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 Chapter 503: Battling a Soul King! (Sixth)

Bai Yunfei had thought Yao Tong was arrogant enough when he came, but now there was this guy who was even more arrogant than him!

'Leave your corpse in one piece!!'

In other words, Bai Yunfei was marked for death, the only difference was that his corpse would be prettier to look at....

What a harsh Soul King!

Bai Yunfei leveled a stare back at the man, his face grim, but his mouth closed. He really wanted to say, 'if I give you the ring, may I leave?', but that wasn't possible. In front of a Soul King, Bai Yunfei hadn't the right to 'bargain' with him.

His eyes flickered again as his decision came to him. He had to fight for his life!

Bai Yunfei had a good chance if he fought a peak late-stage Soul Exalt, but not against a Soul King.

Even if it was an early-stage Soul King.

He couldn't run away though. Escaping wasn't even an option. He could only fight for his life and hope for a chance to escape at some point in it....

Determined, Bai Yunfei glared at the Soul King, a fearsome gleam in his eyes. Because both of his fireseeds had been in his body to help him recuperate, Bai Yunfei was able to immediately explode with power.

'Coil' form, activate!

Two more sources of soulforce exploded as well as Xiao Qi and Xiao Lan prepared themselves for combat.

Xiao Qi's eyes radiated with anger and determination, but Xiao Lan's eyes had a tint of fear in them.

Even without the Soul King in front of them exerting his presence, the two soulbeasts were already cowed.


This white-robed man was the one who had exterminated the entire house of Xing, Huang Lin.

The fourth elder of the Beast Taming School and early-stage Soul King.

He was surprised to see Bai Yunfei choose to fight. But the surprise made way for a sneer--a mere Soul Exalt wanting to fight? He was but an ant in front of a Soul King.

"How futile. Prepare yourself for an agonizing death then!"

He sneered. Waving his right hand, Huang Lin sent a swarm of bees out from his left side, and then a six-tailed purple and black cat from his right.

And then in front of him, a snowy-white canine the size of a large tiger appeared from a flash of white!

The entrance of the three soulbeasts were immediately recognized by Bai Yunfei. Even in the middle of his powering up, he knew which soulbeasts they were!

"Early-stage class five venomous black bees!

"Peak late-stage class six amethyst multi-tailed cat!

"Early-stage class seven.....permafrost mastiff!!"

Their classifications and strengths were cried out immediately before Bai Yunfei followed it up with another line, "The Beast Taming School!"

"You've a sharp eye. You must come from a powerful background, then? What a shame that you'll be dying here today...."

Bai Yunfei was astounded when he realized he was up against a Beast Taming School, but then, another light flashed across his eyes!

The Beast Taming School....! If it was against the Beast Taming School, he had a chance!

Heart pounding in his chest, Bai Yunfei began to formulate a plan while making sure his opponent wouldn't be able to see his excitement.

When the three soulbeasts came out from their space rings, Huang Lin waved his hand, commanding the three to fly forth.

He didn't want to squander any time and kill Bai Yunfei as soon as possible.

The first to fly forth was the permafrost mastiff. With its snowy-white body and crimson-red eyes, it disappeared into a streak of white light with only a small point of red to be seen. It didn't need any sort of tactics other than a direct one. Its jaws flew open as it approached Bai Yunfei, ready to snap down and bite his body in half.

Following behind it was the amethyst multi-tailed cat. Screeching loudly, it disappeared into a bolt of purple light behind the permafrost mastiff to attack Xiao Qi and the blue-eyes wyrm.

The venomous black bees were flying behind the other two, buzzing as they moved as one.

As danger drew close, Bai Yunfei launched his own attacks without hesitation. In fact, he was already in motion when Huang Lin was just starting to command the soulbeasts!

The soulforce in his body exploded in intensity again, bringing him to the levels of a peak late-stage Soul Exalt!

Berserk Mode, activate!

Under Huang Lin's surprised stare, Bai Yunfei disappeared in a blur as well to meet the permafrost mastiff head on with a burst of fire!

Dual Dragon Burst!!

His first opening move was to use his strongest move. The Dual Dragon Burst while in Berserk Mode!

The two fiery dragons exploded forth from Bai Yunfei's fists, converging around the mastiff while Huang Lin looked on in disbelief. From what he could sense, this attack was on the level of....a Soul King!


Before the attack could land, Huang Lin ordered the mastiff to leap to the side. It had to abandon its attack in order to evade. There was another screech as the multi-tailed cat leapt to the side as well, due to its trajectory towards Xiao Qi making it also a potential target of the two dragons.

But unfortunately, the swarm of black bees weren't as 'fortunate' as other two to dodge....

The swarm of bees had tried to move out of the way along with the mastiff and cat, even splitting the swarm in two in order to evade. But how could it evade such a powerful attack from Bai Yunfei? Drawing the distance between his arms aside, Bai Yunfei had the two dragons split apart and 'swallow' the swarms whole!

"Bzzz! Sssss......"

A collective sound of intense buzzing and sizzling was heard as the two dragons engulfed the bees. And in no time at all, the entirety of the swarm was reduced to ashes!

Absolutely furious at this, Huang Lin didn't have time to issue another command when....the two dragons suddenly came at him from both sides!


There was an ear-deafening explosion when the two dragons converged onto Huang Lin. The beast tamer had been fast enough to extend both arms in opposite directions, erecting a green-colored barrier before he could be engulfed.

Bai Yunfei hadn't been surprised to see the Dual Dragon Bursts completely destroy the swarm of bees, as that had been his intention. Bringing both hands back to his side, he had the Cataclysmic Seal erect the strongest barrier he could afford to have around him.

In the next moment, the mastiff came flying at him from the right side after it dodged the dragons. Staring down Bai Yunfei with its red eyes, it brought its giant paw up--elemental ice covering its claws to make it even sharper--and then swung down onto the elemental earth barrier!


It took only half a second for Bai Yunfei's strongest defense to....shatter completely!

Now that the barrier was gone, the mastiff opened its jaws wide to snap down on the defenseless Bai Yunfei!