erecting a ten-meter thick barrier of elemental wind to protect him!

Huang Lin was entirely confident that this barrier could stop even a heaven tier soul armament!

Xiao Qi's willpower was almost thoroughly crushed in the mastiff's mindspace. Bai Yunfei's temporary leave had been long enough for Huang Lin to make a great push, and even Bai Yunfei's second push wouldn't be enough to make up for that. It wouldn't be long before victory was Huang Lin, and with that victory, he'd be able to inflict damages to the souls of both Bai Yunfei and Xiao Qi!

Then with the mastiff, he'd be able to kill them!

But what Huang Lin didn't see was the calculative grin on Bai Yunfei's face!

Trailing fire as it flew onwards, the Fire-tipped Spear took only a second or two before it reached Huang Lin's barrier in the attempt to stab through him!

The spear struck against the ten-meter thick barrier, but instead of bouncing off like Huang Lin expected, something else had happened!

The spear continued through the barrier--not even stopping at all in recognition of the barrier to sail through it!

The barrier hadn't even touched the spear, let alone stop it!

This was....the +13 additional effect of the spear! The ability to ignore elemental defenses!!


Huang Lin's confidence was nowhere to be found. In its place, shock filled his eyes as he watched helplessly as the spear stabbed into him!

Even with his strength as a Soul King, evading a surprise attack like this was impossible for him. The most he could do was move by just the slightest of centimeters to evade a mortal wound.


There was the sound of flesh being stabbed and burned as the Fire-tipped Spear....stabbed into Huang Lin's left shoulder and then out from his back. It had pierced straight through him!

Elemental fire swarmed his body from the spear, burning at both his internal organs and seemingly even his soul!

Unfortunately for Bai Yunfei, the explosion effect hadn't activated. If it did, then the Soul King would've died then and there!

Still, the damage was done. Huang Lin was so stunned that he temporarily forgot about the mastiff and the mental battle, paving the way for Bai Yunfei to seize the advantage in the mindspace!


Feeling as his will was pushed back, Huang Lin's face went from white to deathly white before he puked out a mouthful of blood!

But it wasn't over yet!


Having lost his concentration and awareness with this combo, Huang Lin almost failed to hear the chirping of Xiao Qi. Looking up at the bird, he saw five blades of nothingness sail towards him to slice him!

"These are....spatial tears! No!!!" Huang Lin roared to himself.

Despair clenched at Huang Lin's face when he realized what these attacks were.

Elemental wind swarmed around his body as much as he could so that it shined as bright as a sun. He was trying to hide within the light, as he couldn't do anything else in what might be his final moments!

But the five blades of nothingness tore through the light like the scythe of thee death god. Eating away at the light, one of the blades made its way onto Huang Lin's chest, and then through it!