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 Chapter 499: The Fourth Elder of the Beast Taming School! (Second)

Xing Shu's face was a deathly sheen of white, his eyes filled with absolute horror as he was wrapped up in the tail of the soulbeast. "Don't kill me!" He cried to the white-robed elder, "Don't kill me!! I'll talk! I'll talk!! Whatever it is, I'll tell you, but please, just don't kill me!!"

The elder gave him a cold glare, "You're a tactful, one, but....I don't need you to talk!"

With a wave of his right hand, Xing Shu was suddenly thrown up to the air by his neck. From the right sleeves of the old man's robes, a bloody red earthworm shot out from it. It's body was entirely slick, and it had no eyes, ears, or nose. Its 'head' was shaped just like a drill!

Under the frightened eyes of Xing Shu, the strange soulbeast landed on his body. With a 'shlick', the soulbeast dug....into Xing Shu's forehead!

Xing Shu's face slackened up and his face opened to scream, but then the emotions on his face froze as the strange soulbeast made its way to his head. Flashing red with light, the earthworm began to wriggle as if absorbing something, causing Xing Shu's eyes to start to dim, but....he didn't die straight away!

His eyes dimmed gradually, and then, the light of if he recalled something appeared in them!

Under this strange and horrifying situation, Xing Shu's face continued to remain blank for a good ten minutes before the soulbeast popped out from his forehead. The moment it came out, Xing Shu's eyes dimmed for good as he died. Collapsing to the ground, his head made a hollow sound when it hit the ground-his brain had been entirely devoured!

The white-robed elder had his eyes closed when his soulbeast drilled into Xing Shu's mind. It appeared as though he was sensing something from Xing Shu, and from the movements within his sleeves....it could be seen that the tail of the earthworm soulbeast was connected with his arm!

The other end of its tail had tunneled into his body!

After a while, the elder opened his eyes with a pensive look. "It's not here in the Xing compound, then....does Xing Qiuhong have it?" He turned to the south.

"This information has to be false. It can't be verified, but if the headmaster sends me to verify it, then I will do what I must. I just need to find that Xing Qiuhong...."

Not a single living person was left in the courtyard as the elder muttered to himself. The Xing was completely and utterly dead!

The 'black lines' that had killed everyone in the courtyard had already returned to his body. At a closer glance, one could see that these black lines were....a group of bees flying about!

There had to be at least a hundred of them. Each one a pitch-black color with just two red dots on their heads-that was their eyes. Even more terrifying was that each one of them were soulbeasts....and each of them were early-stage class five soulbeasts!

Now that all the flying insects were back, the elder looked around once more to confirm that no one was left living. With a wave of his hand, the hundred flying insects disappeared without a trace, including the purple and black six-tailed giant cat!

What this situation meant was....this man was from the Beast Taming School!

And after he stored away the soulbeasts, his body lit up with a green light and his robes started to sway as if being blown by a gentle wind. Levitating up into the air with his hands behind his back, he 'flew' away!

This wasn't stepping into the air using elemental energy as platforms, this was the ability of flight!

This man was a Soul King!

This man was the fourth elder of the Beast Taming School, Huang Lin!


A little off the main roads from Ventia City, in a small clearing.

There lied a small forest. Right now, Bai Yunfei was sitting next to a tree with a campfire in front of him cooking his supper.

Whether it was him or his two soulbeasts, the three of them were feeling a little tired from their previous battle. It wasn't fatigue brought by physical activities, but from their soulforce being used. They needed to replenish the amount of soulforce they had, so the three of them were eating three times their normal amounts while star gazing to their hearts content.

Now that all his worries from the Xing were gone, Bai Yunfei felt himself at ease. He didn't stay in the area for long and left it after saying goodbye to Yue Feng. After some time, he stopped for the night.

Aside from the fact that Ventia City had a little more trouble than he was used to, it wasn't too bad for Bai Yunfei. If anything, Xiao Qi and Xiao Lan both received quite a decent amount of 'benefits'.

After finishing their meal, Bai Yunfei took out a space ring into his hands.

After the matter with the Xing, he obtained at least ten of their space rings. After checking each one, Bai Yunfei hadn't noticed anything good.

This was how the soul cultivator world worked.When people fought, not only did one lose their lives, they lost their items. The 'spoils of war' system was common sense in this world, so many soul cultivators wouldn't put their most valuable objects in their space ring when they ventured out. This rang especially true for those part of a school or huge family.

This time, Bai Yunfei was looking at the rings of Xing Luo, Xu Shen, and Wu Ming. After that came Xing Qiufeng, Xing Qiugu, and then Xing Qiuhong.

Looking through the ring with his soulsense, Bai Yunfei noticed one item that was peculiar and took it out. It was a pointy purple dagger.

This was the same dagger Xing Luo used to try and kill him.

Equipment Grade: Low Earth

Elemental Affinity: Lightning

Attack: 550

Upgrade Requirement: 90 Soulpoints

An ordinary soul armament.

"Looks like the poison was applied to it and not an equipment effect...." Bai Yunfei lost interest in the dagger. That poison had been extremely terrifying if it could immediately poison and kill a Soul Ancestor. What effects it would have on a Soul Exalt or higher was unknown to him, but it would surely deal a decent amount of harm, but only if it connected. The most important thing was that the poison didn't originate from the dagger and would go away with each use. With Bai Yunfei's current strength, a dagger like this was for the most part useless.

Continuing to look through the space ring, Bai Yunfei saw plenty of things, but nothing worth mentioning.

There were gold, primal stones, soulgems, and soul armaments, but nothing that Bai Yunfei really thought stood out. Not even a single high-earth soul armament was to be had, the highest grade primal stones were low-tier, and the soulgems weren't high quality either.

At last that left only Xing Qiuhong's space ring to be looked through.

The golden axe Xing Qiuhong used in his battle had been a high-earth tier soul armament. But unfortunately, it had been destroyed by Xiao Qi when it used its Spatial Edge on it.

Fortunately, there was still several other goodies to be had in the ring for sure.

But before Bai Yunfei could start looking through it, his head jerked upwards.

Up in the night sky, there was a man with a golden mask stepping through the skies to him!