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 Chapter 504: Struggle! (Seventh)

Unable to offer up any defense or evasion maneuvers, Bai Yunfei was powerless to stop the mastiff from landing a bite onto his waist!

The mastiff's sharp teeth dug into Bai Yunfei's armor, and then pierced through it into his flesh!


Howling in pain and anger, Bai Yunfei raised his gloved right hand and lashed out a punch onto the mastiff's head!

Eighty-one Fold Fist Force!!

Putting as much strength as he could into the blow, Bai Yunfei smashed it onto the class seven soulbeast's head. The punch connected with a sickening thud, and then Bai Yunfei felt the pressure on his waist lighten a bit!

Stepping away from the mastiff, Bai Yunfei's face paled from the pain he felt. On his waist, two horrifying rows of holes peppered it, blood leaking out from each of the holes. From the biggest of them, Bai Yunfei's internal organs could almost be seen!!


A tremendous explosion rung out at the same time from Huang Lin's position. Having forced his elemental wind around him like a maelstrom of energy, the beast tamer had managed to overwhelm the two dragons pressing against him, and then in one final show, he forced them to dissipate!

His face was extremely sinister-looking, but other than that, he was unharmed!

Furious at the ordeal he just went through, Huang Lin sent a withering glare towards Bai Yunfei. He was fearful of how Bai Yunfei had such powerful strength, but also furious that he had been forced back by a Soul Exalt! The loss of his venomous black bee swarm was tremendous, and even dismembering Bai Yunfei from limb to limb as he was alive wouldn't be enough to make up for the loss!

"You will die!!"

Absolutely furious, Huang Lin pointed a single finger at him. Elemental wind gathered at the point of this finger at extremely high concentrated levels, and then, with a roar, he fired an arrow of elemental wind ten meters thick towards Bai Yunfei!

If hit with this, there wouldn't even be a single piece of Bai Yunfei left!

Bai Yunfei immediately gave up thinking about the horrifying wounds on his waist now. Bringing the Cataclysmic Seal forwards, he had it grow to two hundred meters in length to stand in front of him!


The wind arrow smashed into the Cataclysmic Seal with a sound that seemed to shake even the skies themselves. Under the explosion, the Cataclysmic Seal was forced back twenty meters! It shivered briefly before returning to its regular size. And, as if it was completely without power, it fell down to the ground with a plop!!

As soon as it fell, Bai Yunfei felt his soulforce suddenly decrease by roughly forty percent, and his mind immediately grew dizzy as a result!

But he couldn't faint! Before his vision could grow completely black, Bai Yunfei bit at his tongue, freely drawing blood and snapping him out of it! He couldn't use the Cataclysmic Seal right now, and even worse....the mastiff was coming at him again!

Since he couldn't use the Cataclysmic Seal, that meant he had nothing to protect him from the mastiff's claw!

In this perilous situation, Bai Yunfei opted to....not move a muscle!

As if struck into a daze, Bai Yunfei just stared at the mastiff, his eyes revealing the craze in them as the mastiff approached!

Was he really in a daze?

Of course not!

He was waiting. Waiting for the most optimal moment to turn the tables on the situation!

"Not yet! Have to wait! I have...I have to wait!"

Eyes practically bloodshot, Bai Yunfei waited anxiously as the mastiff came closer to it. He was concentrating so hard that time had practically stood still for him, and the mastiff was merely inching towards him.

Then when the mastiff was no more than half a meter away, Bai Yunfei's eyes flew open-


Stepping back a step to widen the distance, Bai Yunfei lifted his right hand up towards the mastiff!

His actions looked as if he was trying to sacrifice his own right arm to the mastiff's mouth!

His right arm was practically in the middle of the mastiff's mouth when a brilliant gleam of prismatic light erupted from the bracelet on it. Expanding in size, the bracelet flew over the mastiff's head and clamped down on its neck!

The Beast Taming Ring!!

"I did it!"

Bai Yunfei's eyes gleamed with success as he watched the Beast Taming Ring shrunk over the mastiff's neck!

Its jaws were already closing in on Bai Yunfei's arm, and before he could jerk it back, the fangs of the mastiff were already touching his skin!


Bai Yunfei roared, pushing as much soulforce as he could into that one command for the Beast Taming Ring to enforce!

The Beast Taming Ring lit up brilliantly, stopping the mastiff's jaw from clamping down just as the fangs were just about to pierce through Bai Yunfei's skin!

Seizing the opportunity to jerk his arm back, Bai Yunfei leapt several meters back in cold-sweat, his eyes boring holes at the mastiff with how hard he was staring.

The layer of fire around his body disappeared as he gave up trying to protect himself. Right now, he was sending all his concentration into the mastiff's mindspace!

After being stopped the first time, the mastiff was about to give chase after Bai Yunfei when it's body froze and shivered again. In its crimson-red eyes, there was the signs of a struggle!



The moment when the Beast Taming Ring clamped onto the mastiff's neck, Huang Lin was only just recovering from his attack on the Cataclysmic Seal. The strange energy he felt coming from the mastiff surprised him greatly!

"Wha--what's happening!"

Pain started to stab into his mind as he felt his control over the mastiff suddenly start to go out of control! It was as if a secondary presence within the mastiff was vying for control over it like he was doing!

There wasn't a single person in this world that wouldn't be surprised by this situation, especially a beast tamer. Even a Soul King would fall into a state of shock at this!

He realized what was going on when he looked at Bai Yunfei, it was his fault!

Completely disregarding the question how Bai Yunfei was even accomplishing this, Huang Lin pulled in his soulforce to try and push out this 'external' force from the mastiff!

With great deliberation, Bai Yunfei unleashed all of his stored up energy to seize the advantage in this battle of wills. The mindspace of the permafrost mastiff had become the new battlefield, and Huang Lin and Bai Yunfei were fighting silently against each other with their mental strength as the deciding factor!

As an early-stage Soul King, Huang Lin's mental fortitude was magnitudes higher than Bai Yunfei. Even if Bai Yunfei had the first advantage, Huang Lin could easily catch up to Bai Yunfei and then force the other into a disadvantage!

The permafrost mastiff paused where it stood, the struggle in its eyes growing more and more. Its body shivered non-stop as it started to lose control, elemental ice freezing the air around it with increasing strength!


As Bai Yunfei begun to feel himself be pushed back in the battle of wills, a furious chirp cried out before a third presence invaded the mastiff's mindspace!