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 Chapter 502: Xing Qiuhong's Space Ring (Fifth)

Bai Yunfei was taken back by Yao Tong's decision to flee, but he was happy to see it. Dropping his arms, he dispelled the Dual Dragon Burst to look at the fleeing figure of Yao Tong. He didn't dare drop his guard, instead, he looked around just in case something else might jump out at him.

A minute later, Bai Yunfei couldn't sense anything with his elevated soulsense capabilities. Yao Tong had truly run away. Without sensing anyone else there to fight him, Bai Yunfei sighed and dispelled the Berserk Mode to drop back to his normal state.

He fell from the skies, his feet staggering a little as he stepped onto firm ground. Pale in the face, Bai Yunfei dropped on his butt and sat down. Using the Violet Soul Ring, he replenished his soulforce with the stockpiled amount in it.

Xiao Qi and Xiao Lan ran up to Bai Yunfei. Neither of the two soulbeasts were harmed, so they stood guard by Bai Yunfei just in case there was anyone that might come up to attack.

Yao Tong would definitely be the strongest enemy Bai Yunfei faced to date. Despite being a late-stage Soul Exalt, the way Yao Tong fought had been spectacular and dangerous--many times more than the other peak late-stage Soul Exalts Bai Yunfei fought.

"Just who is this guy...." Bai Yunfei asked himself as he meditated.


At the same time, in a place far far away.

Under the night sky, a single person walked slowly under the trees. He wore a black robe and had a golden mask on his face. On his shoulder was a golden swift.

It was Yao Tong.

He chose to walk on solid ground rather than through the step through the skies.

If not for the mask, anyone would've been able to see how pale and exhausted the man looked.

The technique he used to improve his strength was mysterious and powerful with how the backlash from using it was a lot softer than most. But it couldn't compare to Bai Yunfei's Dual Flame Arts. He had already canceled out his technique before Bai Yunfei and was currently dealing with a backlash far stronger than what Bai Yunfei was experiencing.

Not once did the man think that Bai Yunfei would be this strong. What should've been in the bag had turned into a battle he was forced to flee from.

If the battle continued, it would've become dangerous for him.

For something he wasn't even sure was there, Yao Tong had nearly lost his life. That wasn't a fair trade, Yao Tong thought, and had thus not went through with it.

"Forget it, that piece of information wasn't reliable. Something like that wouldn't appear so easily in this world, and the Xing haven't done anything with it for three years, so this makes less sense. I bet Xing Shuangqing didn't give it to his family....perhaps even news that Xing Shuangqing having it was a false one...."

The thought Yao Tong had seemed to make sense to him the more he thought about it.

"I've hide with the Xing for more than half a year ago, and not a thing to show for it. Even Wu Han was killed. This entire trip has been a huge waste of time and energy." He sighed. "His death has nothing to do with me, though. The news I have have to be brought back and reported that it was a false lead...."

Suddenly, Yao Tong's foot paused in the air as he felt something. Hiding himself into the bushes, Yao Tong hid his aura and didn't move a muscle.

About ten seconds later, a figure in white flew overhead.

It disappeared off into the distance, and several minutes later, Yao Tong came back out from the bushes to look at the direction the other person disappeared to.

"It's him....he must've been the other person back in the Xing. So even the Beast Taming School has received the same information? They sent a Soul King to investigate too...." Yao Tong hesitated, "He's moving quickly, so that other person most likely won't escape in time....Xing Qiuhong's space ring will become his then, and the things inside...."

He grew silent for a moment, "Forget it....what good is it if I even had it? Me stealing it away from a Soul King is impossible, best to give it up."

No longer caring about the matter, Yao Tong continued on his journey.


It didn't take long for Bai Yunfei to recover his soulforce, it at least, was a lot faster than the wounds he had recovering. Not long after, his soulforce was completely back to the levels before he had fought in that battle.

Exhaling, Bai Yunfei opened his eyes.

Eyes twinkling now, Bai Yunfei touched the space ring he had in his hand, it was Xing Qiuhong's ring.

"Why did that person want this ring? What treasure is inside this....?" Bai Yunfei asked himself, a little excited at what he might find out.

He sent his soulsense into it.

After a while, Bai Yunfei narrowed his eyes in suspicion and confusion.

There were soul armaments, soulgems, primal stones, but in small amounts. There was nothing Bai Yunfei found in being 'special' in there.

Thinking more about it, Bai Yunfei waved his hand, pulling a silver longsword out.

Equipment Grade: Mid Earth

Elemental Affinity: Wind

Attack: 830

Equipment Effect: Consume Soulforce in order to enable flight.

Upgrade Requirement: 100 Soulpoints

This was the flying soul armament of Xing Qiuhong. It was an ordinary one, and not too different to Bai Yunfei's Tempest Sword.

Looking over it, Bai Yunfei pulled out a golden greatsword next.

Equipment Grade: Mid Earth

Elemental Affinity: Metal

Upgrade Requirement: 105 Soulpoints

It was a mid-earth tier soul armament, probably the personal weapon of Xing Qiuhong. But that weapon too, had nothing special about it, leaving Bai Yunfei to put it away.

There weren't any other soul armaments in it, confusing him. As a lord, amount of treasure he had was pretty pitiful.

In truth, all of the precious soul armaments and such were back at the compound, and not in the space ring.

Not many primal stones and soulgems were had here, and their quality wasn't much to talk about. At most, they'd be used to help him heal his wounds faster.

Aside from that, there were clothes, coins, and other ordinary goods.

Bai Yunfei looked disappointed.

Such a mighty person this was, with people after his space ring, and yet, only to have this little?

"If I'd known earlier, I'd have given it to that man and spare the fight..." Bai Yunfei sighed.

"No one else should be chasing me now, right?"

He looked around, his mind slightly peaceful at the night air around him. Just as he was about to rest, Bai Yunfei's eyes flew wide open with surprise and anger. Flying to his feet, he cried, "Heaven f*cking damn it! There's someone else!? When will this all end!!"

No sooner did he cry out did a burst of light come flying in his direction. At a closer look, Bai Yunfei's eyes widened in fright.

"He's flying, that's a Soul King!"

His face grew unsightly after that.

Practically a few moments later, a figure in white came to a stop not too far away from Bai Yunfei and looked down upon him.

"Hand over Xing Qiuhong's space ring and I'll leave your corpse in one piece!"